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My August Bakes

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share the baking adventures I had in August!

my august bakes featured image

I’ve accidentally started baking mostly paleo friendly recipes. Not all of them are paleo and sometimes I substitute stuff that likely doesn’t fit that category, but the recipes that I found while looking for healthier stuff to bake just happened to be paleo! I’m not 100% sure what paleo is exactly but from the five minutes of research I did last month I believe it’s a diet that focuses on eating unprocessed foods, which I can be a fan of.

I mostly fell into looking for paleo recipes because I was looking for recipes that didn’t involve flour or a ton of sugar. Since paleo doesn’t use regular flour (common substitutes seem to be almond flour, oat flour, and coconut flour), I just started automatically looking for paleo recipes! It makes the search much easier although it is more expensive. Not just the start up costs either. For example, when I started baking regularly I had high costs because I had to buy pretty much everything, but once I had a giant bag of sugar and flour, I didn’t have to purchase them again for quite awhile. With healthier baking, that’s not quite the case. Almond flour is a lot more expensive for a lot less than a big bag of regular flour, so I not only have to pay more for it but also buy it more often. Almond butter is the same in terms of price as it’s more expensive than regular peanut butter. So I try to make “regular” stuff too, even though I much prefer using the healthier items.

Even so, I’m not going to only make paleo recipes so I’ll be sure to state which ones are paleo in this post and all others.

Oh, one more thing, I usually find my recipes on Pinterest, so I have the pin saved under my “Yummy!” board’s subsection “Tried It”. I’ll state the actual website the recipe is from though for each bake so you can find it without Pinterest if you want but otherwise it should be pinned in that board!

Almond Butter Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

About the recipe

I was looking for healthy cookie recipes and found this paleo bake! This one is from a site called “Paleo Running Momma”. The recipe page had way too much of a story that had nothing to do with the actual recipe at the start (why do all baking sites do this????) and a horrid amount of popups (again, WHY????) but this is nothing new as it seems this is common for baking pages. However, the recipe, once I finally was able to get to it, was super easy to follow and very straight forward.

I will admit, I had to add peanut butter into the chocolate filling mixture because I ran out of almond butter. I also don’t recall if the coconut oil and coconut sugar are organic or not so that might be different from the recipe too.

The results

my august bakes almond butter chocolate sandwich cookies

I loved these! I do think I made them much too big so I will definitely make them a lot smaller if I make them again. However these were super easy to make. I do think I made the cookies too thick too, probably because I used too much dough for each cookie. I also didn’t do the little design on them like the recipe pictures had, but they looked so good without it anyway in my opinion so I think I’ll forget the design next time too. They were a bit hit in the house though, as they were all eaten within two days!

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

About the recipe

I found this recipe on the site “Ambitious Kitchen”, which has accidentally become one of my favorite places to find recipes. These cookies were labelled as gluten free, which was great!

This recipe was super easy to follow and since the ingredients were so easy, I didn’t have to substitute anything!

The results

my august bakes peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Here they are! They were sooooo good! I panicked at first, thinking I hadn’t baked them enough as they were super chewy but I read the recipe again and they are supposed to be chewy, so crisis averted. My mom and dad did NOT appreciate the flakey sea salt sprinkled on the top, so if I make these again I would probably leave that out, but I actually really liked it.

Alfajores Cookies

About the recipe

My sister encountered Alfajores in Argentina, where she studied abroad. I found this recipe from a site called “Pretty Simple Sweet”.

The recipe was easy to follow along but really poorly put together. The dough was super dry and didn’t hold together at all so I read the comments section to figure out what I did wrong. Turns out, I didn’t do anything wrong! The author suggested to everyone else having the same problem to add milk (I used oat milk) to it until it’s made into dough and said that it must be an error on our parts but it seemed everyone commenting had the same issue. Anyway, I think it’s just a sloppy way to write a recipe and the author should have added in the milk part into the actual recipe because I don’t see how it can be done without it.

Also, the recipe does assume you’re not making your own dulce the leche, which it assumed correctly! I did buy it as I didn’t feel like making my own in case it went horribly wrong.

The results

my august bakes alfajores

The cookies turned out really good! I gave nearly all of them to my sister when she dropped off her dog for Camp Cuddles 2.0 so I only had one but I really enjoyed the one I had. My parents were so sad that I didn’t keep more of them because they also said they were really good. Also, there was the option to add shredded coconut to the sides but my sister doesn’t really like coconut so I didn’t add it. Good thing too as one of the roommates is actually allergic so if I had, it probably would have contaminated all the cookies and he wouldn’t have been able to have any at all.

Almond Flour Shortbread Cookies

About the recipe

I didn’t have great luck with shortbread cookies last time but I got some almond flour and figured I’d try these out! I found the recipe through a site called “Power Hungry”.

These cookies are paleo (see, it keeps following me!), gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, and keto. I think these healthy recipes go for the “all or nothing” approach. I had a similar problem with these though as I did to the alfajores, where the dough was pretty dry. Not as dry as the last recipe, but still very dry nonetheless. I should have added milk to them and will try to do that if I make them again.

The results

my august bakes almond flour shortbread cookies

Here they are! I didn’t think they looked good so I almost didn’t take a photo of them but my dad loved them so much he ate almost all of them in one day! (I rushed to get the photo above before they were all gone.) I think they would have spread out more if I had added milk so I won’t add too much next time but I do think they need it!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

About the recipe

I wanted to have some chocolate muffins and found this healthy recipe for them on a site called “RachlMansfield”. It is gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free.

The recipe was easy to follow along and well -written. It did have a ton of ads, annoyingly, but that’s pretty common for these baking sites.

The results

my august bakes chocolate peanut butter banana muffins

They were really good! Pretty dry too though, but I don’t know if that’s my fault or the recipe’s. I unfortunately ran out of peanut butter when I made these so I couldn’t add the PB drizzle to the top for the fun design like the photos on the baking site did but it would have looked cool if I had.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

About the recipe

I found this recipe on a site called “Just So Tasty”. I didn’t want to make the exact same cookies as before, especially since I’d made the super chocolatey muffins before this bake, so I looked for one without the chocolate chips. The recipe was super easy to follow. I only had old fashioned oats on hand, so I used those instead of the combo with quick oats, which the recipe said was fine to do. It did say by doing this they wouldn’t be as chewy but they were still really chewy anyway!

The results

my august bakes peanut butter oatmeal cookies

These were a hit! My parents really enjoyed these, which was a relief because my mom has been increasing vocal about being anti-oats all of a sudden (not really, but still). They were really tasty honestly and if you want a good peanut butter oats cookie without the chocolate, this a great one to try!

Peanut Butter and Banana Frozen Dog Treats

About the recipe

I wanted to make more treats for my little puppy niece for Camp Cuddles 2.0! Since it was so hot I opted for frozen treats from a recipe on the site “Three Little Ferns”. It was super easy and just needed three ingredients, then needed time to freeze.

The results

my august bakes peanut butter banana frozen dog treats

Here they are! They’re not super cute or anything but that’s fine haha. My puppy niece didn’t seem to like them too much though, which is much too bad as now I don’t know what to do with them! Of course, I think it’s mostly because it’s frozen and she doesn’t like how cold it is. Boo!

Almond Flour Banana Bread

About the recipe

After making the treats for my puppy niece, I still had bananas left! So I made banana bread of course! I found this recipe from “Ambitious Kitchen”, which I get a lot of recipes from. It was super easy to follow along and easy to make too!

The results

my august bakes almond flour banana bread

Here it is! It was really good! I did have to add half a cup of regular flour because I ran out of almond flour while making it but it’s fine. I also didn’t have enough chocolate chips for the topping part, but that’s also okay because my parent’s aren’t huge chocolate fans.

So that’s everything that I baked in August! This is still such a fun little hobby for me that I’m really enjoying! I still want to try different recipes each time and I don’t think I’ve made the same thing twice still, unless it was an accident. I can’t wait to share my bakes for September next month!

Thanks for reading!


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