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2020 in Review Blogmas 2020

Hello everyone! Today, I thought it would be right to share my year in review.

I’ll pick out a photo for each month to show what I was up to! While 2020 wasn’t what I, or anyone, expected, it was still an interesting year to experience.

Also, as you can see, I’m doing Blogmas again this year! That means I’ll be blogging every day until Christmas. I’ve done Blogmas in 201620172018, and 2019 so I am happy to be participating again in 2020.

2020 in Review


houston 2020

January’s featured event is my last work trip to Houston! So apparently I put all my Houston photos into a collage so sorry about that! If I had to pick one, I’d probably pick the photo in Discovery Green with the trees all lit up. Houston is such a great city for events and where I went to most of my onsites. I am so thankful I got one more Houston trip squeezed in before I was eventually furloughed due to the pandemic.


Las Estacas Morelos River

February’s photo is in Mexico! I took my annual trip to Mexico at the end of January/early February. This trip almost didn’t happen but given everything that happened after I got home, I’m so thankful that I fought for this time off and booked those tickets. This day in particular was special. We took a day trip from Mexico City to the neighboring state of Morelos to go to a natural water park! Not only that, but my grandfather agreed to come too! I adore him and it was so nice to bring him along. He can’t get around as easily anymore so he rarely agrees to come on trips but he did come with for this one and it’s such a beautiful memory!


election day

This is the only photo I posted for my March Life post, probably because that’s when the lockdown started in the US. This photo was when I went to early vote at my local city hall and got a sticker afterwards. It was the last time I was out in a public building without a mask. I remember I went to go vote on the Thursday before the lockdown. I had worked from home so my parents and I went after I logged out for the day. Then I worked from home the next day, the following week I stayed home too on the Monday, and I think Tuesday was the first “official” day that everyone was made to work from home. I was thrilled because honestly I hated the commute at that point and didn’t like being in the office as work had become very toxic for me. I was so grateful that I had a job where I could work from home during the pandemic even if I did hate the management there.


Weirdly, I didn’t share a photo of any life event in April. I think I was still in “lockdown is temporary” mode so I got kinda lazy with documenting my life for that time because I figured it’d be over soon anyway. At least it felt that way until mid-April when I was furloughed. I was never mad about it though. Mostly relieved that I was in the furlough part of the staff instead of the part that stayed on because 1) the place was toxic and 2) the people staying were getting pay cut for increased workload. No thanks! I remember feeling such a peace wash over my heart as soon as I logged off for the last time and blocked the toxic work people from my phone and social media. Something told me I wasn’t going to be hired back, so I figured I didn’t need to hear from them again and it’s been so peaceful since!


quarantine art in may

May was special because that’s my birthmonth! I was home with nothing to do so I picked up a ton of projects. I learned to do some basic digital art, made some jewelry, tried to learn embroidery with no proper tools for it, and even drew a bit. And there’s my bullet journal! It was a fun time.


my june life strawberry picking

In June, the weather finally turned so I was able to get out a bit more! I headed out to a local strawberry farm. I try to go each year as it is fun to pick my own strawberries and snack on as many as possible! The farm was encouraging social distancing which was easy in the early morning as I got there right as they opened for the day. About an hour or so later when I was wrapping up though, there was a lot more people and it wasn’t so easy to stay away from everyone. We were all outside so it wasn’t too worrisome as no one was really wearing masks, but I was so happy I was leaving as the crowds came in!

As for the strawberries, I used them in some blondies and a pound cake. I always think it’s so funny how I pay so much for a basket of strawberries and then think of all the farm workers, usually undocumented immigrants, who are paid so much less to pick them for their employers to sell though. My dream is to have my own farm and I intend to pay anyone who works on my farm a fair wage.


hosting camp cuddles arya

For July I was able to puppy sit my niece for the first time! She’d come with her mom before this but this was the first time it was just puppy niece and auntie! We called it “Camp Cuddles” and had a blast. I loved getting to care for her and get to know her better.


hosting camp cuddles arya

Surprisingly I never posted a photo of my garden on the blog. I think because I did videos of the garden so that’s why! This was technically a photo I shared in July but focus on the garden for August. I took up gardening a bit this year and had an active role in picking out the crops we’d try to grown, adding soil to the garden, watering the plants, and harvesting! I really, really enjoy this process and I wish we lived somewhere with a longer growing season.


camp cuddles 2.0 recap Arya

It was a puppy filled summer this year! In late August/early September, my puppy niece came back for more Camp Cuddles! We had so many walkies and one of them was at the beach! I think she liked it although I think she was confused by the sand at first. She didn’t like the lake though because the waves kept getting close when we tried to take her to the edge to explore (she hates water). But we walked around the edge of the beach and woods which she really seemed to enjoy.


my september bakes m&m cookies

If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ll know I took up baking last year during the holiday season and it’s continued through 2020. These are my now often requested M&M cookies! I found a recipe on Pinterest and shared them often with family and friends. I think they’re a hit! I love making them, and experimenting with other bakes. Other hobbies I’ve enjoyed have been doing DIYs (either socially distant on my local library’s lawn or through take home kits the library provides) and virtual ballet classes.


snapshots from aquila nov 2020 pozas

I figured I should highlight Animal Crossing New Horizons at some point! I was strongly influenced by TikToks featuring ACNH content as well as my sister’s obsession too! So I went out back in August and found a Switch and the game. I started my island and have been playing ever since. I love this game! It is kinda funny to think about, as in previous years I’d never feature a video game as a “top” activity to highlight on the yearly review. I wouldn’t pick a baking photo either, more than likely. But this year is just so different!


my 2020 christmas tree

And for December, I’m highlighting the holiday season! Oh, see if you can spy my puppy nice under the tree LOL. The puppy niece is back for more puppy sitting from her favorite auntie, the tree is up, and it’s such a fun time! The holiday season is much more low-key this year, but it’s still nice to see the decor!

So that’s my 2020 in review! The year started strong but ended so low-key I could barely find a photo to feature sometimes LOL. But it is what it is. I do think I’ll be able to view 2020 as a year of perseverance at the end of the day and overall not completely negative. It was a hard year for everyone, and I’ve tried to be positive about it but I’ll admit it has been a hard one for me too. Even so, I want to focus on the good aspects of 2020 as well and not dwell on the past as we go into 2021. It’s not going to be a magical reset, but I think it’s just the feeling of change that we’re all craving!

Thanks for reading!


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