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My December Bakes – Just a few bakes

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share the couple of bakes that I did in December.

I wasn’t feeling very bake-y actually last month, so I didn’t make a lot of stuff! In fact, it was just two of the same bakes that I’ve made before, but I’ll still share them.

M&M Cookies

About the recipe

So these are the same cookies that I always make! The recipe is from a site called Kleinworth & Co. Super easy to follow along, and I do like making them.

The results

my september bakes m&m cookies

I always panic when making these because the dough is so weird when making them but they work out! I did make these kind of last minute though so I didn’t have the butter out to soften a bit and then let it soften too much, which led to some cookies spreading too much. Lesson learned! Nothing was bad about the cookies though, they were still delicious! Per usual, this is an old picture because I forgot to take a new photo of these cookies.

Coffee Cake

About the recipe

So I asked my parents if they had anything they really liked that they wanted me to make again. They requested this coffee cake from a site called Simply Recipes.

The results

coffee cake

I did take a new photo of the coffee cake but the old one is basically the same, so I’m sticking with that. I think it was pretty good again! I did think the actual cake mixture wasn’t enough though for the pan. I think it needed to be just a tad bit more. I didn’t have a problem with the cinnamon sugar mid layer on the cake, and last time I’m pretty sure I thought it wasn’t enough. The top was a bit too much though, but I think I added a bit extra thinking that last time it wasn’t enough when it was. I do think the actual cake part is perhaps a bit too plain while the topping is a little too sweet, so I wish the sugar was more balanced throughout the cake as a whole. Maybe I’ll try a different recipe to try to get a better version.

And those are my bakes for the holiday season! It’s kinda weird that I took a break during the holidays from baking or trying new things, since I feel like generally that’s when I should want to bake more. But I did like revisiting two old favorites!

Thanks for reading!


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