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Meet My Calathea!

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to introduce my new pinstripe Calathea plant, Glinda!

I figured after doing a post for Frida, the Fiddle Leaf Fig, that Glinda the Calathea would need an intro post too.

Also, I totally meant to get this up yesterday but with my puppy niece having to stay a few extra days for puppy sitting, I just didn’t have a moment to write it up! I mean, I could have probably done so if I really wanted to but honestly I wanted to spend more time cuddling her before she left.

My Calathea Plant

So I’d been intending to get a vine, but couldn’t really find one I liked. I wandered around, not intending to get anything else, but this plant caught my eye and I couldn’t leave her behind! I loved the dark green leaves and the pink stripes, so I read the care instructions on the plant to see if it was an “easier” plant and looked up a quick article about it. I decided I did want to get the plant!

I wasn’t able to find a pot I liked at the store, and I’ve been looking around at other stores but nothing yet! I hope I can find one soon though, since I do think it needs to be repotted soon.

meet my calathea glinda

Ta-da! Here’s Glinda! I named her because of her pink stripes, which were just beautiful!

Now, something I didn’t do with my fiddle leaf fig post was talk about what I learned about the care for the plant. So far, I’ve learned that the plant needs a lot of indirect light and likes moist soil. I’ve also heard that they’re not super delicate but not a super easy plant either. I’m excited to hopefully have good results with this plant.

So that’s my Calathea! For anyone wondering, Frida is doing pretty well! I’m learning how much water she needs and how often, same as Glinda, but both are doing well so far! Please leave me any care tips for either plant in the comments if you want.

Thanks for reading!


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