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Snapshots from Aquila BirthMay 2021

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I shared photos of my Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, Aquila, so I figured why not show some off?

While I’m not nearly as obsessed as I was previously, I do still play regularly and make changes from time to time. Here’s a bit of what’s new!

Oh! If you’re new here (newer than May 2020) you might be wondering, what’s BirthMay? Well, every year I blog every day in May because it is my birth month. I just figured it was something fun to do, and it has proven to be really enjoyable for me. This will be the fifth BirthMay on my blog! No matter how many BirthMays you’ve been through with me, thank you for being here this BirthMay and thank you for your support!

Star the Main Character

So my first and main character remains Star. As the first player on the island, she is the island representative! She’s the one that does the island events and collects stuff in her house. It’s literally the highest inventory upgrade and it’s still always full. She’s also the only one with all the extras for terraforming, every reaction, almost every K.K. album, and the one who donates everything to the museum. Here’s some of Star’s photos!

Here they are! So in the first row you’ll see Star showing off some of her terraforming skills, the most complete part of the art gallery, and the flower garden. Star has already completed the undersea collection at the museum, has gotten every flower available in the game, and loves her simple dresses!

In the next row, you’ll see that she celebrated her birthday this month! I did put my birthday in as Star’s birthday, so that’s why. Apollo hosted the party, and Julian and Bea attended. Both Apollo and Julian are considered permanent residents of Aquila, but Bea is probably going to move out at some point.

I also included a photo of Star walking around the island during cherry blossom season! You’ll notice I changed the trees to cedar trees so it looks like the photo in the first row right now, but I loved cherry blossom season.

Finally, the last photo is Star with my sister’s character! Star is the one without the crown in her hair, my sister is the Elsa character haha! Star is the one with the Nintendo account, so that is why my sister visits her to wish on shooting stars and also get Celeste’s DIYs. If you look closely in the background you will see Marina, another permanent villager, as well as Celeste herself!

Estrella the bar/restaurant owner

Next is Estrella! Estrella was the second character I created as I wanted to move the restaurant and bar areas of my island inside to save room. As you can see, Estrella also had a birthday recently, back in March! Her party was also hosted by Apollo and attended by Marina and Kiki. Kiki has since moved out of Aquila. I also included a lovely photo of Estrella and Erik sitting on a bench outside Whitney’s house, just hanging out. The last photo was one where I forgot to change Estrella’s hair back to her usual hairdo, but we were trying out new hair styles! She’s sitting at the bar in the main room of her house. She has her studio apartment in the back room, the kitchen to the left, and the bathroom to the right. Upstairs is the restaurant and downstairs is currently a prom party room! In June I think the room will change to be a wedding venue.

Oh, Estrella’s official job on the island is the gardener! She’s in charge of watering the garden and keeping the island looking nice. She also is working on getting max nook miles for fossils right now.

Astra the inn keeper

Astra’s character was added somewhat recently, as I decided my island needed an inn. I had just finished watching Gilmore Girls and missing the hospitality industry, so I figured why not create a new character and have her run an inn! In the first photo, Astra is sitting at the desk, ready to check in new guests. The other rooms on the main floor are all the guest rooms. Two of them are one bedded rooms while the other is a two twin beds. The upstairs is the hotel kitchen as I thought it was too far from the restaurant to not have one but I’ve seen other hotels that use that room as a suite, so I might end up changing it. The basement is the spa room, in case the guests need some relaxation but we have the thermal ponds nearby, so I was thinking of taking that out and making it into something else.

The middle photo is Astra exploring the island! She’s standing in front of what the photo showing off Star’s terraforming above used to be. It was previously meant to be a simple little park but that got boring pretty quickly, so now it’s fully of cool cliffs!

The last photo is Astra exploring again at the beach, this time during cherry blossom season (the cherry blossoms are floating around). She’s actually standing near another outdoor spa area, as I never really know how to decorate the beaches.

Astra’s official job on the island, besides being the inn keeper, is to shake the trees and catch some bees! She’s working on getting max nook miles for collecting furniture right now, which takes forever since there’s only 2 furniture pieces per day.

Orion the community center manager

Orion is the newest character, and therefore I don’t have many photos of him yet! Orion is the only boy character I have, since I usually try to play girl characters when given the option. But there were already 3 girls and I thought it might be fun to try some boy hairstyles and clothing options. So Orion’s house is next to the museum for many reasons. First, I refer to his home as the community center so a lot of cool rooms are located in his house. The far right room on the main floor, so the room closest to the museum, is the gift shop room! I used to have the gift shop outside in this same spot where Orion’s home now sits, but moved it inside finally. The gift shop has art for sale, some fossils, reference books, and I want to make museum merch like hoodies and t-shirts, as you’d see in any museum shop.

The main room used to be the cafe and bakery but, as you can see, I moved the cafe outdoors again. The bakery is still inside but it’s meant to be more of a general lobby/info desk for the community center later on. The far back room is a gym, meant to be for the island residents and guests at the inn or campsite in case the hiking and swimming options aren’t good enough. The far right room is currently Orion’s studio apartment.

Oh, this might be a good time to mention that Orion is technically Estrella’s twin according to island lore but I decided that after I entered his birthday so they don’t have the same birthday. Whoops! Just pretend though.

The upstairs is a school/lecture hall for Blathers. I think I might make part of the room either an art studio or observatory so he can “share” the space with Celeste. The downstairs is now the theatre! The outdoor theatre finally moved indoors! I was considering shuffling stuff around so that the theatre could be the basement in Estrella’s house, the party room would be in Astra’s, and Orion’s basement would be a full on art studio/maker space though so things might change.

That’s the fun of the game though! Everything can change at any point! As of now, I don’t have plans to add more houses/characters but I do want to make a bigger farm area and do more terraforming in general on the island.

So that’s some updates for my island, Aquila! If you enjoyed the updates, let me know so I can do these more often! I stopped doing them monthly as I didn’t see that many people were that interested but I could do them more than 6 months apart too if anyone would like.

Thanks for reading!


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