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My March Life

Hello everyone! How fun that my life post is going up the last day of the month!

It’s been another quiet month but this one has been a good one! I feel like for the past few months it’s been rough for me to admit that I haven’t done much, but this time it’s not a huge deal to me that I haven’t got a lot to share. It’s just been so nice out that my spirits have lifted! As I finish up writing this post I have the window open and enjoying the lovely breeze. This is exactly the kind of day that I love and live for.


First up, some favorites!

Beauty – Make Up & Skin Care

So I’ve been having major breakouts for months now, but haven’t really cared to do much about it. However, it’s really starting to bug me so I’ve started up a more aggressive skin care routine. Besides washing my face, I’ve also started to use exfoilating scrubs again as well as face masks and moisturizers. (Not the disposable face masks, if you remember my recent “stuff I no longer buy” post!)

I’ve also been outside a lot more so I’ve also started to regularly wear sunscreen again. I have to be honest, sometimes I forget but I try to not to!


Can I just say how much you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone? This is going to sound dramatic but bare with me. My good hair tie broke this month and I keep forgetting to grab another from the packet so I’ve had to make do with the other hair ties I have lying around. This is so annoying because I have very heavy hair that just won’t stay in those other hair ties because they don’t have a strong hold. It’s so frustrating and very annoying. It’s also completely my fault because I do have more, I just don’t remember to go grab one.

I’ve also loved the Target A New Day women’s high-rise skinny ankle pants. I’ve bought two pairs in a white and black houndstooth pattern and a burgundy color. They are so comfy and I love them! I’ve seen reviews of how the sizing is weird or the material is too thin but I honestly don’t have those issues with these. In fact, I almost bought more when I was last in the store but I have so many jeans still that I just didn’t see the point in that. I am working on wearing out my jeans so I can toss them and never wear jeans again. I just don’t like the feel of jeans anymore!


Camp Cuddles

I’ve had my puppy niece this month and it’s been amazing! I love having the dog around as it gives me someone to snuggle and spoil with attention. Arya has been such a good girl, although I swear she’s learned to tell time and starts to cry if she thinks we’re off schedule. She also hates being in my home office so she makes it hard to get stuff done but I’m okay with it. Otherwise we just cuddle, go for walks a few times a day, and I give her plenty of belly rubs.

Oh! I’ve had no less than five neighbors stop me while on walks to ask about my puppy niece or at least say she’s cute! It’s been multiple children that say she’s cute, and a few adults too. I had a couple who asked how old she was because she’s so chill and their dogs are wild. Also, Arya has made friends with the aggressive Yorkie down the street, who now only wants to play instead of bark! Success!

Also, when I took my puppy niece to PetSmart for her grooming, she got the cutest “pawgress” report! It is basically a little brochure that said she was a good girl and the groomer said she had been on her best behavior! It was so adorable I sent a photo of the pawgress report to my sister (and insisted that she show her roommate) as well as my bestie, Erin. I’m such a proud auntie!


Ballet has been nice to get me out of the house once a week! While it’s always a bit strange to be around people for so long and dance in a mask, it’s been nice to have time out and doing something I used to do pre-pandemic. It’s also nice to make new friends and I imagine that’s what will happen tomorrow! Last week was our “spring break” and this week is our first class of the new session. The class was maxed out at six people I believe, and we had a full class this time! It’s the first time that’s happened since the start of the pandemic so that’s super exciting. I can’t wait to see who joins us in the studio.

Book Club & Library Runs

Book club was super fun this month. I don’t think Wild was the best book in terms of conversation, compared to some past books we’ve read but it was still fun. Mostly we all talked about how we would most certainly not go hiking for months on end like the author did but it was still fun and we had a good time reading the book. We picked The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan this time, a book about the dust storms during the depression on the plains here in the US. I think we’re doing a pretty good job alternating from heavier books and lighter books, as well as books with more nature themes and more human themes. But it’s always hard to pick because our librarian gives us about six great options and we all struggle to vote. We have about 6-7 people per month, so that’s always bringing in new perspectives on the stories we read.

Also, my library is still offering their drive up service to pick up materials that’s been put on hold, as well as materials for their classes/lectures/ etc. The people at the door have now learned my name, know what I’m about to pick up, and recognize the truck because I go at least once a week, most often two. I love that! Honestly, it’s a great service and I really hope they continue to offer it after the pandemic because sometimes I just don’t want to bother parking and getting out of the car, you know? Anyway, love the people at the library!

Texas Plans

So I’ve been thinking a lot about my plans for Texas. I’ve been job hunting for remote opportunities only, or jobs that are currently remote and based in Texas. Mostly in the San Antonio or Austin areas. I’m really hopeful that I can get a job that will require me to move, so that I can have that kick in my butt to get going. But if not, I still want to at least have a job first so I can be sure that I’ll have the means to pay for rent and the move. On one hand, it seems crazy to leave my Illinois home. I’m a pretty practical person so the idea of having to get used to a new library system that might not be as good as this one, having to find a new dance studio or even a new hobby if ballet isn’t easily available where I go, or even finding a new dentist seems insane. But on the other hand, I want that change of pace and I want to never have to go through another Chicago winter! I’m sure that overall the life I lead will be similar anyway. I’ll still be reading a ton of books and writing my blog and all that, but I think a big change is in order.

No video this month?

Real quick, I thought I’d talk about why I didn’t post a video this month! I’m not sure if anyone really noticed but I skipped a post since I didn’t post a video. I could have written something without a video but when I sat down to write, I just didn’t feel like it. I figured that it’s been so long since I’ve skipped a day, that it was time for a break anyway. My video idea had been either doing a morning routine or my top 5 books that I’ve read so far this year, but neither was too exciting or compelling enough that I wanted to really film it. I’m kind of sad that I didn’t post a video this month though, so maybe I’ll have to make up for it sometime.

So that’s my March life! Pretty chill, very humble (lol), and nothing too extraordinary but overall it was lovely.

Thanks for reading!


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