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My October Life

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share a bit about how my October went.

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Honestly the month was pretty boring and quiet. I know I say this all the time, but there’s honestly not a ton going on!


First up, my favorites from the month! I don’t have many favorites this month again, and I almost just took this out completely from my post because of it! However I have discovered a new found appreciation for Twitch, which I forgot to mention in my Lively post! I have been on Twitch for awhile, but barely watched anything on there. Since discovering Animal Crossing New Horizons through TikTok and my sister though, I can’t get enough ACNH content and Twitch has a ton of it! I’ve found a ton of gamers on there to follow. Also, I am now super amused by Among Us, which I also first saw on TikTok but then watched the AOC stream and greatly enjoyed it!



I mentioned the projects I did in my Lively post so I don’t mean those! But I just mean going out and seeing people – socially distant, of course! It was so nice to have in person chats, catch up with other people from my town, and just be outside. Now that it’s colder and the weather is turning, I am more appreciative that we got to do a few projects. Our last project was cancelled due to weather and then the book club switched to Zoom for the same reason! Ah well, it’s still fun!

Neighborhood Drama

Okay, so this is going to sound a little insane! Early this month, my mom and I took a walk in the middle of the day. We normally go early in the morning or late in the evening, but this time we went out after lunch. While we were walking, we got to the front of the subdivision where we live. When our subdivision was built, the housing market crashed so the houses all the way at the front never got built. Therefore, there’s a ton of open space around the first street at the front of the subdivision with no houses. We got there and realized that there were people unloading horses from a trailer. We were so confused! We figured that maybe something went wrong with the trailer or they were giving the horses a break or something but then there were a ton of cars lining up behind them. Maybe a parade? Further down we saw that the construction crews working on the main road in front of the subdivision had also parked on the empty street, so we instead decided to turn around and come back in a few minutes.

Well, we got back and it wasn’t a parade. It was a funeral?! A neighbor was out in the front of her yard filming the funeral procession laughing because the horses were pulling a carriage with the coffin. She showed us the video of the funeral people taking the coffin out of the funeral car and putting it into the carriage, right there on the street! They had to pull around onto another road with houses further into the subdivision before they could leave so the procession happened right in front of that neighbor’s home. I don’t think it was appropriate for her to laugh and film the mourners so openly but seeing as how they were in the subdivision and doing it near her house I could see why she did. We figured it was just the random weird thing where someone requested it for their funeral, the funeral home probably didn’t know how to accommodate and just picked our subdivision to transfer the coffin. Weird, but whatever.

WELL, the following week we were out after lunch again and there was another funeral! Same thing, they got the coffin out of the car and put it into the carriage. This time, we arrived just as the funeral procession was leaving so we didn’t see the horses but it was so long we had to wait a long time to finally be able to continue. Our neighbor was out in front of her home, filming again, and she said that another neighbor did approach the funeral people and told them off for being inappropriate. According to her, the funeral people only said “we’re on public property” and “we’re sorry you feel that way” instead of understanding. She also said that she was approached and the funeral people said “we’re sorry if we offended you” to which she replied “you didn’t offend me, but it is very inappropriate for you to keep doing this here”. I haven’t been out too much more and I haven’t seen the neighbor so I don’t know if it’s kept happening but I hope not! I can understand if it was someone who lived here, or a one time thing, but twice? I agree the street is technically public property but it’s a subdivision! We live here for privacy, peace, and quiet, so it does come across as inappropriate. Again, I don’t know if they did stop or not but I hope so. Ultimately it doesn’t really affect me so I’m not about to complain to the funeral home, but they need to find a better place to do their thing.

A different neighbor was being an asshole earlier this month when he decided to put a giant Trump flag on his truck. I think he got enough complaints to the HOA because he quickly took the flags down (political signs aren’t allowed per the rules I believe) but still it was so inappropriate too! Thankfully that was resolved. I remember he was the same one that put a Trump sign on his lawn last election and it was destroyed soon after. He tried to put it back up after he taped it back together but it just kept falling apart. Apparently he didn’t get the hit even then.

Another bit of drama that the neighbor shared, apparently there’s a sketchy car that parks on the empty street for hours and just sits there. She thinks it’s engaging in illegal activity because other cars will come, stop by the car, and then quickly leave. I think I’ve seen the car she’s talking about and they cover their plates with paper so I think she’s probably right, but she said the police won’t do anything because she only “suspects” illegal activity and doesn’t know for sure??? Isn’t that the police’s job to investigate it though????? Honestly I’m starting to get a bad vibe here I think! Things went much better when I knew nothing about my neighbors and they knew nothing about me LOL. Ignorance sure is bliss! Anyway, should I call the police’s non-emergency line next time I see the weird car? Maybe if more people call it in they’ll have to go and check it out or at least scare them away? Any guidance on this creepy situation would be helpful!

Ex-Work Drama

So if you don’t know, I was furloughed back in April, officially given notice that I wasn’t being brought back to work in August, and my termination date was this month. I’m currently job hunting and I’m 100% okay with this because it was a really toxic workplace anyway. So I worked at a live events management company, and with the pandemic the live events industry has been completely ruined. The company furloughed everyone over the course of April through August and did a terrible job at communicating things such as how to get your belongings out of their offices, if we had to send anything back, etc. This month I got a random box from them, so I assumed it was whatever they thought I might want from my desk, since they didn’t know I had a friend who was furloughed after me get my stuff. I opened it up and it was full of…. boxes??? Yup, they sent me a box of boxes, a bit of bubble wrap, and a roll of packing tape. They wanted ME to send THEM things! Things like laptops or monitors and other stuff they NEVER gave me because my manager said I didn’t need them. So I emailed in and told them I didn’t have anything just so there was a written record of this, as my manager had been quite shady and I could totally see him getting a laptop, saying it was for me, and then keeping it or something.

Apparently they never bother to check their inventory lists to see who did have stuff, who didn’t, and who sent it back so EVERYONE got a box like this from the April group (subsequent groups will get it later). Oh, and the instructions in the box were super vague, just said “here’s boxes to pack up your stuff, we’re sending UPS to get them from you either the same day or the next from when you receive it”. Poor UPS guy was so confused when I apologized and said I didn’t have anything to give him and I thought it was a mistake that they sent the box to me. Ultimately he just shrugged and cancelled the shipment saying he was just the middleman so he didn’t have any more information than I did. Also, he was cute! (Not relevant I know, but important information nevertheless.)

The company did eventually email me back and said it was okay if I didn’t have anything to send back but did say they’d appreciate it if I mailed back my key card to get into the office (I’d said the only thing I still had was my key card to get in). I’m sure it’s deactivated but they probably would like to turn it back into the office building. They didn’t seem to really care if they got it back though. Oh, and the lady in HR who emailed me did say she noticed my Elmhurst email (I used my old school email) and she said she was an alum too! We apparently lived in the same dorm as she told me she’d lived there and listed a few classic Chicago restaurants she missed. Honestly the only reason I’m going out of my way to mail it back is because she’s an alum otherwise I really wouldn’t bother.


The last important thing I did was vote! I mailed in my ballot early this month and have been tracking it through my county’s website. It’s currently being reviewed by the election judge and I am worried because I smudged my signature when I signed the envelope. Hopefully it’s still accepted and counted otherwise I’ll head to the polls to vote in person! Election day in the US is November 3rd! Remember to vote if you’re an eligible US voter! Information on voting can be found at, so you can make a plan to vote. In case you couldn’t tell, I voted for Biden! I’m not a huge fan of the guy, I have to admit, but anyone is better than the orange idiot, so hopefully you agree. Even if you don’t, you should vote if you’re an eligible voter as there are other important elections on the ballot other than the Presidential race. For example, Illinois has a proposition that could affect taxation if passed. I highly recommend you go online to your local government’s website (the county website will have the best information) to find your ballot online and start Googling if you aren’t informed on whatever elections are on there yet. It’s super easy nowadays to find information online, even in my tiny little county in Illinois! Happy voting!

So there we go! Again, my month has been very quiet and quite boring honestly. I really wouldn’t have included drama normally in these posts but it’s just so boring otherwise! Hopefully you did enjoy those stories though.

Thanks for reading!


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    • I’m so tempted to join my parent’s HOA FB page so I can see the drama hahaha! Literally I’ve lived here on and off for over 10 years now (almost 15 I think, and moved out for college and such) and I’ve NEVER encountered such wild occurrences! Speaking of, a former coworker of mine once told me she joined Nextdoor under a fake name so that she could stay up to date but comment without anyone knowing it was her. She would literally just reply to all the crazy posts with “sounds suspicious” and sit back and see how everyone lost their minds. She was truly a chaotic woman hahahaha.

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