spring 2020 product empties featured image

Spring 2020 Product Empties

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing a bunch of product empties from this spring season!

spring 2020 product empties featured image

I have quite a few items this season, I think mostly because I’m home so much so it’s easier for me to remember not to throw out stuff. So here’s what I’ve used up!


So this season I’ve been having so many more snacks than before. Before now when I had a full time job I’d have a light breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but wouldn’t really snack too much. Now, I just have a brunch sort of meal in the morning, snack in the afternoon, and then dinner. I’ve remembered to save the packaging now for non-perishables but know that I’ve also snacked on fresh fruit and such!

spring 2020 product empties snacks

I really liked the Crunchmaster Multi-seed Crisps – Original. They’re like chips but made with sesame, quinoa, flax, and amaranth seeds so I think they’re meant to be healthy. (Being packaged snacks, I don’t know if they are or not.) They are good though so I do plan to try other flavors!

I was craving Goldfish recently so I picked up a bag of Cheddar Goldfish! I did take a look at the nutrition facts and they’re similar to the Crunchmaster chips so I guess it’s the same almost.

There was also a little bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch that I’ve snacked on too, although it’s quite a messy snack.

One new snack I had was Pringles Wavy Sweet & Spicy BBQ chips. They were good, but a bit too salty for me.

Another new snack for me was the Oui by Yoplait Petites (or regular) French Style Yogurt. I have the Petits Sea Salt Caramel package here but I’ve had a ton of flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and lemon I believe. I really enjoy these yogurts actually event hough they’re made with whole milk, which I’ve been trying to avoid. Luckily, they’re pretty small so I feel that it’s not a lot to upset my stomach thank goodness. They do have a ton of sugar though, which is a downside to them.

I also have a few snack bars! I’ve enjoyed the Gatorade Whey Protein Bar in Chocolate Chip because it’s so chocolatey! However, it’s a ton of calories packed into one bar so I won’t be looking to get more. I loved the RXBar in Chocolate Sea Salt but again, a ton of calories in one bar. The Perfect Bar in Dark Chocolate Almond was delicious but same problem, as was the Kind Proteim bar in Dark Chocolate Nut. They’re super convenient so that’s why we had them, and I figured since we already had them I’d eat them too, but I do want to avoid bars in the future too.

Snacks I don’t have pictured but really enjoy too is fresh fruit. I’ve really loved strawberries and blackberries right now but also enjoy peaches, mangoes, and other fresh fruit!


spring 2020 product empties drinks

We finally used up the Starbucks Columbia Ground Coffee. I love this coffee and I haven’t repurchased this because we have other ground coffees but after those are gone I do want to get this kind again.

I’ve tried a few latte mixes. First, I tried the Maxwell House International in Hazelnut Iced Latte. It’s good but it was hard to mix in that much of the latte powder into the drink. It said it was packaged for a serving but I felt like it was a lot of powder for one drink. Plus, it really wasn’t that good with water, which it said could be done too. I just felt like it wasn’t that great.

Next, I tried the Tazo Chai Latte concentrate but I seem to have thrown out the packaging. This is the mix that Starbucks used, but I believe they’ve since changed the mix they use, for the chai lattes, which is my favorite drink there. I didn’t really like it that much at home though, and I used almond milk with them.

After that, I got the Oregon Chai Original Chai Tea Latte concentrate. I actually really enjoyed this one! It was a little tough to get the ratio correct for the mix and the almond milk, but once I figured that out, it was great. I do want to get this one again.

Last, I got the Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai beverage. It was good, but it wasn’t as good as I had expected when I picked it up.

Personal Care

I used up a tube of the Burt’s Bees for kids Fluoride-Free toothpaste in Fruit Fusion. My mom had this one and asked me to try it, so I did! It tasted really good but I don’t know how they got the great taste without adding sugar, which would defeat the purpose of the toothpaste? I’m not an expert on making toothpaste but I don’t think I’d try it again.

Another empty is a box of Secret Body Cleansing Wipes. They’re meant to be paired with antiperspirant to freshen up, so I like to use them when I go to work with my dad and get all sweaty. I still have another box, but I find them to be quite wasteful as they’re individually packaged and the box is so obnoxiously large in comparison to the product you get.

I used up a bar soap that I bought in a farmers market last year, Down the Garden Path in Gardenia Goatsmilk and Shea Butter Soap. I liked it a lot as the scent was great but it did fall apart pretty easily so I felt like a lot of it was wasted.

Continuing on the soap route, I finished a bottle of Softsoap Pure Zen Hand Soap in Jasmine & Watermint. You guys might remember I love the peony soap but my mom had this one on hand already so I accepted this one instead of going out to buy a new one. I liked the scent just fine and it did the job!

More wipes! I got the Almay Biodegradable Micellar Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes from my mom and used them up since the start of the year. I used them in Mexico but still had a few left over until spring. I didn’t feel terrible using these as they aren’t individually wrapped (though still packaged in plastic) and they are biodegradable. I wouldn’t buy them myself anyway for everyday use because I do think it is still wasteful, even if they are biodegradable. Since they are though, I think that they are great for travel!

For deodorant, I used up a few bottles! One was the Degree Motion Sense Dry Spray in Daisy Fresh and Aloe Vera scent. I loved this deodorant and it was a long time favorite. I also used up the Tom’s of main Natural Powder Deodorant, which I didn’t really like, and the Secret Calm Birch Water Deodorant, which was fine but not my favorite.

Last for this category, hair care! I used up the Herbal Essences White Strawberry & Sweet Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. I loved the scent and the product was good too. I miss them already!


spring 2020 product empties home

I have a few home products that I used up. First, is a packet of Buzzy Seeds for Basil. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen photos of my garden for the summer and I added these to the garden! Two weeks later, they’re already growing fast and I’m so excited to have fresh basil.

I used up two Aromatic Diffusers in Bright Peony and Passion Flower. I had them in my bedroom and home office, respectively. They were from the Target Spot section (I can’t remember the current branding for that area, maybe Bulleye’s Playground if it hasn’t changed recently?). I’ve had them for awhile and finally used them all up! I think I put them out back in the fall and so they lasted a long time, but I think that’s mostly because I would forget to change the reeds around so they didn’t get really used up too quickly.

Lastly, I used up a The Body Shop Scented Candle in Sandalwood & Ginger. I loved the scent but the candle wasn’t great. It was paraffin-free with a cotton wick, which was great, but the candle didn’t burn evenly at all and also didn’t have a lid so it was annoying to deal with. I wouldn’t repurchase this even if it did smell great.

So that’s my product empties for this past spring! I didn’t use up any make up items this time as I’m actually not wearing makeup lately. But everything else is pretty much fair game!

Thanks for reading!


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