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My June Life

Hello everyone! Today, I am going to share all the fun adventures in my life during June.

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It has been a great month, even if I am mostly at home! Also, you might recall I split up my Lively post from this one, so this one is also going to have my favorites in addition to my life stuff. However, I didn’t think there were enough favorites to justify a whole other post, so this one will still be both!

So here’s what I’ve been up to!


Beauty – Make Up & Skin Care

I do have a beauty favorite this month! I was playing around with my eyeshadows and was really impressed by the Morphe Eyeshadow Palette 9C Jewel Crew. The colors were just so pigmented and strong! I loved the colors “Rock Out” and “Stone Fox” which I hadn’t used before. They’re more red than I would normally use but I loved how they looked.

Food & Drink

I also have a drink favorite! I found cartons of chai tea latte mix in Target from their brand. It’s the Simply Balanced Classic Chai Tea Latte Concentrate. You pretty much just make add milk to it and you have a chai latte! I really like it and have also bought the light version, but the light version just doesn’t have the same taste so I recommend the classic instead.


I know I mentioned it in my Lively post, but The Last of Us Part II is amazing. I’ve played about 24 hours of it now, so I think I’m somewhere around halfway through the story as I’ve seen articles which say the game is typically around 40 hours. I tend to do quite a bit of exploring though so I might need a little more than 40 to finish! I don’t want to spoil anything but I’ll say that I really love Ellie’s parts and I get really annoyed when I’m forced to play Abby as she just annoys me, but I do like that the game developers chose to show Abby’s side too so far. I also like how they added playable flashbacks too. I can’t wait to fully finish the game and also fully review it too, which I do plan to do!


Quarantine Life

I’ll start by addressing the Q! While restrictions have been opening up a bit in Illinois, I’ve been staying at home mostly. While on one hand it’s just a habit now to stay home, the other makes the conscious choice to stay home. I mean, I haven’t gone through three, almost four months of staying home to avoid the virus just to get it now, right??? So I’m staying home still so I can stay healthy. But also because I’ve been saving sooooo much this way! If I go to the store, I do end up buying something and getting tempted so this is working out for my wallet too. I honestly don’t ever want to leave my house hahaha! (Except I do also want to, I’m just being dramatic.)

With stores opening up though it has been glorious as I found really cheap but amazing and comfy bras at TJ Maxx, as well as new fall boots at a really great price! Since I’ve been baking more in the Q, I’d also been wanting a glass cookie jar for the treats I’m making. I finally found one in Homegoods! I also did find some fabulous fabric at Joann’s for a great sale price when I tried to buy a sewing machine (but they were sold out of machines). Honestly, it’s mostly because the prices were so good due to all the sales, so I’m okay with these purchases but otherwise I’m going to try to continue to avoid stores so I can still save money.

Garden Life

The garden is coming along nicely! The new little patch is sprouting, the peach trees are still growing the peaches nicely, and the tomatoes are coming through! The lettuce is still the only thing that we’ve been able to harvest so far, along with the cilantro and mint, but we’re getting a lot of rain and sunshine, and I’ve been watering them a lot so I expect that we’ll have a ton more stuff soon!

Landscape Work

I’ve been continuing to work with my dad and his business this month. We normally just go for a few hours and lately I’ve been in charge of watering all the flowers. We have a few special projects coming up I think, so I’m excited about those too! Otherwise we don’t have a lot of new stuff going on here, but it’s still a good time and great to get out of the house every so often.

Strawberry Picking

my june life strawberry picking

I went strawberry picking! We have a farm that does “pick your own strawberries” in a town close to me. For anyone who may live near-ish to my area, it’s the Thompson’s Strawberry Farm in Bristol, Wisconsin. They open at 8am, and I arrived at around 8:30am to see a giant crowd already out! Due to social distancing the farm asked people to spread out and wear masks if close to employees or each other. No one really followed that rule unfortunately, especially families that were picking berries. As more and more people showed up, more patches were opened for picking so luckily not everyone was in one section but it did get busy really fast. I’m pretty sure because I went this past Thursday, which is during the peak week for the berries, and it rained both Wednesday and Friday, so it was one of the only nice days of that week. By the time I left at 9:30am, two more patches were opened and were full of people too! It was nice to see so many people enjoying the berries, which are absolutely delicious! I actually missed the berry window last year, so I am so happy I got to go this year.

Also, it was funny to listen to the conversations going on! There’s just not a lot of opportunities for eavesdropping nowadays which I know is bad but I’m nosy. Please imagine there’s a Girl Shrug emoji here. So one of them was a mom, the grandma, and I think one or two kids. Grandma asked if they were getting more than one basket and the mom asked if grandma wanted her own basket, adding that they were $14, or wanted to split one. The grandma said “$14?! How about just a $7 basket?” but the mom told her there were no $7 baskets, only $14 which is a true fact.

Another one was a family that consisted of the mom, dad, and maybe three or four kids, all of which were desperate to get the dad’s attention. Literally they just kept all screaming “dad, look at this!” or “dad, come over here!” and so on. Honestly, I felt bad for the dad because the screams were just constant.

Then there was a mom who brought her four kids and she had her own ups and downs. First, they caught my attention because one of the boys tried to give the oldest sister a hug and she said no. When he did anyway she shoved him with all her might so he tumbled down and then she called him a dumbass! I was shocked at the language but honestly, good for her for standing up for herself. Then one of the girls (I think the oldest one but there were two girls and two boys so I’m not sure if it was or not) had a conversation with the mom about food disparity. It started with the daughter lightly complaining how much work it was to pick the berries and the mom telling her that yes, it is a lot of work. She went on to explain that’s why she gets mad if the kids waste food because someone at some point had to work hard to get the food so that it could get to their family’s table, and she also said that’s why they should be grateful to have food so readily available because someone else put in the work to get it for them. The kid also then commented on homelessness (I think she must be a budding activist or something!) because she asked why couldn’t homeless people come get their own food. The mom explained that they still would have to pay for the berries, so if they don’t have money they wouldn’t be able to. The girl replied that she could give them the $28 (they were getting two baskets) so that they could get their berries, to which her mom pointed out “but that’s only one day’s food, what will they do for the next days?” I liked that the mom was explaining and challenging her daughter to think about the issues so she could understand them more fully and know it’s not a simple solution. I hope that they continue those conversations so the girl can get a better understanding as well as think of other solutions! Shortly after though, the younger kids were running off to another patch to which the mom asked the oldest to “go get them”. The girl started screaming at them to “get back here” and then started counting loudly! The mom then yelled at her to “stop counting and go GRAB them and bring them back”. Honestly I think the mom should have just gotten up herself and grabbed them because they’re HER kids, not the little girl’s responsibility. That family seems all over the place.

In the end my mom and I filled up our two baskets, as well as our stomachs, and headed out. We paid at the kiosk that said “PAY HERE” and got $1 off because we reused our baskets from last time (it’s $0.50 off each basket that’s brought from home). Then we went home to eat more strawberries and even bake a few things with them (spoilers for the next baking post – there’s strawberry recipes!). It was so much fun!

So there you go! There’s a few things I was up to in June. As I said, it’s still mostly quiet although things are slowly opening up again. I suspect July and perhaps August will also be quiet but I’ll try to find adventures to go on still!

Thanks for reading!


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