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My August Life

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to recap my life this past August!

As per usual, it was a quiet month. While restaurants and stores are open now, I don’t frequent them much. Museums are open but I don’t feel like taking the train into the city. And things like fitness centers and libraries still aren’t fully open which is where I’d go for ballet or DIY nights so there’s not much for me to do! It’s okay though because I still made it a fun month.


I would say my top favorite is my new Nintendo Switch console! I finally gave in after months of fighting the urge and bought myself a Switch. Mostly because my sister and TikTok made Animal Crossing: New Horizons look like so much fun! And guess what? It is! I want to get a little further in the game before doing a review on it, but I do plan to do one on that game and for Pokemon Shield as well on the Switch. I finished the “story” part of ACNH and got the credits already so I guess I could to a little review. Anyone want an island tour? Anyone know how I could record an island tour??? Please help hahaha!

Another favorite is the very popular Zoom app. I regularly use Zoom now to chat with my sister on Thursdays (we call it Sister Zoom of course), and we have so much fun catching up and then visiting each other’s islands on Animal Crossing. She’s been playing since the quarantine though so her island is sooooo much cooler than mine and we like to go shopping on hers as she has the big stores and mine are tiny. Also, she has really cool villagers, so I love going over to chat with them.

Can I make Portillo’s a favorite? I’m going to do it! Portillo’s is a restaurant chain that’s pretty famous in the Chicagoland area (with a few locations in California and Arizona I believe). I know I just said I don’t go to restaurants but I do get Portillo’s to go often. So, if you don’t know, I work on weekends with my dad’s landscape company and I’ll go pick up our lunch. Normally, we get Portillo’s. My go-to is their Italian Beef Sandwich with Hot Peppers!


Puppy Sitting! (The Return of Camp Cuddles!)

Remember Camp Cuddles, the “camp” I held earlier this summer? In reality, it’s just me puppy sitting for my sister but I had to make an entire theme! Well, my sister knew how much I missed her dog and as she had an apartment move coming up, she asked if I could take her dog again for a bit. Of course, I said yes!

This time she’s visiting for a month. She’s been here two weeks already and I love having her. She hates it when I’m on my laptop typing because it wakes her up from her millionth nap of the day, so I’m trying to hurry here! Although she’s used to the city dog lifestyle, she loves the suburbs too because she has more room to run around, and sometimes she convinces her poor Aunt Pammy to run with her. She’s a very sweet, but somewhat stubborn little angel and I love her so much! I’ve offered to keep her longer, and potentially “forever” but my sister just laughs and says no! Haha, my sister and the dog do love each other so much so I would never actually try to keep her forever but that’d be nice if I could because the dog is so, so sweet. (Also, she’s another favorite!)

Furloughed/Terminated Life

I think I mentioned this already but in case I haven’t, I’ve officially received notice of my termination from work. I was furloughed back in March, with an expected return date of August. August came and all I’d been hearing from my buddies still working was that there were constant furloughs every pay period as well as an ever increasing number of clients canceling their events/contracts through 2021. The company I worked for was a travel/events company, with my position focusing on hotel block management for these big conferences/events. Clearly, those aren’t safe to attend, hence why they were canceled. Thus, I knew to expect to be terminated soon and pretty much everyone was. The entire Chicago office was let go save for a few Project Managers (some I hear are now part-time) and maybe 2-3 other people. All of my friends and the entire team I worked with are unemployed, which sucks of course. But we’re all staying positive and keeping each other’s morales up. (Although I did hear of one person who expected to be “saved” because she’d been with the company for “so long” and another who was supposed to close on a house with her boyfriend the week after we were terminated so not sure what they were thinking!)

It’s crazy that this chapter of my life is now well and truly over. It was a wild couple of years involving balancing work and school, traveling across the country for work a few times a year, and meeting some really fun people! But it was past time to move on anyway, so I’m really excited for whatever comes next.

So that was my August! Let me know what you guys have been up to as I’m super curious!

Thanks for reading!


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