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My February Life

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to lately!

my february life featured image

As per usual, not a ton going on! Honestly, my lively posts are much more interesting to be honest. Feel free to check that one out! Here is what I have been up to lately though.


I know I mentioned it in my lively post this month but I adored the show Gilmore Girls. I watched it all the way through this month for the first time (although I did start it back in December or early January before I got back into it to be honest). I loved the show so much! I talked more about it in a post about tv shows I’d recently watched so I won’t go too much into it but it was amazing.

Another favorite is Culver’s ice cream. I always catch up with my sister weekly on zoom and one day she had Culver’s ice cream. I started to really crave it and then after I was off the zoom call, my mom showed up out of no where with Culver’s ice cream! Well she showed up from picking up Culver’s but still. I had a strawberry shortcake concrete mixer and it was delicious.

I also want to shout out my long term favorite the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. None of my foundations match my skin tone anymore but I needed something to wear when I filmed my recent YouTube video, so I used my concealer. It was perfect!


Snow Storms

This month has not been too exciting so I’ll just talk about… the weather I guess? We had major snow storms this month, as did many areas in the US. I ended up skipping ballet one week this month because it was snowing, although I don’t think that particular week was a snow storm. Since them, we got a ton more snow. I think we had two separate storms that were about 12 inches of snow in my area (Chicago suburbs). We also had about two weeks of very low temperatures but this week has been lovely! It’s been in the 40’s and so the snow is melting fast. Now we’re just on flood warnings instead of snow/ice storm warnings lol.

This has also really got me thinking. My plan for a few years has been to move to Texas, mostly to avoid the harsh winters here (barring the recent winter storm there). I was talking with a friend and we were chatting about how at least I do know that I can survive these storms because we’re ready for them. But I still want to move anyway.

Indoor Plant Update

I haven’t talked about my plants lately! Frida, the Fiddle Leaf Fig, seems to be doing well. She’s been dropping leaves recently, so I think she’s upset at the irregular watering schedule. Elphaba and Glinda, the Calatheas, are both angry too. I accidentally left them too long water a few weeks back when I was bottom watering and walked away. I think now they’re still trying to recover but Glinda’s lost most of her leaves unfortunately!

Book Club

I figured I’d talk about my book club in this post! I normally don’t but it’s always nice to see people over Zoom. We had picked a book on North Korea this month, and it was a hard, heavy read. We were all more than a little horrified by everything we read, although we know that the USA has it’s own issues too. Still, we all felt like we had a much better understanding of what North Koreans had been going through in the 90’s, as well as what they sort of still are going through. Most of the people in the book club are elderly so they couldn’t believe how long stuff had been going on like this while the 90’s kids, like me, were horrified to read about the years that we had been born or just entering school.

We didn’t get to chat much about our personal lives on this one. Sometimes we do if there isn’t much to talk about regarding the book, or if the book relates to our lives in some way. But this time, we really didn’t get that chance, but we did have a good conversation about the book! Oh, although a few of us did laugh together because we picked to read Wild as the next book club book only because we had all at one point seen Gilmore Girls and yet hadn’t read it.


Ballet is really the only time I leave my house lately! In order to get to class, we have to be early because the doors are locked and the instructor will only open them for us up until the class starts. So we all tend to be there about 5-10 minutes early and chat. We also tend to stay a little after class to continue our conversations too, since we all do like hanging out, and don’t really get the chance to do so often. It’s a really good class and a great social time too! We do really enjoy catching up and learning about each other. I’m the youngest in the class by far, with the other dancers in their 40’s and 50’s. The instructor is in her 30’s and so she’s the closest in age to me, but even so, we all get along because everyone is super nice to talk to.

So that’s really all that I’ve been up to! I do feel like my months should get more exciting as the weather gets nicer, but no promises because I don’t think that I’m going to be leaving my house too much anyway.

Thanks for reading!


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