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Ten More Things I No Longer Buy

Hello everyone! I wanted to share 10 more things that I no longer buy.

ten more things I no longer buy featured image

Well at least I don’t buy them hardly ever (spoiler, Starbucks will make an appearance here). I recently shared Ten Things I No Longer Buy, and realized I had a ton more stuff I was no longer buying regularly. Plus, there was a lot of good feedback on that post, so I figured I’d share some more!

As I mentioned, I have a few main reasons for why I don’t buy this stuff anymore. One, I simply don’t need it! I’m trying hard to cut down on the mindless consumption that I used to have in my life so cutting back on buying this stuff is super helpful. Two, I might not be the best at it but I am trying to be more sustainable. Three, I’m also still unemployed, so I also want to save money where I can.

So here’s ten more things that I no longer buy!

Ten More Things That I No Longer Buy

1. Jewelry/Accessories

I got a comment on my last post from Joy about how she wants to stop buying accessories and I realized that I stopped buying that! I will occasionally wear a necklace or earrings but my skin is so sensitive to cheaper materials that it’s uncomfortable for me and I end up taking off the jewelry. I’m also too cheap to buy good stuff, so I don’t really have much I can wear. Oh, and I don’t wear rings because of two main reasons. One, I have really skinny fingers, so most rings that I find in stores are too bit, slide off easily, and I worry I’ll lose them. Two, when I do find rings that are an appropriate size, I freak out and think they’ll get stuck. I have an irrational fear that I’ll put on a ring that’s too small and then I’ll have to get my finger cut off to get it off, although my mom laughed at me and said the ring would be cut off, not my finger. Long story short, for the most part, I’ve stopped jewelry and other accessories.

2. Notebooks

Okay, so I have to admit right off the bat, that I have bought a new notebook in the recent past but that is because it was my new bullet journal. Since I use dotted pages for my bujos, I needed to get it! But otherwise, I don’t buy any notebooks with lined pages anymore. I have so many! I have a ton of school ones that I never used up (I should try to donate the brand new ones that I still have), a lot of cute ones that I bought myself years and years ago, and even some that were gifted to me. So I don’t buy new notebooks even though I love cute ones.

3. Electronics

Okay, this one also needs a clarification that I don’t needlessly or impulsively buy electronics. I think the last thing I bought was my Nintendo Switch back in August because I had been searching for it for awhile to play Animal Crossing New Horizons with my sister. The Switch has provided me hours of entertainment, so that is not one that I regret buying at all! But here’s an example of electronics I’ve decided not to buy in the past year. A new phone! I’ve had my current phone for a few years now, I think since early 2018 or so. It’s a Google Pixel 2 and I still love it. It’s slower now, for sure, and there are better phones out there now, but I just don’t see the point of upgrading until I absolutely have to. Another example is the Playstation 5, although I’m not sure it is even possible to get because it was sold out during the holidays and I haven’t heard much more about it since. I love video games but, to be honest, I barely play video games on my other consoles at the moment. I don’t see the point of getting another console if I barely use the plethora of consoles. While I know that I’ll eventually cave and buy new stuff, I still want to wait until it makes sense to buy replacements/upgrades.

4. Starbucks

I really, really miss Starbucks! I used to get it at least one to three times a week when I worked in an office. More often if I was traveling for work, too. But now I get Starbucks maybe once a season when new/holiday drinks come out. I usually blame the fact that it’s not “on the way” anymore to anywhere since I don’t go anywhere. And that’s largely true because the closest Starbucks to me is maybe a 15 minute drive away. There is an independent coffee shop in my town, but I never think to go there because it’s not a drive thru, so I’m not even sure if it is currently open. So in general, if I want coffee, I have to make it at home.

5. Storage Solutions

Now, that’s probably controversial because I feel like with the new year and then the upcoming spring cleaning craze, everyone wants storage solutions. But I don’t see a point of them. I basically feel like if I buy a new storage tote then I’m going to want to use it to store more stuff. While I love the organizational aspect of it, my goal is to have less stuff, so I shouldn’t make room for more stuff. Plus, I really don’t have any storage space for the storage bins so that’s another issue I don’t need!

6. Art Supplies

I have sooooo much art supplies that I’ve bought as “just in case I need it” and I really don’t! I wish I was more artsy, but honestly I’m not. I do the DIY projects with my library because they come with everything I need. Otherwise I don’t buy any more art supplies that I “might” need and even if I do feel that I want to do a specific project, I generally don’t end up doing it and forget by the time I get the opportunity to get that item.

7. Shoes

I can’t remember the last time I’ve bought a new pair of shoes! I have so many because I used to work in a shoe department years and years ago, so I bought a ton when I did. Now, I have a ton of shoes still left so I don’t see the point of buying new shoes if I don’t need to. I think the shoes that I have to replace the most often are workout shoes or boots maybe but even then, I have more. For workout shoes, I wear them out quickly because I walk a lot in the warmer months. Boots are more tricky to keep because of the harsh winters in Illinois with all the salt and snow. They just get ruined so easily here! But even then, I will usually wait for a buy one, get one sale at Target and then I have a new stash so I don’t need to buy again for awhile.

8. Make Up

I can barely believe that I don’t buy make up anymore. But since I don’t really wear it anymore, there’s no point to buy more! Honestly, I had so much products when the pandemic started because I was wearing it everyday and I still have it, untouched since. I just don’t wear it around my house anymore. I do miss it because I enjoyed wearing makeup but now the shades aren’t right, and I think the products are probably expired by now. I will probably wear makeup again once I can leave my house again, but for now I don’t bother.

9. Subscription Boxes

I used to have so many subscription boxes it was crazy! I had FabFitFun for a few years, Sephora Play, and I would get Target’s box too usually. I cancelled them about a year ago, and I’m so happy I did. While I loved getting the boxes and trying out stuff I would never buy myself normally, I realized that it was just too much! I ended up giving a lot of the stuff from those boxes away to friends and family during declutters honestly. Again, there is a ton of stuff I still love to use from those boxes. But I just didn’t need or want the influx of more stuff and the boxes weren’t cheap either at the end of the day.

10. Mugs

I love mugs. I think I shared my mug collection once years ago and I had sooooo many! I still have a lot but now I don’t buy more. I am basically waiting for them to break or become otherwise unusable until I get down to maybe two or three mugs before I buy any replacements. Plus, they make great gifts so maybe once I’m down a couple my friends and family will start replacing them for me LOL. The last mug I bought was probably in 2019 when I found a mug that said MBA on it. I loved that it said that and that it was a big mug but it’s a Rae Dunn and I didn’t realize how crazy the brand followers are of that one, so now I kinda regret buying it just because it’s so basic now LOL.

So those are ten more things that I have stopped buying that I used to buy all the time! Please feel free to share any of yours in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. wonderful post!! I think I am going to stop buying mugs too. I have so many it’s ridiculous 😂😂 Also, without noticing, I stopped buying from Starbucks. I think I haven’t had a Starbucks in more than year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha yes! Plus, if you ever do want more then you just need to do a really dramatic sigh when talking to friends and family and say how much you miss new mugs. Easy present idea for them! LOL. And yeah I have to make a conscious choice to go to Starbucks and it feels like it’s so out of the way now. It used to be so easy to stop in, but now I can’t be bothered to go!

      Liked by 1 person

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