my garden tour featured image

My Garden Tour

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a garden tour with you and thought, why not make it a video? So now you’re getting a video tour!

my garden tour featured image

I figured, I’ve talked about the garden so much that I need to share it!

My Garden Tour

So below is my video tour of my garden! A few quick things about it first though. One, I did film it early this month, so the garden has changed a bit since I filmed. I can do an update post later on once everything is more fully grown if you want! Two, sorry it is quite windy in portions of the video but it was filmed outside so what are we going to do? Nothing really, the wind does what it wants honestly. Three, I’ll be sure to put what exactly changed (so far) in the garden after the video.

It’s quite short, but it’s a small garden so that’s why!

Here’s some of the changes:

  • It’s noted in the video but we added parsley in the little section where the basil is coming in too.
  • We removed some cilantro next to the cherry tree in order to plant some more seeds. We added some hot peppers, broccoli, spinach, and carrots. It’s only a tiny section and it is late in the season so we’re not sure if anything will grow in time before the end of the summer. Since it was such a late addition, I didn’t add it to the video, as there’s nothing really there besides just dirt LOL.
  • The cherry tree has not, despite all our hope, grown any cherries this year. Maybe next year!

So that’s the entire garden tour! Let me know what you’re growing at your home, if anything. It’s a lot of work to grow this stuff, but it’s a lot of fun too!

Thanks for reading!


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