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Introducing Slow Living into my Life

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d talk about this new-to-me concept of slow living, how I’ve resonated with that message, and how I’ve introduced it into my life as of late.

I don’t recall exactly how I came across this idea of “slow living” but I think it was likely on YouTube or Pinterest. It might have even been on TikTok now that I think about it. Without realizing it, I had naturally been seeking out this idea already in several activities I’d been enjoying, particularly since the lockdown started last year. Even before then, I was already such a big homebody, that this concept was already strongly and naturally in my life.

Then, I also introduced the idea of “live with intention” last year to be my birthday goal. As I learned more about slow living, I realized how closely it aligned with my goal as well.

So I figured I should talk about it on my blog!

What is Slow Living?

So, my understanding of slow living is that the concept focuses on creating a cozy, simple, and welcoming environment in the home to give oneself a comforting state of mind. It seems to be all about having a peaceful and fulfilling life, mostly at home.

There’s more to it but, as always, I just take what I need from these ideas and leave what I don’t.

Slow Living Activities I Already Enjoyed

So, as I mentioned, I think I discovered this idea due to my interest in multiple activities that slow living promotes already. Here’s a short list of them.

  • Taking walks
  • Reading
  • Journaling/bullet journaling
  • Bath/spa nights
  • Baking
  • Listening to a podcast or some music
  • Watching a favorite or feel good tv show or movie
  • Blogging and writing
  • Redecorate your home to make it more cozy

As you can see, slow living activities are wide and varied. Again, I think the idea is to bring good vibes into the home for a more peaceful lifestyle so these activities all have a focus on being calming and stress reliving. Slow living also tends to gravitate more towards a simple lifestyle so they’re also simple to do. Note how “online shopping” isn’t on the list for example! Although I have seen a lot of slow living blog posts promote buying more cozy blankets to have more soft things around. My puppy niece would strongly agree with that. She loves soft things!

Slow Living Activities I’ve Started Enjoying

If you read the list in the previous section, you might be confused how I could start new activities. There’s already so many! But I did start gardening last year during the lockdown. I have to be honest, my dad does a ton of the work but I’ve gotten more and more involved, even starting seeds this year.

I also have some activities that I’ve been able to enjoy more. For example, reading more books. I had a goal last year of reading 20 books in 2020, but ended up reading over 60 I think. This year I set a goal of 50 but already increased it to 100 because I was reading so many already. (I read my 40th book of the year yesterday.) Baking was another one that I enjoyed a lot more during lockdown. I had already been enjoying baking stuff but I really picked up the hobby in the quarantine. Plus things like watching more tv shows or movies too.

So there are hobbies I was still able to pick up or expand greatly on! I think in general I already had a lot, but I like the balance and options of having many of these activities on the mind.

Slow Living Activities I Want to Enjoy

There are some popular activities under the slow living umbrella that I want to enjoy more of! For example, bath/spa nights would be nice to enjoy more of. I also want to get back into digital art. There are a handful of podcasts that I enjoy but I want to listen to them more regularly instead of binging them every couple of weeks. I also have not really watched/listened to a ton of TED Talks or lectures so I think that picking that up again would be nice.

Another idea is to increase my music practice again. I haven’t been keeping up with guitar at all, so I barely know anything of that instrument despite owning one for over 15 years now. I also want to pick up my flute again. I’m sure it needs a ton of repairs but I can at least try to practice I think. Also, I want to take online classes for fun. I’m thinking of maybe signing up for some fun classes through the local community college, maybe as non-credit classes, for things like creative writing.

Now, I’ve been focusing on the at-home activities and side of slow living because that is what I am comfortable doing right now in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. Things I want to do after things get back to normal someday is stuff I’ve always enjoyed like sitting in cafes or going to museums. But I also want to try volunteering more regularly again! I used to volunteer at my local library as a teen, participated in monthly volunteer events in undergrad, and then quarterly at my former workplace (until my managers bullied me into stopping – but that’s a whole different story!). I would like to volunteer again somehow!

Slow Living Mindsets – Don’t Forget!

Of course, slow living is not just fun hobbies. It’s also a mindset! Here’s a quick list of things I aim to remember inspired by the slow living concept:

  • Say no to “busy”
  • Set a calming mood
  • Make it luxurious
  • Drop the drama
  • Embrace the “indoorsy” (I wish I remembered where I wrote this one down from in my bujo!)
  • Be thankful
  • Schedule relaxation
  • Consume less
  • Build a comforting morning and evening routine
  • Simplify the budget
  • Check decor and surroundings
  • Be positive

I got a lot of these ideas from different blog posts I found on Pinterest about slow living. I don’t remember the exact blogs anymore but Pinterest was a great resource, as was YouTube. Again, I did a lot of this already too, but I think the intent of including them for a specific purpose was important in the overall enjoyment of this idea, so I figured I should share it!

And that’s how I’ve introduced this mindset into my life! I rather like that this state of being has a name, as it makes it easy to look up on social media for new ideas and inspiration. I’m hoping to add my own outlook into the mix with this post so hopefully it was a nice read for you.

Thanks for reading!


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