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Snapshots from Aquila Blogmas 2020

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share some more snapshots from my Animal Crossing New Horizons island.

I am still very much obsessed with the game, but I have scaled back quite a bit as my island is getting full. After the new year though, I think I’ll be able to start changing a ton again.

Also, as you can see, I’m doing Blogmas again this year! That means I’ll be blogging every day until Christmas. I’ve done Blogmas in 201620172018, and 2019 so I am happy to be participating again in 2020.

Snapshots from Aquila – Thanksgiving

First up, is Thanksgiving! Since the holiday was so late in the month, I didn’t get to post it in November’s snapshots. Christmas will be next month for the same reason. But Thanksgiving was pretty fun. Now, I did get spoilers for the ingredients I needed to have for the cooking part of it but purposefully left a few things to the last minute so I was still able to trade with my villagers. I completed the Thanksgiving tasks pretty quickly, and had a ton of fun bringing stuff to Franklin. It’s clear that Franklin is a lot like the chefs that go traveling to other countries and steal recipes to claim them as their own, but ah well. It was still a fun event!

Snapshots from Aquila – New Theatre

snapshots from aquila december blogmas 2020 new theatre

I built a new theatre on my island! The first theatre has been moved around between the two big rocks at the back ends of the island and it’s still there, but this is a new one. I made this one next to the plaza and right now there is a ballet performance featuring my character, Star! I found a lights pattern on Pinterest that I put on the simple panels as well as a curtains patter. There are cypress trees, a fireplace, and other stuff on stage. The “stage” itself is separated by the candles from the seating area and the musicians are behind the seats. At the front (not pictured is a table for the Playbills to be handed out as well as a wooden sign to welcome people to the new Aquila Theatre. (The other theatre has a piano for a recital set up!)

Snapshots from Aquila – Aurora Lights

snapshots from aquila december blogmas 2020 aurora lights

I had some aurora lights recently! I have gotten them a few times in the past week and I love seeing them! Here is Star sitting on the pier with the lights in the background one night. We were balloon hunting when they popped up!

Snapshots from Aquila – Introducing Estrella

snapshots from aquila december blogmas 2020 estrella

Meet Estrella! Ignore that chalkboard that I forgot to move before snapping the photo. I finally gave in and created a second character for my island! This was a long internal debate for me. I wanted a second character to be able to get more stuff from Redd without having to bug my poor sister to get her character to fly over to my island to get stuff for me. Plus, I have a few things around the island that I want to move indoors but don’t want to put it in my main house. However, I didn’t want the extra work of having to pay off loans again, finding the second money spot, etc. Even so, here is Estrella! Doing the early stuff like getting Nook Miles, having to buy extra pocket space again, and learning how to customize stuff was tedious but I’m so excited to have another home to decorate.

Snapshots from Aquila – Restaurant and Bar

snapshots from aquila december blogmas 2020 restaurant and bar

Here’s the latest iteration of the Aquila restaurant and bar. This has changed location, shape, look, everything multiple times because I always hate how it looks. So why am I sharing it? Well, because it is the last time (I hope) that it’s outside. With Estrella’s new home being upgraded so quickly, the restaurant will move to the second floor room eventually and the bar might split that room with it or go into the basement room. I think it will remain in this general area, so there will still be outdoor seating options on the beach, but the majority of it will be indoors.

Snapshots from Aquila – Cafe

snapshots from aquila december blogmas 2020 cafe

Here’s the Aquila cafe and bakery! I LOVE this section. (You can spy the panels from the theatre next to it.) I found the cafe stall and menu patterns on Pinterest, as well as the bakery Pan patterns. I tried to make it cozy as it is an outdoor space but I love cozy cafes. There is additional seating that is not pictured by the river next to it. I haven’t decided if I want to move the cafe indoors to Estrella’s main room in the house, but if I do, I might move her house here to this spot instead. Or maybe I could make a third account for it??? No, that could be too crazy.

Snapshots from Aquila – Christmas Tree Farm

snapshots from aquila december blogmas 2020 christmas tree farm

I’ve been planning a Christmas tree farm for months now! I had the entire farm area planned for it, but I scaled it back to just half as I ended up moving the restaurant to the farm’s original section. I got the pattern on the sign from Pinterest. Then I planted the cedar trees and used the trick with planted fruit behind them to stop them from growing so the farm has all sizes of cedar trees! I’ve never been to an actual tree farm, but I think it’s too cute!

So those are my snapshots for December! Let me know what your favorite spot from my island this month is. Also, I totally got carried away as I planned to do only five photos and shared seven. Whoops!

Thanks for reading!


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