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How I Wrote an 80,000 Word Novel in 1 Month

Hello everyone! Today I thought I’d share how I wrote an 80,000 word novel in one month, and what I plan to do in the future. In vlog form!

how I wrote a new novel in a month featured image

I’ve been talking about my writing projects on my blog for ages, well, since January when I started this particular project. I’ve also shared a bit of my writing experiences before, which I talk about in the vlog. But I thought it’d be fun to share how I worked on this project and what the experience was like for me, so I sat down in front of the camera and hit record!

Well, okay first I wrote an outline for what I was going to say so it wouldn’t be a hot mess, did my makeup for the first time in months, and changed my top, but then after that I sat down in front of the camera and hit record. Here’s the video!

How I Wrote an 80,000 Word Novel in 1 Month

So, there’s the vlog! Real quick before I forget, here is the link to Katytastic’s 3 Act, 9 Block, 27 Scene outline! It’s super helpful to me and I can’t imagine writing a story without it.

In case you skipped the video though, here’s the short version.

  • My writing background mainly consists of multiple NaNoWriMo attempts, both successful and unsuccessful, as documented many times on my blog over the years.
  • I’m a mix of a planner and pantser.
  • Due to my writing background I ended up writing as I would any other NaNo project – fast and with minimal to no edits as I went along.
  • I found reaching 50,000 words easy due to NaNo too but really struggled to reach 80,000, especially after I hit 70k.
  • I really underestimated how helpful it was to get into the habit of writing every day, and I regret falling out of that habit after finishing this rough draft.
  • I plan to put this book aside for a bit to get it out of my head and approach it with a fresh, new mindset later on to edit.
  • My goal for this book is to get it published!
  • I didn’t mention this in the vlog so this is a blog exclusive but the goal is to be traditionally published, although I might consider self-publishing if that doesn’t work out.
  • I already have a list of changes/edits I want to make. I wrote them down so I don’t forget but the goal is going to be to go back to the story in a few months and make a new list as I read it, and later compare the two.

So that’s the basic gist of the video. I went into more detail on those points and added a few more in the video, but there you go if you didn’t feel like watching it. Also, shout out to everyone on this blog who has encouraged and supported me during my writing journey of this book and all previous works I’ve done. You all rock!

One more thing from the video – I have to admit, I’ve never edited a novel I’ve written! If anyone has any tips or resources for me to learn more, I’d greatly appreciate them. Otherwise, I hope you’ll follow me as I continue to share my writing journey and my lifestyle in general going forward.

Thanks for reading!


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