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Hello everyone! Today, I figured I’d chat a bit about the results of the 2020 Presidential Election.

To be honest I was going to share my fall empties today, but I didn’t have that many and I think I’ll save them for Blogmas because I haven’t even started to plan that (you’d think I’d know better by now than to wait on that). Plus, I went back to check what I did in 2016, and I’d done a whole blog post (A Sad Day for America) so I figured I should probably keep that trend going. So here’s my thoughts as the USA goes back to blue.

First, I stand by everything I said in my 2016 post. At the time, it was just mind numbing shock that the orange idiot had won the election. At the time, it was just so disappointing and horrifying, and honestly that feeling never really went away. On top of that was the shame of knowing that the entire world could see and judge the USA based on that idiot’s actions and words.

This year, we finally got the chance to set the country back on track. I remember going to my early voting poll place (my local city hall) back in March to go vote. It was the last time I was out in public without a mask because right after that was when the quarantine started due to the pandemic. I honestly can’t remember which Democratic candidate I voted for between Sanders and Biden, as those were the only two left in the race (I suppose I could have voted for Warren who was my #1 pick but she’d already dropped out and I figured I should pick between the two left). I remember I was quite resigned about the whole thing as I’d watched all my favorite candidates drop out of the race one by one to be left to pick between two candidates that I felt “meh” about. Of course, Biden won the nomination and although he hadn’t been one of my top picks, he was a candidate I could live with.

Up until the pandemic I wasn’t sure if the Democratic party could pull it off, to be honest. It just seemed like the party was almost there in creating a campaign that would resonate with voters, but just kept missing the mark. Plus, all I would hear on social media was people lacking excitement, especially once their preferred candidates would drop out of the race. Now, I’m not an expert on this stuff, but it seemed that the Democratic party was failing in creating a compelling campaign that would get enough people to out to vote for Biden.

Then the pandemic came around, the government completely failed at saving American lives, and things like the BLM movement really did it for them. Honestly, I don’t think the Democratic party could have won without the events of 2020 pretty much creating the campaign for them. (Sorry Dems. But honestly, step it up please.)

Even so, the election was so incredibly close. It was disappointing to see that people still wanted to support evil, but it was such a sweet, sweet relief to watch states flip blue. Or wake up in the morning to see that another one had flipped blue! But going back to the start of the actual election cycle for a bit, I wanted to talk about the actual voting for a bit.

I’m so, so grateful that voting by mail was an option this year. I think Illinois should have just sent all ballots via mail. Alas, instead they sent like three or four pieces of mail asking me to “apply” to get one by mail. So weird. But I did, along with all my family, and we got our ballots quickly. Apparently if you put your email in the application to vote by mail you would get an email when your ballet was received and approved to be counted. I didn’t do that so instead I tracked my ballot online after I sent it in to make sure it made it back and was approved. Even though I mailed it in mid-October it wasn’t approved until the Thursday or Friday before the election, but it did get approved and was counted eventually. With the pandemic going on, I preferred to mail it in, but I heard early voting was very well organized from some ladies at the virtual library book club meeting that I attended. I definitely wanted to avoid voting on Election Day, as Presidential Elections are just so busy. It was nice voting by mail though as I was able to do research on each candidate real time instead of trying to remember off the top of my head later on at the pool booths. The only downside I really had was that I was paranoid my ballot wouldn’t make it. Not due to voter suppression or anything crazy like that, just in case it accidentally got lost or something. Thankfully, it made it!

On actual Election Day, all there was left to do was wait. It’s always weird feeling like I’m not doing anything all day but eventually the polls started to close and counting started. The night was super weird as the states were colored red or blue and reporters were quick to point out that they were falling in line with how each state voted back in 2016. After a few hours I called it a night, and I remember going to bed and thinking to myself “watch the orange idiot ‘announce’ that he’s won, but Biden is going to win”. And while Biden’s victory wasn’t called until four days later, that’s pretty much what happened. I was super happy to see the race finally called on Saturday, and I’m super thankful for those results.

I did want to add that while processing the victory, there were a few quotes from one of my favorite musicals, Hamilton, going around in my head. I think the first one was mostly due to all that I said above. The line at the end of the musical, slightly modified, but we “survived but we paid for it”. Much like Burr commenting how he survived the duel with Hamilton but faced horrific backlash, I saw the victory as a moment that confirmed we made it through the Trump years but America paid for it with her reputation, integrity, and having lost the respect of the world. Later on, seeing that world leaders quickly congratulated President-Elect Biden and seeing how people around the world celebrated with us, I had the line of “WE WON” from Yorktown stuck in my head. It was just incredible to feel like we were finally back on track and seeing the world confirm that belief by echoing it back in their own celebrations was the most amazing feeling.

Of course, there’s still much more to be done. For one, the Electoral College actually needs to, well, elect Biden. Then, with the orange idiot still spewing nonsense about the election and with a few more months remaining of his only term, there’s a lot of damage that could still happen between now and Inauguration Day in January. After that, then we still have a lot of work to do in a nation that still is deeply divided. However, if anyone can bring the country together I do believe it will be Joe Biden, our President-Elect. And if anyone will be here to hold him accountable to all the promise he brings to the nation, it’ll be the people of the United States of America.

In the words of President-Elect Joe Biden himself, “[The voters] delivered us a clear victory, a convincing victory, a victory for we the people.”

So those are my thoughts, and also my recap of Election day week, now that we have our new President-Elect! I’m so thankful that we’ve chosen a brighter future and I can’t wait to see all that President-Elect Biden will accomplish for the good old USA.

Thanks for reading!


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