my 2020 garden tour update featured image

My 2020 Garden Update

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share a little garden update with you!

my 2020 garden tour update featured image

I shared my garden tour back in June in a little video, so this update is a video too! It’s super short, only a few minutes long though.

My 2020 Garden Update

My initial plans were to share a video of the garden and a harvest from the garden but that didn’t work out nearly as well as I thought it would! For one, we have tiny harvests, so we eat anything we harvest almost right away.

Another reason is that we never really had one big harvest at all. It was a little of this and a little of that but never really anything all together! I guess that’s one of the more unrealistic expectations I had since I’m new to gardening, as I really was expecting stuff to be ready to harvest around the same time but that never happened!

Ah well, it was still a really fun hobby to partake in this summer.

Here’s some of the updates in the video (in case you don’t want to watch it):

  • Tomatoes are doing great! As is tomatillos, basil, one of the peach trees, and peppers.
  • Cucumbers and lettuce are pretty much done for the season but we got a lot from them!
  • Lots of “failed” experiments such as carrots.

I think I’ll do a post updating all I’ve learned and what I want to do in my 2021 garden later this year after the season is truly over and done. Maybe in a video format? What do you guys think?

Also, sorry the video is so shaky and short. I put in the description but I’ll put it here too. I have my puppy niece over who was quite excited to be outside so she’d accidentally pull on her leash and move my hand or I’d look over to make sure she was okay and move too, hence why it’s shaky. Another thing is that it was midday and I didn’t want her out in the heat too long, so I kept is super short in addition to having low battery. Those are all my fault honestly!

And those are my garden updates for this year! What do you guys think of how my gardening adventures went? I do share occasional garden updates on my Instagram so if you follow me there too, you’ll see a lot of those.

Thanks for reading!


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