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My December Life

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share what I’ve been up to this month.

As always, there’s not a ton I’m up to, but I figured it was important to still share!


I’ve been enjoying the L’Oreal Ideal Clean Foaming Gel Cleanser. I feel like my skin has been pretty bad lately so I’ve brought in this cleanser again to help clean it up! So far, so good!

I also like the Surface Sheer Touch SPF 50 Sunscreen. I try to wear sunscreen when I go outside and having my puppy niece around meant that I was going out a few times each day. It also says it’s reef safe, so that’s important to me!

Another beauty favorite is the Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil & Lavendar Shampoo. It smells so good and I’m really enjoying the scent and feel on my hair.

A style favorite is the Taylor Swift Eras dark grey sweater. I bought it in the Black Friday sale on her site and it finally came in a little bit ago. It’s so cozy and comfy! I did get a medium and it fit really well, but the sleeves were a tad longer than I would like. That’s super common for me though so I don’t fully mind it!

Last is my new Artist’s Loft Dotted Journal which I’m going to use for my 2021 bullet journal. I feel like it’s similar to my 2020 one in terms of paper thickness and size, but there are little differences between the two. This one has nothing on the front where the 2020 one said “notes” in gold on the front which I didn’t like as much. This one also has a few pages at the front that are lined for an index that the 2020 didn’t have, and I would have preferred not to have the lined pages honestly. Overall it’s whatever, because I still found a way to use them, but still kind of annoying!


Camp Cuddles

arya's christmas outfits festive scarf

So first up is Camp Cuddles! If you don’t know, Camp Cuddles is what I call any time that my puppy niece comes to stay for an extended period of time so I can puppy sit. My sister was feeling bad that her dog wasn’t getting proper walks due to her busy schedule and felt she needed a bit of a break from the city so the dog came to stay for awhile. My puppy niece was here a little over a month and just went home in the past week. I really miss her so much! Even though it was so cold out and she did have doggie diarrhea, but overall we had a great time together. I think that the last time my puppy niece was here for an extended period of time she felt a little distressed, thinking she had been rehomed here and missed my sister. This time, she did miss my sister but she seemed to understand that her mom would be back eventually. I got the sense that she just accepted this as her “second” home of sorts so she was content to stay for awhile. Once my sister came back for her though, she was over the moon! I do think she loves the long walkies she gets here and exploring around the park, but overall she missed my sister a ton. (I don’t blame her, I miss my sister too!)


Christmas was a good time! As in Hispanic tradition, we stayed up until midnight when Jesus is supposedly born. We didn’t open presents though as we waited until my sister could come to get hers otherwise we probably would have at that point. I baked a cake, my parents watched a movie while I read a book, and we had a very low-key holiday. It was good!


I finished Blogmas! This year I didn’t prewrite anything, some posts I wrote them the day of! Usually I would have written at least half the posts before December started. But this year, I focused on NaNoWriMo in November so I didn’t have time to write as much for Blogmas last month. Then, I’m still sheltering in place at home due to the pandemic and haven’t found a job yet so I decided to just write posts this month. I doubt I’ll be able to do that again next year (unless I’m still staying at home, but hopefully not!) so it was nice to experience Blogmas in real time this year. I think I do like writing the posts in real time instead but that’s also so hard when trying to live real life pre-pandemic style (which I know from experience due to poor planning in prior years). It was a nice Blogmas this year, but I hope it’s the only one that’s solely at home.

So that’s my December life! Let me know what your life was like this month and happy new year!

Thanks for reading!


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