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Five Things I’ve Started Buying

Hello everyone!I’ve done a few posts about how things I’ve stopped buying but I figured it would only be fair if I shared things that I’ve started buying too.

five things I've started buying featured image

While my spending habits have decreased dramatically since the initial lockdown last year, I do have a couple things that I’ve bought more of in the past year than before. I still try to keep my spending to a minimum in efforts to save as much as possible, so don’t think that I’m buying in bulk for these items!

Five Things I’ve Started Buying


You might remember my posts sharing Frida the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Glinda the Calathea, and Elphaba the Calathea as well as my garden posts last year. I have really tired to become a little bit of a gardener and plant mom in the past year since I felt the need to bring in living things. As of late, the Calatheas are both struggling. I left them in water too long once a few months ago and they’ve been doing badly ever since. Then in effort to fix that I’ve not watered them in weeks, and it seems to have helped but now they look like they do need water. Hopefully that doesn’t backfire!

As for the outdoor garden, I’ve started the seeds much earlier than before and we already planted little starts for a bunch of things. However, we did get a bit of a later frost so some of them are struggling again. Hope not! We also added a new pear tree and I just bought a plum tree yesterday to add so hopefully in a few years we’ll start to get those fruits too.


Like many people, I’ve switched to a mostly athleisure look at home. My usual uniform nowadays consists of leggings and a sweater in the cooler months and shorts with sleeveless tops in the summer. I quickly realized I didn’t have enough comfy sweaters though, so I did buy 2-3 more over the past year. Overall I already had sweaters but they were more like knitted or office wear sweaters and I didn’t want to use those around the house. My favorite is the Taylor Swift eras sweater I got back in the folklore days. It’s so comfy and quite warm while still being light!


I’ve recently done a post about introducing slow living into my life. Something that many posts on slow living in general that I’ve read during my research into this concept is the idea that bringing in cozy blankets is a must. On top of that, my puppy niece has been spending more and more time with me and she loves soft things. In fact, my sister gets mad if I don’t have enough soft things for her so I’ve bought more blankets and put them all around for the dog. She loves them!

I’ve only bought two or three so it’s not like I’ve gone crazy and bought hundreds but it does make a difference having blankets around, ready for puppy snuggles!

Entertainment Subscriptions

Another expense that has increased for me is my entertainment subscriptions. I said in my “things I no longer buy” post that I stopped paying for subscription boxes but things like Netflix has actually increased. I currently pay for Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. The last two are the newest ones.

I don’t mind paying extra for these because I do enjoy content from all of them. However, it can get pretty pricey so I won’t be adding any other subscriptions to this list. I won’t cancel any of them either though, although I’m most tempted to cancel Netflix because I feel like it doesn’t have as many good things anymore. But I can’t give up The Great British Baking Show on it!

Dog Toys

As I mentioned earlier, my puppy niece has been spending more time with me! This latest visit was almost two months for Camp Cuddles Spring Break. I try to not buy her things as she has so much already (she’s not a minimalist) but I do try to get her a new toy every once in awhile.

I am going to curb that habit soon as she literally has a small mountain here, despite that she doesn’t actually live here. I always have plenty of treats for her though!

So those are some things I have been buying more of in the past year. Even though my spending did increase in these categories, I have definitely stopped buying them as much again. Thank goodness too because I really need to get a new car soon.

Thanks for reading!


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