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Veggies in My Garden

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d share a bit of my veggie garden at my home.

We have a tiny suburban garden in our yard and I tend to try planting seeds every year as well as watering the garden daily. Here’s a bit of what we’re growing!

So the clilantro tends to take over, and many people will say constantly to never plant it directly in the ground. Unfortunately, my dad refuses to listen so he planted both cilantro and mint in the ground and both are always taking over. He and my mom use it a lot so it makes sense for them but it’s annoying for me trying to grow other stuff! In the smaller plots with the cilantro I’ve also planted spinach and broccoli that have both started to grow. I put seeds in for other things but the rest didn’t make it after being crowded out by the cilantro.

In the little plot off to the side, we have a bit of everything it seems! There are onions and lettuce, which we’ve already started to harvest. There are also melon plants which are growing quickly. The cucumber plants are also growing fast but I think they’ll be crowded out eventually. There’s also peppers growing but not very quickly and the tomatoes are also growing slowly. We actually thought a late frost had killed the first plants so my dad put in more but now some of the first plants are making a comeback and we might have way too many tomatoes than we know what to do with!

Oh, non-veggie plants that I tried to get to grow were zinnia and milkweed plants. My town is trying to grow these to bring in more monarch butterflies and promote native plants in our gardens. Unfortunately, the seeds didn’t really grow but I would have loved if they did!

So that’s a tiny peek into my garden! Let me know what you’ve been planting in yours if you’d like.

Thanks for reading!


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