snapshots from aquila nov 2020 featured image

Snapshots from Aquila – November 2020

Hello everyone! I thought I’d share some of the photos from my Switch of my Animal Crossing New Horizons island.

snapshots from aquila nov 2020 featured image

Honestly, it seems weird sharing photos from the game on my blog, but literally there is nothing going on that’s fun in my life that I can share, so I’m just trying to get content from whatever crosses my path. Pre-pandemic I had soooo much to share about travel or musicals or literally anything else beyond what I do at home, but now we’re more limited.

Snapshots from Aquila

So Aquila is the name of my ACNH island, and I love taking photos in the game. Plus, I don’t do any other content about my island, so I figured I’d share them here on the blog! Again, there’s not much going on in my life, so here you go!

My Halloween Outfit

snapshots from aquila nov 2020 halloween

Here’s my Halloween look from the end of October! Of course, I spent most of the night in my Jack costume as this one wasn’t deemed “scary” enough to get candy from my villagers, which is why you also see me learning the haunt reaction, but this is the original one I picked! The tiara hair, pink tutu, and pink ballet pointe shoes. Actually, my sister was the one that gifted me the hair and tutu, maybe even the shoes, back when I first got the game. I also had a ton of the Halloween decor, as I went a little overboard at first planting pumpkins, so I had a ton to use up. Since it was my first “big” event since starting the game in August, I was also super excited to participate. I had a great time on Halloween!

Election Outfit

snapshots from aquila nov 2020 election

Bet you thought I was done talking about politics, didn’t you? Well I’m not! I wanted to share my election day outfit and here I am with the very patriotic Apollo, who loved my shirt. (Technically when you wear custom designs there’s a chance that a villager will comment on it, always positively, but still!) I got the shirt design when I visited the now President-Elect Joe Biden’s island and wore other blue items to match! I had Star wear it until the race was called too, so I’m sure she would have gotten comments about being stinky if the game had that option. Thank goodness it doesn’t!

Pozas de Aquila

snapshots from aquila nov 2020 pozas

So during a trip to Mexico two years ago, I went to a place called Las Grutas de Tolantongo, which featured some really gorgeous natural springs and beautiful sites in the mountains. Part of the attraction had little pools called “pozas” and they were stacked over each other so the water ran from the top of the pools down to the bottom ones. I saw someone’s dream island that had this sort of set up, which reminded me of the trip, so I wanted to recreate it on my island.

I don’t think it looks exactly like what I was picturing, so I might change it later, but overall I do like the idea! I think my main problem so far is that I want my island to be a general dark academia theme, so I would need to change it to brown but I don’t like the pools in brown! What a struggle LOL.

My Ofrenda for Dia de los Muertos

snapshots from aquila nov 2020 ofrenda

I decided I was going to also celebrate Day of the Dead on Aquila, so here’s my little ofrenda! I customized a stall to have the papel picado pattern that I downloaded online, added some fancy floral arrangements, a skull music player which played K.K. Salsa, a gothic mirror, a towel basket, and more! I think I could have done more so if I’m still playing the game by next year (which I hope so because the Switch was way too expensive to only enjoy for a few months) then I want to do a bigger ofrenda.

Bianca’s Tiny Desk

snapshots from aquila nov 2020 tiny desk

So I used to have my villagers in a neighborhood that resembled a subdivision awhile back. I did like having them all together but I wanted that area for something else and scattered the villager homes. Now, I’ve decided to put them in little clusters, so I’m rearranging them again. They don’t have yards anymore but I do try to make a little tiny area just for them around their house. For Bianca, however, she’s my favorite villager so she gets her own Tiny Desk set up!

If you don’t know, NPR (National Public Radio) has a “Tiny Desk Concert” series where they feature all types of artists. Pre-pandemic they would bring in the artists to their office for them to do the concert at the “actual” tiny desk. Now they’re virtual but I loved the idea of having Bianca have this area. She’s a peppy villager so she constantly talks about being a famous singer. I gave here a guitar, a microphone, and the aforementioned “tiny desk” (it’s a white den desk), as well as, a log sofa for her audience. I think it’s so cute!

Technically, I do have another peppy, Winnie, who also shares this dream but I didn’t want her house blocking the little trail up to Hibiscus Hills, so I couldn’t move her to the same area. Plus, I think she likes living on the beach. Also, I wanted a photo of Biana, or another villager actually playing the guitar. But Bianca was the only one nearby and, as you can see, she was much more interested in taking a little break in the background!

So there’s the five snapshots from Aquila for the month! I think I’ll do it again next month because it’ll be decorated for Christmas by then (I hope). Also, I am constantly changing my island so I’m sure I’ll have a ton more to share as time goes on.

Thanks for reading!


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