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My September Life

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share a few fun things I’ve been up to this month!

my september life featured image

I’ll also share some favorites as well! There’s not a ton of either so this post will be quite short.


I’d be lying if I didn’t put down my Switch again because I literally cannot put it down in real life. I’m still super obsessed! Should I probably be worried about my obsession soon? Yes, for sure. But overall, I’m still thrilled to have it and it’s super fun! Plus the Halloween update is coming out soon, and I cannot wait for that!

I posted my lively post before I started watching The Great British Baking Show again, this time I’m on Netflix’s season 6 which is the show’s season 9 (not all of them are on Netflix in the US apparently!) so I’ve been enjoying that! I know season 11 is starting to air now, so I think I should probably watch that new episode soon and then go back to season 6 or 9 depending which one you prefer to use. Season 11 is airing one episode weekly, so that should be fun!

I know my favorites are so random now! But I literally don’t use makeup anymore since I have no where to go, so I don’t really have beauty products to share anymore. I also really don’t have many new items ever to share so it’s hard to pick something to share from stuff I already have too as I’ve already shared them!


camp cuddles 2.0 recap Arya

As I mentioned, I started the month with Camp Cuddles 2.0! My puppy niece stayed with me for a bit and I loved every minute of it. I miss her so much, because she’s the sweetest little baby dog in the world. We had so much fun going for long walkies, cuddling, playing, napping, and eventually we also had a morning at the beach! I think she had a good time, thank goodness!

my lively september DIY masking tape painting

One big thing that I’ve been able to do this month is go back to the library! We were able to do crafts on the lawn as well as book club on the lawn. We can’t spend time inside the library as they don’t have a big enough room that isn’t in use as a computer lab (they had to space them out to use safely) and the room we used to use pre-covid doubles as an office for two librarians in addition to being tiny (we used to sit right next to each other!). So clearly that wasn’t going to be an option to go inside and I’m glad we were able to at least be outside and still socialize.

As for my job hunt, so far it’s going! I am trying to really vet positions throughly to make sure I’m not wasting my time but it really limits how many I can apply to. It’s so stressful trying to balance getting applications submitted while also making sure I’m not applying to shady companies or positions that are not appropriate for my experience and education level. However, I’m also so, so bored now with nothing to really do! I did see that some companies are hiring customer service remotely so worst comes to worst, I could maybe do that? I do have some awesome customer service skills, even if I really don’t like it! But hey, gotta just get back to it right?

So that’s my September life! Not much to report honestly, which is quite sad but it is what it is. Hopefully I can make it more interesting for next month though!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Aww your puppy niece is SOOO darn cuteee!! I wanna snugg ❤ ❤ I'm totally with you on the whole job search sega too. I think originally I was applying to everything and anything that looked remotely good but now I'm realizing that's not ideal. I'm now really looking at potential opportunities that are in more alignment to what I want and my skillset and pay level too esp to not waste anyones time (especially my own, lol). I'm not sure if you're experiencing the same thing as me, but my department is facilities management (aka all things that have to do with being on-site in an office) so I'm definitely having a difficult time since more places aren't going back into an office anytime soon. Butttt nevertheless, I'm still hopeful and bright eyed that the right opportunity will come just as it will for you too ❤ ❤

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    • Puppy niece cuddles are the best cuddles!!! And yes, I did the same thing about applying to everything but it’s a fast way to get burnt out, then you get so many calls and waste time trying to weed out the ones not worth your time later on. Something one of my professors in grad school told me was to prioritize what I want (i.e. vacation time vs. higher pay) and then don’t compromise on that list. So that helps me know what to research and if something doesn’t meet the criteria I move on right away. And omg yes, I was in live events management (specifically the travel portion of events) and no one is planning any conventions or music festivals or anything like that so my industry is dead right now. But you’re totally right, the current stuff just isn’t meant to be and the right opportunity will come when it’s meant to for both of us!

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