my 2021 bullet journal intro featured image

My 2021 Bullet Journal Intro

Hello everyone!Today, I figured I would share a video introduction of sorts to my 2021 bullet journal.

my 2021 bullet journal intro featured image

I didn’t do this last year, but this year I thought it best to get an intro video up because I had a lot of page setups I wanted to share that I normally don’t get to. For example, I started to do a budget page for every month so I wanted to share how I set it up, but I never could because I only shared my pages once they were done. I just didn’t want to share how much money I was spending and stuff, so I couldn’t show it. This year, I filmed a quick set up for the start of my new bujo and those pages that I don’t normally show, so I’m excited to show them off!

My 2021 Bullet Journal Intro

So I’m sure you saw my new bullet journal in the featured image of this post. It’s blue! It’s kinda crazy since I’m a total pink gal but I had pink last year and after an entire year of one color, I just wanted something different. So I went to the store and looked through the colors.

I actually intended to get a more neutral color but the options that had the biggest number of pages (I think around 249) were limited. I didn’t want to get a smaller journal so I picked from the ones available and I loved this blue. I picked it up at Michael’s, a craft store chain in the US for anyone not familiar with the store, for under $10. I believe it was on sale (because when is Michael’s not running a sale?) so it may have even been under $5. I know there are so many fancy bujo artists out there that use $20+ journals which have heavy paper that won’t bleed through with pens or even paint. But I’m not that fancy, so I wasn’t going to do that.

As I mentioned earlier, I show a ton of pages here that I won’t be showing in the quarterly updates. Usually that’s for privacy reasons, such as a budget page or reflection space. So I just figured it’d be nice to share the “blank” set up before I fill up the pages with secrets!

Oh, I also started adding music to my video. I found music on a royalty free site I found after a quick Google search. If it’s too loud or annoying though, please let me know.

So that’s the intro to my 2021 bujo! I have already had a great time filling out the pages, adding new ideas, and even planning changes for the set up for future months too. Isn’t that wild? Barely through the first month and already I want to make changes. As I love to say, there’s always room for improvement!

Let me know which part of my new bujo was your favorite! The first flip through of the completed monthly pages for January, February, and March will be up in April, so I hope you look forward to that.

Thanks for reading!


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