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My November Life

Hello everyone! Today i wanted to share all the fun things in my life in November!

my november life featured image

There’s not too many new things, but here’s what I’ve got!


My Favorites

I have to say that family Christmas PJ’s are an absolute favorite! I bought one for my puppy niece and although I didn’t get a matching set, I think they’re so cute!

My library’s curbside service is great as well. They’ve been doing this for awhile, but since restrictions were put back in place this past month regarding indoor services, instead the library has you park out front, call them with what you need, and then wait for it to be brought out to your car. I really like that we can still get materials even if we can’t go in, although I feel bad because I feel like I’m being annoying by having something brought out all the way to my car! Ah well, it’s still really cool that they offer continued service.

A final favorite for November is going to be my puppy niece! She’s visiting again for the winter and I’m loving having her around. She’s so cuddly and sweet, and I love taking her for walks and caring for her. She’s an absolute joy and I’m so thankful my sister lets me puppy sit!

Arya’s Favorites

I figured a fun little section would be my puppy niece’s “favorites”! Of course, she can’t tell me what her favorites actually are, but I’m guessing these are a few of them. First, is the blueberry Greenies! She loves greenies in general, but she devours the blueberry ones and gets super excited when she smells them (the blueberry scent is STRONG). I think she also loves her little doggie sweaters, because she’s a Chihuahua who is constantly shivering, so her little sweaters help her stay warm. My house in general is quite cold as we don’t have the heat on blast and prefer to bundle up a bit, so Arya has joined us in that trend. Finally, she LOVES her grandparents! She will cuddle her grandma (my mom) when I’m taking a shower for example. And she also will cuddle with her grandpa when I go to pick stuff up at the library (she hates cars) or when I am baking. Overall I think she does prefer me because I’m the one that actively cares for her, but her grandparents are great alternatives.


Camp Cuddles

Arya in Christmas PJ's

As I mentioned, my puppy niece is back! We aren’t necessarily calling it “Camp Cuddles” this time around as camp reminds me of summer. It’s not summer right now so it seems weird to call it that but I don’t have another name for it! Arya seems to like being here. She doesn’t seem to think she’s been abandoned, which I do think she felt last time. This time she’s a lot calmer and does seem to realize my sister will come back for her eventually, so she’s enjoying it here. I do think she misses her mom though!

Garden Life

A bit of an update on the garden! Well, it’s November so our growing season has officially ended! However, we got a bit of last minute stuff come in! We had some cilantro and mint at the end of the season, which was expected. However, we got some last minute broccoli come in! It is something I planted late June, in hopes we’d get some by October and when that didn’t happen I fully expected that we wouldn’t get any. However, my dad found two little bits of broccoli! I’m the only one in the family that likes broccoli so I got to enjoy them, and they were so good! I will absolutely be planting it earlier in 2021 to try to get more.

Quarantine Life

Well, I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, this “semi-quarantine” thing is just not working, so I’m basically treating it like a full quarantine. I still don’t go anywhere unless I can do it safely so things like grocery shopping with a mask or picking up library materials with curbside service is okay but I’m not going out to eat or anything like that. It’s harder now that it’s dark so much of the day and colder, so I’m super happy my puppy niece gets me outside more anyway. I am quite sick of people complaining that it’s not the holidays without visiting their families or whatever. Yeah, it’s not the same. But guess what? Everyone is literally in the same boat so just… suck it up buttercup. Geez, I’m so annoyed that people are trying to still gather, or have done so even though we’re clearly told not to. Not to say that my family members haven’t tried or that I’m perfect. My sister had to drop off her dog so clearly we cross contaminated when the drop off occurred but we tried to be safe about it. And then we had some family try to invite us for Thanksgiving saying they hadn’t seen anyone and we hadn’t so we’d be safe but I did put my foot down there. Also, I did get sad thinking that there would be no Christmas market downtown this year, but it’s for the best.

Look, if you’re one of the ones complaining, enough! This year and this season is tough for everyone, but at the end of the day just do the right thing. Doing the right thing for the right reasons isn’t hard, so I just don’t understand why some people I see on social media act like their precious holidays are so special that they can risk killing others during a pandemic.


Well, Thanksgiving, if you couldn’t tell from my mini rant earlier, was super chill! My mom made the Mexican sauce mole and then also a Thanksgiving feast, so she was such a champ this year for dinner! I made brownies, which weren’t the best I made, but I think it was the recipe because I picked a pretty simple one. I also made cornbread from a mix which was so good! I’ll be sure to talk about them in my baking post next month. Anyway, we just ate at home and that’s pretty much it. My puppy niece didn’t get any, unfortunately, but she did get snuggles! I played Animal Crossing New Horizons for their Turkey Day event. Oh! And I put up the Christmas tree! That’s important! I’ll also share that in a post next month for Blogmas.

And there you go! That’s my November for ya! Again, my life is not that exciting, but it’s that the goal right now for everyone?

Thanks for reading!


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