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My Year 28 Goal Reflection: Balance

Hello everyone! Welcome to BirthMay 2020! Today I wanted to formally wrap up my Year 28 goal and reflect on what I learned from it.

my year 28 goal reflection balance featured image

In case you’re new, BirthMay is my annual birthday celebration where I blog every day for the month of May. This is the fourth annual BirthMay and no matter how many BirthMays you’ve been here for, thank you for your support!

Every year I pick out a new goal, sort of like a New Year’s resolution, but for my birthday. My Year 28 goal was “balance” because, at the time, I felt it was something I was truly lacking in my life. I was wrapping up my grad school studies and really struggling with finding a good, well, balance to everything. I figured it was the perfect goal! Sure enough, it’s really helped me out a ton this year. I felt like I was in such a better place mentally than I had been in pervious years! Here’s a few things I did to try to reach that goal.

  • Keeping a list of what I wanted to do. I like to think that I have many hobbies and ideas that I can work on at any given point in time, but having too many means that sometimes I neglect a few here and there. To combat this, I’ve started to keep a list of things and curating Pinterest boards of things such as writing ideas, bujo themes I want to try, and more. This really helps me remember what it is that I can work on and when I need feel I need something fun or creative to do I have a stead list of ideas so I can jump right in to fulfill that need. That leads nicely to my next point!
  • Constantly reflecting and asking myself “what do I need right now?”. I felt like before I was just always in a “go go go” sort of mode. I was always moving and working towards that MBA that it was almost like I had blinders on to anything else that wasn’t studying. Since then I’ve learned to stop myself and ask myself what I felt was lacking and addressing it head on instead of ignoring it. Sometimes, what I needed was a lazy day watching Netflix in bed and so I’d just do that!
  • Planning ahead. I like to plan as far in advance as possible. In the past year I had a few months where it felt like I had a ton of plans, followed by months where I wouldn’t have anything really going on. I felt that was a good way to balance everything out! Or on weekends what I’d do is that one day would be for going out and seeing a musical or just running a few errands while the other day would be for relaxing at home. Or back in January I made sure to rest up in the early weeks of that month because I was going to travel for work in Houston one weekend, followed by a week at home before flying out for a two week vacation in Mexico. Trying to plan ahead and make sure I had plenty of downtime while also having exciting events to look forward to was really helpful! Of course, the quarantine did mess up a ton of those plans but I just adjusted accordingly. Now I try to do a morning of creative work such as blogging or writing, followed by an afternoon of job hunting or other not-so-fun-but-still-must-get-done tasks such as changing appointments or cleaning, and then the evening off to relax and recharge for the next day by reading or doing yoga.

Honestly, I feel like this was one of the most important goals I’ve set for myself so far and I really hope that I can continue to practice at this and get even better. I’m really going to miss this as my “active” goal for the year but I think my Year 29 goal (more on that in a future post) is going to be an equally great goal!

So that’s my reflection on my Year 28 goal! I can’t wait to share the Year 29 one and the rest of BirthMay with you!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I LOVE this idea! I am a firm believer you should celebrate you all month long! And balance is always an amazing goal! I can not wait to read what this coming years goal is! Also Happy Birthmay sweets! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • ME TOO! Like, I know it’s a birthDAY but that doesn’t mean you can’t stretch it out because it’s still your birth MONTH hahaha! And I’m excited to share the next goal, I just hope it is actually a good one and not just a good one in my head! Thanks girl! 🙂


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