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My Fall OOTDs

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d share my some of my go-to OOTDs for this fall!

my fall ootds featured image

Even though I’m mostly home, I’ve tried to make it a habit not to just wear pjs or leggings and a tshirt every day. Even so, I do have a few go-to’s for everything but these are some of my favorites.

Outfit 1: A Dress for a Nice Day

my fall ootds nice day dress

So, we still get some nice days in the fall in the Chicagoland area. Early September is still very warm, but by mid-to-late September, it’s a lot cooler with a few warm days. It makes it difficult to dress for sure, but I have a fall dress for when needed! I’ve had this dress for awhile but haven’t really worn it until this year. I can’t remember where I got it from but I want to say I thrifted it. I could be totally wrong but I’m pretty sure I did! I picked this hunter green dress. I love it because it has pockets! I couldn’t get my camera far back enough for shoes but I would likely pair this with some casual, neutral flats.

Outfit 2: Hanging Out At Home… Or Apple Picking!

my fall ootds hanging out at home

As I said, I’m mostly at home so I like to come up with comfy outfits to hang out in. I love this pink Victoria’s Secret sweater with some olive green leggings. I think the leggings are from the Target kid’s section if I remember correctly! Well, they’re more like jeggings honestly. But they’re supper comfy and the sweater is pretty warm too, perfect for the chilly autumn air! Now, I did add a backpack, which came in one of my past FabFitFun boxes back when I had a subscription, because I figured if I wanted to do any traditional fall activities, such as apple picking, this would be perfect for that! I’d likely pair this with brown booties for such a thing. Oh! I do have a few DIY activities at the public library again, as we’re having them out on the library lawn before it gets cold to be able to be socially distant (the room we used before was quite small, so we wouldn’t be able to be six feet apart for more than maybe three people, including the librarian). I would also wear this for that activity too!

Outfit 3: Shopping Day

my fall ootds shopping day

Now, shopping days are few and far between but I do still occasionally go out early in the day to a few stores like Target to grab groceries and then a few other random bits that I need. I also love making a quick stop at TJ Maxx or Homegoods as well. I can’t quite remember where I got the burgundy top, but I think it was something like Banana Republic maybe. I paired it with the floral printed pants from Loft, and then added my beloved Kate Spade handbag.

Outfit 4: Virtual Ballet

Full disclosure, there was supposed to be five outfits in this post but I hated how the fourth one looked in the photos I took so I skipped that one and here’s the final outfit! This is an outfit that I wore this past week for my virtual ballet class. I actually kind of regretted the outfit because I was sweating sooooo much in my sweater. Whoops! But I picked this pink to purple ombre hoodie that I found in TJ Maxx this past summer, and paired it with some black workout leggings. I love how it looks together but lesson learned for next class that I should not wear a hoodie for class!

So those are some of my favorite outfits I’ve been wearing this fall. Let me know which is your favorite!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. That dress is SO cute, looks comfy as heck and um pockets?! HECK YESS!!! The floral printed pants is totally up my ally, are they palazzo pants? And girrrrl, I spotted that Kate Spade bag before I even read that it was one, I LOVE ITTT that color is so pretty!! Great choices ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha I don’t buy any dresses without pockets now! I can’t go back to a pocketless life! Well, my graduation dress last year didn’t have pockets and I regretted it but that was a special occasion. And my Kate Spade bag is literally my favorite bag EVER. My mom picked out a good one for me! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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