my 2020 bullet journal part 2 featured image

My 2020 Bullet Journal Part 2

Hello everyone! Today, I thought it’d be a good time to share the next portion of my bullet journal!

my 2020 bullet journal part 2 featured image

I did a part 1 where I covered most of the start of the bullet journal as well as months January to most of March. Disclaimer, it’s not a super cute bujo like you’ll usually see because I don’t really have any artistic skills. Even so, it’s super fun for me no matter how bad it looks!

My 2020 Bullet Journal Part 2

Since I did a more in depth video for part 1 introducing the journal, I just included a few updated pages in the start of the journal that you’ll see. For example, the books log was expanded at the start of the book. Then I also included the end of March, as I hadn’t finished it when I initially recorded that video. After that I went over the months of April, May, and June!

So that’s part 2! I hope you enjoyed the second part of my bujo.

I’m aiming to have part 3 up in October I think. I’ll do about the same thing I did this time where I show any updates at the start of the journal and then the next three months which will be July, August, and September. I’ve also started on a few pages at the end of the journal so I’ll probably share those then as well!

Let me know which theme is your favorite so far from my journal! Also, any future theme suggestions?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Oh my goodness, I love how creative you get with journaling!! It’s actually quite inspiring how creative you can get with it. I do love to journal so maybe I’ll try to incorporate these new techniques!!! Thanks for sharing/showing ❤

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