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My December Lively

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share my updates on my hobbies and what I’ve watched.

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There’s a lot that I’ve been up to so I’m so excited to share it!

My Lively

Creative Fun


So this month was full of DIYs! The library crafts for the month were a glittery mason jar snowglobe and the other was rustic wood slice ornaments. I also did change the Christmas gnome one from last month because I find gnomes to be super creepy.

The snowglobe was pretty fun but I don’t think it looks that good. The glitter kinda stayed in place like globs and it doesn’t really act like a snowglobe because of it. Plus, I think the green from the trees came off so it’s not even clear! Ah well, it’s still kinda a cute idea.

The rustic wood ornaments were super fun. I looked up holiday words on Pinterest to make sure I had plenty to chose from and that was fun! It was a super simple and fun project to do. I really liked that one.

And then I used the fabric and fluff from the gnome project to make it into a sort of makeshift tree ornament! I think it looks like something you’d find in TJ Maxx just more poorly made? Kinda?

Oh, and then a final project was a DIY advent calendar my sister had gotten for me. I used paint I already had, so unfortunately I didn’t have brown for the houses to fully complete it (I wanted it to be like cabins) but there it is! My puppy niece was so bored every time I sat down to work on it though LOL.


I completed my 2020 bujo! My first bujo! YAY! I posted part 4 of my bullet journal this month. I also started my new 2021 bujo this month too, which I’m excited about. I think the 2021 one will be more minimal for sure.



As always, I’m listing all the books I’ve finished since the previous Lively post below with their star ratings. All thoughts on them are saved for future (or even past!) Mini Book Review posts but those will be linked below if so. I won’t include any books that I didn’t finish although I’ll be sure to add them into the review posts.

This month I read 8 books so far, and I will finish a few more! I shared my 2020 Books already so not all of these are on there and any other books I finish in 2020 will be in my January Lively just because I post this before the end of the month.

  • We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia 5/5 stars*
  • Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter by Kate Clifford Larson 4/5 stars*
  • A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor by Hank Green 4/5 stars*
  • Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini 4/5 stars*
  • The Testaments by Margret Atwood 4/5 stars
  • We Unleash the Merciless Storm by Tehlor Kay Mejia 4/5 stars
  • The Radium Girls by Kate Moore
  • The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab 5/5 stars

* Indicates this book was reviewed in Ten Mini Book Reviews Pt. 6


The first film I saw this month was Netflix’s The Princess Switch: Switched Again. I thought it was too cute! I loved the first movie so I was so excited to see this one. It was really funny and I enjoyed it a ton, even if it was getting a little out of hand at how many Vanessa Hudgens’ characters there are.

The next one was Lilo & Stitch from Disney+. It’s always been one of my favorite Disney films, so I loved watching it again. I totally was weirded out at the fact that they changed the dryer that Lilo crawls into and instead have her hide behind a pizza box in a cabinet thing.

Moana was the final film for the Disney Princess films I was watching. I was just watching the “first” of each official Princess so this was the final one. I love Moana and I greatly enjoy the music because it’s just so funny!

Then I watched Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas on Disney+ at my sister’s insistence. If you haven’t seen it the story is set when Belle is still a prisoner in the Beast’s castle and they’re starting to get along but it’s still an iffy situation. Belle then decides to celebrate Christmas in the castle with the servants but the Beast hates Christmas because that’s when he was cursed. My sister thought it was hilarious how only the piano is in 3D animation and everything else is still 2D. It was pretty silly but it was a fun Christmas film after all.

Oh, I also started The Greatest Showman on Disney+ but didn’t finish yet! I have seen it before and I do really enjoy it so I’ll finish it eventually I’m sure.

TV Shows

I finished the new season of The Great British Baking Show on Netflix this month! I wasn’t surprised by the results but it was still fun to watch. It was so sad that no one got their families there though due to the bubble but it was cute to see the staff there so excited to see the results of everyone’s hard work and sacrifice to be in the bubble.

I also finished season 4 of The Crown on Netflix. It was so fun to watch and I am 100% on Team Diana, I hate Camilla and Charles for sure! I think I mentioned a bit about this one last month and all feelings are pretty much the same. Poor Diana!

I’ve also started watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix at my sister’s insistence. She and her roommate will get on Zoom with me and we’ll all watch it together. They’ve already seen it before and tried so hard to get me to watch it too. I said only when my puppy niece gets here so that she can keep me company because I thought it was going to be scary. It really isn’t scary but it is super interesting to watch and I’m enjoying piecing the story together. I think we’re a little more than halfway.

I’m a couple episodes into Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I’ve been meaning to watch it for a forever now, especially since I loved Bunheads and someone on that show was also important to the creations of this one. (Maybe the producer or director or something like that?) Anyway, it is super cute and I really am enjoying it even if I’m only a few episodes in. I think the mom is going to end up with the grumpy coffee guy honestly LOL but that’s just a really early guess. I love how chill Rory is about her crazy mom though!

I also started watching Younger on Hulu and I’m loving it. Sutton Foster’s character is nearing forty I think or in her forties but is pretending to be a 20-something college grad to get a job. It’s so funny to watch! I’m only a few episodes in but I can’t stop laughing when I’m watching it.

Musicals & Concerts

I watched An American in Paris on the YouTube channel The Shows Must Go On. I do love that musical a lot (the stage version) until the really long dance sequence at the end. It’s all beautiful though and I love the music and story. I did see this in person maybe last year or the year before once. So good!

On the same channel I watched 42nd Street. It was good and I can see why so many people enjoy it but I kinda thought it was too outdated for me. I did enjoy some of the songs though and the tap dancing was spectacular, but it’s not my favorite.

I think this next one was on the same channel, Christmas Music by Candlelight, which was a concert on the channel. It was nice but I did find myself skipping some of the songs at some point since it was so long.

The last one I watched was Lessons and Carols on my alma mater’s youtube channel, Elmhurst University. It’s an annual event at my school which is a sort of mix between a Christmas choir concert and non-denominational service. It was stitched together between old recorded versions from prior years and zoom performances as it couldn’t be in person this year.


I’ve been enjoying Taylor Swift’s evermore album. I am so happy there was a second album! It’s just a really cool sound that I’m really enjoying! I think I’ll do a review on it next month once I’ve fully listened to it more.


This month I’ve mostly been into bullet journal content! I’ve been loving the 2021 bujo set up videos and the flip throughs of 2020.


I started listening to The Sip this month, which is the podcast Ryland Adams does with his friend, Lizzie Gordon. I enjoy it a lot! I really like Ryland’s personality in general and I’m really enjoying getting to know Lizzie.

I started listening to Sweet Boys this month because of Garret Watts and Andrew Siwicki, who were both working with Shane Dawson and therefore Ryland before too. I think the rumors are that they all had a falling out after Shane’s drama or at least distanced from him before he stopped doing videos. It’s quite sad as I really enjoyed all their content together as a group but it makes sense too. I don’t really think it’s that great of a podcast but I’m trying to give it a shot as I’ve only listened to two episodes and they haven’t done too many yet.

Video Games

I’m still playing Animal Crossing New Horizons! I love it still and greatly enjoy it. I did start a second character this month to get another house and now I’m thinking I need a third and even fourth house but I’m trying not to go overboard LOL.


I didn’t really bake too much this month, but I did one for Christmas (not really a Christmas bake but still) and I think I’ll do a few more this week so I’ll have something to share for the post next month!


I came up with an idea for another book! Well, to be honest I already had the basics of the idea but I found a way to make it work and now I’m excited to write it. I do want to edit my other already “completed” book from NaNo though so I might do that first.

Active Life


Of course, I’ve been walking my puppy niece this month! We go on walks around noon and she’s learned to tell time or something because she’ll start whining to go out at 11:30am everyday. I keep telling her no yet or it’s cold but she doesn’t care, she wants to go out! The only times she hasn’t wanted to is when it’s raining and I know she hates snow too but we’ve only had a few flakes here and there mostly so we haven’t had that issue yet.


Ballet classes wrapped up this month! I’m so sad as I really do enjoy them. But of course they had to wrap up this month so we’re waiting to hear what the plan is for the next session(s). So far we’ve heard they wanted to wait until we could be in studio, maybe by February. But I want to be virtual through the winter to not go out in the cold (LOL) and when we can go back into the studio to be one ballet and one jazz or tap class maybe. I gotta email the idea to the person in charge of the dance classes because from what I’ve heard they listen to our suggestions more if they come direct from us than through the instructor.

So that’s what I’ve been up to this month! So much fun stuff happening and I’ve been enjoying it a ton.

Thanks for reading!


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