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Spring Cleaning 2021

Hello everyone! Today I thought I’d share how my spring cleaning is going this year.

Now, I have to be honest. I’m no where near done! I made a list of everything I wanted to do in late March, when my energy was starting to come back after the dreary winter. However, my puppy niece has stayed for April with me, and it’s hard to do stuff with her around because she gets pretty much all of my attention when she’s here. Anyway, I haven’t gotten too much done yet but here’s what I’ve been up to!

Spring Cleaning Step 1: Declutter

The first step I’ve taken in my spring cleaning is decluttering my closet. It was the easiest place to start because I always have to switch between my cold weather clothes and my warm weather clothes. It might seem silly to have two sets of closets and I would say you’re right! But most of my warm weather stuff is sleeveless and my cold weather stuff is heavy knits and sweaters so I have a lot to switch out. However, in the recent years I’ve made strides towards only having a few key pieces I switch in and out and the majority of my clothes stay year round.

I always struggle with this though. My mother, whom I love dearly, has such a huge shopping problem that unfortunately doesn’t stop at just her. If she sees something that’s less than $5 she will buy it despite the fact that no one needs it. Then she tries to give it to me or worse, sell it to me. I always insist I don’t need it and she should return it but then she gets annoyed that she bought it and I don’t want it so it’s easier to just take the item and store it. I still have stuff with tags on them because of this! Then, when I try to donate them, she insists I keep it in a box at the house so that when we go to Mexico we can take it with us and give it away to family members. This is despite the facts that 1) no one wants clothes from five years ago and 2) no one really fits in them either. Also, when we go, we never have space for it! So it’s super frustrating to take stuff out of my closet only to still have it around. This time I have packed it all up and fully intend to donate it without her looking too close.

I also want to declutter several other categories of stuff. I need to look through all my books and get some of those out too. I love books and reading so it’s hard to get rid of them, but I have found that I have access to a ton of books through my local library and through ebooks, so I don’t need to really keep the physical books. I intend to go through my collection again and try to find a few more to get rid of, then go to Half Price Books to see if I can get anything by selling them! I also want to declutter old makeup as I’m sure some of it has gone off by now. I haven’t worn makeup regularly in over a year now, so I think I should really throw out most of it. And other things in general like finally shredding junk mail and such! (That one is just because I’ve been lazy.)

Spring Cleaning Step 2: Reorganize

So after decluttering stuff, I do need to reorganize it! I hope to get rid of a chest of drawers that I have in my home office so I ned to get all that stuff out and put away elsewhere so I can throw out the chest. It’s just so big and heavy that I want it out so I can rearrange the remaining furniture in my home office. I want my desk to be in a back corner facing the room and to put my TV in a different spot, but it won’t fit if I don’t get the chest out!

And I have other things to reorganize like my bathroom storage and such too.

Spring Cleaning Step 3: Deep Clean

I guess this should probably go hand in hand with Step 2 or even Step 1 but I do want to of course deep clean everything! I will admit, I’m terrible at remembering to dust so I really need to do that soon. Plus, since my puppy niece is here everything has dog hair and I need to vacuum again. I love her so much but the dog hair is torture!

Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget

Some stuff that I need to remember to get to for spring cleaning is pretty random so I thought I’d put it in here too. One thing I want to do is go through my Poshmark closet. I have stuff that I put for sale on Poshmark but it’s never sold, so I want to go through it and remove older stuff, and maybe put up more stuff that might sell. Or just take everything down and forget it because I am so sick of having that stuff around honestly! I think there’s a site where you can ship stuff to and they might buy it, and if someone remembers the name of it please let me know because I’d rather do that. I also want to drop stuff off at a local electronics recycling drop off box. I have old chargers and other electronics that I don’t need or want anymore, so I want to get rid of them ASAP! Plus, there is also the digital files I have. I really need to declutter digitally as well. I have old homework from grad school still saved on my laptop and Google Drive, old photos, and clogged email inboxes. I also really want to go on a massive “unsubscribe” spree for store emails since I try not to shop fast fashion anymore. I think I also want to look into deleting or closing some old email accounts and social media pages too.

So that’s my basic plan for the continuing spring cleaning! This year the spring cleaning has really dragged out for me, so hopefully I can get it all done soon.

Thanks for reading!


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