meet my fiddle leaf fig tree featured image

Meet my new fiddle leaf fig tree!

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to share my new plant, a fiddle leaf fig tree!

meet my fiddle leaf fig tree featured image

Since there were so many cute plants outside and the garden is thriving, I wanted to add some green indoors too! After a few videos on indoor plants, I selected the fiddle leaf fig as my top choice. I looked online, specifically on Etsy, because I had heard that you could get some great plants online through those videos. However, when I asked my dad he said they were available in local nurseries or home improvement stores too and with the delays in shipping, I figured this was probably a better option anyway.

So here’s how I found my tree and then a picture of it too!

My Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

So, I tagged along with my dad when he was out shopping for other plants in order to get my tree! First we went to two of the larger nurseries in the area and while he was shopping, I went off looking for my tree. At the first nursery I ended up finding one but it was about seven feet tall! I wanted a little one and I’m sure it would have been quite pricy if I got a super tall one. So I passed on that one and then the next nursery had one that was about six feet tall, so again I passed on that one. I did see an actual fig tree that I almost bought though, and it already had little figs growing!

Since neither of us found what we were looking for at the nurseries, we ended up at a larger home improvement store with an incredible amount of orange everywhere you look, and I finally found one! There were a ton of little fiddle leaf fig trees so I looked for one I liked and brought it home! (My dad also found what he was looking for. Yay!)

Unfortunately, since we’d been in a bit of a hurry after losing so much time at the nurseries, I didn’t even think of looking for a planter or potting soil! So then I went back out to another store and picked up some potting soil. My mom let me borrow one of her plant pots so I wouldn’t have to get my own and I got to work repotting my tree! (Also used YouTube videos to figure out what to do.)

Ta-dad! Here’s my tree! After much thought, I decided to name my plant Frida. So this is Frida, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree! I think I left Frida a tad too low in the pot, so I’m going to wait a bit before trying to add more because apparently these plants don’t like being moved around a lot and I think after a day of moving and then another of being repotted that Frida might want a break. I love her so much already though so I’m happy she’s here!

So that’s my new fiddle leaf fig tree! I really hope that my tree likes it’s new home.

Thanks for reading!


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