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My September Bakes – Some New and Old Favorites

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d share what I baked last month!

my september bakes featured image

I had a ton of fun trying new recipes as well as making an old favorite multiple times. I also got to share some treats with my friends, which was amazing as I haven’t been able to do that in ages! I used to bake so sporadically, usually just for Christmas and then share it with my old coworkers. I started to bake much more often in the quarantine once the pandemic hit and haven’t stopped, but I was furloughed from my former job so I had no one to share the goodies with! Now that stuff has opened up a bit more and I’m able to see friends from time to time (socially distant) then I took advantage to share treats with them! Here’s what I made.

M&M Cookies

About the recipe

These are an old favorite of mine! I got the recipe from a site called Kleinworth & Co but found it through Pinterest (so it’s pinned in my “Yummy” board – link to my Pinterest in my signature).

I first made these back in June I think, during the first Camp Cuddles (or maybe even before? I’ve baked so much I can’t quite recall anymore) and sent some home with my sister. Then at the second Camp Cuddles her roomie requested more and so I made a post on Instagram about how they were the “most requested” (they were the ONLY request but you know, gotta be dramatic on insta). I had two friends in the area also request them after that so I made another batch early in the month and took a bunch to my librarian friend during our “crafts on the lawn” activity (technically we can’t take treats to share but as we’re buddies and I had already promised them to her I gave them to her after the activity was over). Then my other friend in the latter half of the month invited me out to help her design her closet so off I went and brought a bag of cookies. I didn’t give her too many as her boyfriend has dietary restrictions but he did find a small one and ate it anyway! So far, everyone seems to really like them!

The results

my september bakes m&m cookies

Here they are! I’ve made these with milk chocolate m&m’s and chips, as that’s what I had on hand this month. However, I have made them in the past with dark chocolate and it’s really good with that too! I love making these although my mom always complains about how it’s “too much chocolate” and I should reduce the amount of m&m’s and chips by at least half. She complains about everything though so I make it the regular way anyway and no one else has said anything!

Biscoff Cookie Butter Cheesecake

About the recipe

I had a jar of cookie butter for awhile now, because I bought it for another recipe that I ended up not making. I think this is a very British baking item because the reason I didn’t make the original recipe was because it measured by weight instead of volume. Apparently that’s the better way to bake but I just don’t have the equipment to bake that way, so I made something else. But I wanted to use the cookie butter so I searched until I found a recipe I could make. I think it still wanted one item to be measured by weight but I did a rough conversion based on a Google search and went ahead anyway. I found this cheesecake recipe on a site called Rose Bakes, that I came across on Pinterest as well.

I did like the recipe but I don’t think it was nearly enough of the swirl on the top and also I made the mistake of not letting my cream cheese get down to room temperature which I do think made it a bit more difficult to get it to all come together. That cream cheese thing was entirely on me though! Also, I will say that the cookies needed to make the crust were a tad on the expensive side but it was so good I’d say it’s worth it!

The results

my september bakes biscoff cookie butter cheesecake

Here it is! Well, this is just one slice of it. I think it turned out really well! I really liked the taste and it was a hit at home (aside from the usual complaints from my mom). I would love to make more cheesecakes but it does take a ton of cream cheese. Also, I do think if I make more cheesecakes that I will buy the crust. It’s not hard to make but I don’t have a food processesor so it’s just a little more of hassle to try to use a regular blender for this stuff. It’s not impossible but I worry I’ll break it or something!

Krusteaz Oat Bites

About the recipe

Okay, so this isn’t technically a bake, as it’s a “no bake” mix, but I was sent this free for review purposes by Influenster so I figured I’d include it. These mixes are really easy to make as the box gives a recipe but every ingredient has alternatives in case you have specific dietary restrictions or preferences. I really appreciated that a ton as I didn’t have honey on hand, but I did use maple syrup as that was a suggested alternative on the box. I was sent the chocolate chip mix and the cinnamon mix as well!

The results

Here they are! I wouldn’t say they’re the most popular as they are on the “healthier” side of snacks but they were well received. I do notice that if it’s something that has to be refrigerated like these, they tend to get forgotten in the fridge because it’s not in the cookie jar on the kitchen island. Even so, I do like how they taste and do like the idea as on-the-go snacks! I just don’t happen to go anywhere right now so that kinda defeats the purpose hahaha!

Apple Cinnamon Scones

About the recipe

The short version is that I found this recipe on the “Bakerita” Instagram page. The long version is that I came across the cookbook under the name name, didn’t buy the cookbook, and then stalked their insta and website until I found a recipe I wanted to try haha! The cookbook just looked so good! This brand focuses on healthy baking so it was perfect for me as I’ve really come to enjoy trying to find healthier recipes.

The recipe was super easy! The hardest part was finding either arrowroot or tapioca flour as I didn’t have either one in my pantry. The recipe said any apple could be used but recommended honeycrisp apples, which are super easy to find this time of year in grocery stores for me. I ended up using tapioca instead of arrowroot flour because although the recipe said arrowroot tastes better, it was so much more expensive! This hobby can be pretty expensive at times, especially when trying to use healthier ingredients.

The results

Here they are! I do think I need to make scones smaller as they just send up so big! I did remember wanting to do that last time I made scones but I was trying to hurry so I just did the one circle to cut them. Next time I do want to split the dough in half, make two circles, and cut from there. We end up taking only half a scone anyway at a time, so it makes more sense. I do really like how they taste though and I’d love to make them again!

So those are my bakes for the month! There’s not too much for September and October isn’t shaping up to be a big baking month for me either, so we’ll see how that turns out in the end. I did really like these items though and fall is the perfect baking season, so maybe I’ll pick it up after all for the next baking post!

Thanks for reading!


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