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My Simple Morning Routine

Hello everyone! today, I thought I would share my morning routine with you. I try to keep it quite simple and peaceful, and while that doesn’t always work out, that’s the goal!

my simple morning routine featured image

As I’ve mentioned before a few times, I’m trying to bring in more of a slow-living type of mindset in my life. One of the ways I’m doing that is by structuring my morning routine more mindfully of this goal.

My morning routine does not really vary from weekday to weekend except maybe getting up a little later on the weekend and taking my time more with each task. But more on that in a bit! My goal for my mornings is to create a sense of peace and do things I enjoy, without rushing. Since I work from home, I do find that it’s much easier to achieve this! I used to get up so early just to drive an hour to an office and now I use that time in a way that I am much more satisfied with. I’m loving working from home!

My Morning Routine

So, as I mentioned my routine is pretty much the same every day, but I do get up a bit later on weekends. I would say that I get up around 6:30am on weekdays and 7am on weekends, so I’ll use weekday times to give estimates of what I’m up to but you can adjust it by half an hour for weekends if you want to picture that too I guess!

So I do tend to sit on my phone a bit when I wake up, which I know is a bad habit but otherwise I will fall back asleep if I don’t. Depending on what’s on my mind, I’ll do different stuff like maybe look at Pinterest or look up budgeting blog posts and such. If I’m into a phone app game I’ll probably play that for a bit. After I finally get up, I’ll do the usual routine of getting dressed, brushing my teeth, washing my face, and so on. I never skip sunscreen, especially now that it’s hot out and I tend to wear more short sleeves and shorts instead of sweaters and leggings.

At around 7am I head outside to water the garden. I like to do this in the morning as it’s so quiet out besides the birds chirping happily in the forest area behind my house. It’s such a peaceful way to start out the day! That will take me about 20-30 minutes, although I’ll be honest here and admit that I’m guessing. I don’t really time how much it takes!

After I water the garden I will tend to make a coffee and take it upstairs to use whatever time I have left until 8am to update my bullet journal and my budget spreadsheet. I start work at 8am so that’s why I do have a time limit here.

This is where my morning routine really differs now. When I work, I try to keep the same mindset. At 8am I clock in, and then start setting up my day. I open all the programs I need such as Microsoft teams, Outlook, and other work specific programs. There are about three reports that I use to set up my day, and since I start a lot earlier than everyone else, I usually don’t have two of them in my inbox yet, so I pull them myself. While I wait for those reports, I clean out my email inbox and plan what I’m going to do when. Once the reports are ready, I then plan out the rest of my day. Once I have a plan, I get to work!

On weekends, I do almost the same thing but I spend much more time on my bullet journal. After I’m done with the bujo, I will typically start writing my blog posts for the upcoming week. I have two posts a week, so I will write out the posts and schedule them for their days. If it’s towards the end of the month I’ll also finalize the next month’s schedule and my next month’s budget. With the budget I’ll also see how much I’ve saved that month and make goals for the following month. I also tend to try to get a bit ahead on posts like start my Lively or other posts early.

So that’s what a typical morning looks like for me! Again, it’s super chill and low-key, or at least I try to make it be that way!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I know waking up and going straight on your phone is a bad habit, but I also do the same thing. But I just like to clear any notifications and read some news to start my day so I don’t actually feel too bad about picking my phone up straight away in the morning. I feel like I can’t start my day if I haven’t cleared all my notifications before I get up haha 🙂


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