a little bit of fall decor featured image

A Little Bit of Fall Decor

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a few pieces of fall decor that I decorated with recently!

a little bit of fall decor featured image

I actually went to a few shops recently to try to find some more fall decor as I really don’t have a lot, but I also don’t have a ton of room to display decor, or even to store it after. So I ended up not getting anything new and instead looking at everything I put away last year to reuse! So here’s a few things that aren’t new to me, or to the blog, but I thought I’d share anyway!

A Little Bit of Fall Decor

a little bit of fall decor

Out of the seven items, five were made by me! Starting with the two store bought items though, I have a string of copper lights that is operated by batteries. I find it hard to use these to decorate with because the string is quite short with heavy lights, so it tends to roll off of shelves and such. I should just use tape when I try to put it up, but I only have masking tape which isn’t really cute for decor purposes!

I also have a candle in that white and gold cup thing that says “wanderlust”. I used it in my post about styling shelves but I added a DIY string pumpkin to the top (made by me) and I think they look so adorable displayed together!

Another DIY item is the old book pages with scrapbook patterned paper fall shapes glued on. I need to find some string to turn them back into a banner, which I think I’ll try to tie onto the string of lights from earlier. I think they’d look so good together too!

I have a alcohol ink painted glass DIY in a picture frame that I thought worked with the theme as it’s red and gold. I actually think it looks cuter as a sort of tray, but I worry it’d get scratched as the ink is on the outside of the glass so instead I put it on the top of my bookshelf so it’ll add a pop of color there.

I found a DIY wine cork pumpkin that I made last year! I still love it and think it’s adorable! I put it on my desk to add some fall decor there and it does really change the feel of it.

Lastly, is my favorite DIY, an autumnal wreath! I still love the ombre of the leaves and the little bow with tiny acorns and cranberry branches. I love how it turned out when I made it and I still love it now. I have it on the door to my home office, where most of my fall decor ended up!

So that’s my fall decor items! Again, nothing is new, and I actually made most of it but I like that there isn’t a ton to put out, especially since I’ll have a ton for Christmas when that time comes. For now, it’s nice to change up a few things around me as it has been six months of staying home!

Thanks for reading!


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