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Quarantine Art in May

Hello everyone! Welcome to BirthMay 2020! Today, I wanted to share some of the more artsy stuff I did this month in quarantine.

quarantine art in may featured image

I hadn’t shown photos in my recent Life post because I figured I could do a separate post for it! It honestly isn’t a huge number of items although it is a good amount, so I didn’t want to make the life post too long anyway. So here’s the items!

In case you’re new, BirthMay is my annual birthday celebration where I blog every day for the month of May. This is the fourth annual BirthMay and no matter how many BirthMays you’ve been here for, thank you for your support!

Quarantine Art in May

quarantine art in may

Tulip Drawing

So this month I felt like drawing, which happens quite often, but most times I just don’t know what to draw! And even when I do, I’m just really bad at it. But this month my theme for my bullet journal was tulips, because May is when they bloom at my house. Specifically, my theme was pink tulips so I decided to grab some greens and pinks for this. I don’t think it’s particularly good, but it was lots of fun and I had a great time drawing it actually! Originally I was going to fill the entire area I outlined but in the end I decided to just stop with the four tulips and maybe add some text on the side before gluing it into my bullet journal, although I didn’t end up doing that so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet!

Arya Art – Embroidery and Digital Drawing

My sweet puppy niece, Arya, was featured in my art too! I had wanted to try embroidery so I grabbed a hoop, some fabric, and regular sewing thread with a regular sewing needle. It was slow going because the thread was so thin and it took so much more work to get it to look full than if I’d used embroidery thread. But since embroidery thread isn’t “essential” I didn’t feel it was appropriate to go out to buy it. This worked okay and I do think the embroidery is cute but I’d rather have done it with embroidery thread for a better look I think. I do plan to attach this to Arya’s blanket when the library finally opens up and I can sew the blanket up!

Arya also made an appearance in my digital drawing! I’d been seeing this kind of digital art featured in a ton of TikToks so I wanted to try it! I’d made one of myself and my sister first but I didn’t like it as much as I liked this one. Arya came out looking so cute! Well, she’s always cute so it’s not a suprise her drawing is cute too. I do think I got the coloring a bit off around her nose and eyes, but still close! My sister said she loved it and that Arya did too! (I’m sure Arya sniffed the screen a bit before losing interest but my sister is the nicest person I know so she embellished the story a bit.) Anyway, this was sooooo much harder than I thought to get the shading right, to keep all the layers straight, and get it to look good in general so hopefully you guys like it too.


I also made a purple beaded bracelet! I’d been resizing my bracelets that I’d made before because I always make them too big. I have tiny wrists so even though I made the bracelets a regular size, I needed to make them much smaller to make sure they fit securely on me. The purple flower beads had been removed from one of my other bracelets so when I was putting them into my beads organizer I started playing around with combinations! I ended up loving how they looked with three silver beads and smaller purple beads. I will admit, it’s a little difficult to fasten it on my own because it does have a snug fit but I like how it looks and it’s secure when it is fastened.

So that’s my quarantine art for May! It’s not that much, mostly because I’m working with what I have, which also isn’t much! But I like that I can just focus on a few projects and really try to make them as good as I can make them rather than rushing and moving onto something else. Let me know about your quarantine (or regular) art if you want!

Thanks for reading!


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