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My Actual Life Goals 2020 Edition

Hello everyone! Welcome to BirthMay 2020! Today, I wanted to revisit these Actual Life Goals that I’ve shared year to year.

my actual life goals featured image
my actual life goals featured image

I’ve had these goals for awhile and I add to them each year. I call them “actual” because to me, they feel attainable. I also have older posts of goals that I view as more aspirational but I don’t think I’ve reviewed those for awhile. These though, I’ll give updates on them, if I still consider them actual goals, or even if I’m working towards attaining them.

In case you’re new, BirthMay is my annual birthday celebration where I blog every day for the month of May. This is the fourth annual BirthMay and no matter how many BirthMays you’ve been here for, thank you for your support!

2017’s Goals

Get an MBA

I completed this one in 2019 and am still very proud of it! I’m sharing a “one year later” reflection post later this month so be on the look out for that!

Publish a book

I have a few very exciting book ideas, so I still think this is super relevant! Plus I have a lot of cheerleaders for this goal so I think I want to really try for this in the next year.

Start my own company

I’ve gone through a few ideas for this company. I think the latest ones have been a boutique, either physical or online. I love the idea of a boutique but I feel like this would be a very risky as I don’t know if anyone would really buy anything!

Make music

I’ve started composing a few songs! Nothing anywhere near done or that I’d share but it’s still fun!

Run the Disney Princess Half Marathon

I honestly would still love to do this! It’s only 13.1 miles which sounds perfectly doable!

Learn a third language

I’ve learned a bit of French over the years, but need to get back in that!

Give a TED Talk

Ah, I would still really love to do this. Maybe if I write that book and become a famous author??

Win a prestigious prize like a Pulitzer or Nobel

Not chasing this but hopefully someday! Maybe for that book I’m supposedly writing?? Now I really feel the pressure to write it haha!

Become an advocate for a good cause

It’d likely be education or women’s rights. I could also see myself fighting for civil rights as a whole as well. My parents came from Mexico to the USA so I also believe in immigrant rights and since that makes me Hispanic then I’m also a member of a racial minority. There’s a lot I would have to work for! I’d likely also use my writing for this as well but I’ve always been interested in politics so maybe someday I’ll run for office? Channeling Leslie Knope here. *Original goal text is still perfect so I didn’t write anything new here!*

Run for political office & win!

I could definitely do this! Leslie Knope is my idol clearly. *Kept this text too because that’s literally what I would write anyway.*

Design fashion, make up, and/or home items

I’ve been drawing up designs, cutting/pinning fabric to sew, and working on getting my own sewing machine. I think this would be really fun to work on!

Find my passion

This was the cool thing to do in college, but I never found mine. At least not yet. I don’t think I’ve put enough effort into this one, so that may be why. I do really well when I set goals and work towards them so I know once I find it, I’ll be able to get anything done. *Original paragraph here as well!*

2018’s Goals

Move to a new place

I’m still considering Texas, it’s my top choice right now! But I am also very happy in the Chicago area still so I’m not sure. I’m very torn on this one at the moment!

Travel more

Well I think I was doing great at this one but then the virus came along and cancelled a huge portion of the trips I had planned for the year. Even so, I think I’m making great progress here because when it is safe to travel I plan to!

Move out

I think I’ll remove this one actually! I’m quite happy at home where I am and my parents are half convinced they want to move out soooooo that works for me haha! (They want to retire and move, it’s not that they hate me and want to move out. I promise we all love each other!)

2019 Goals

Direct a Film

I would love to direct a film! Maybe just a small film or something, not anything major ha! I think that would be super fun and a great time, plus I love telling people what to do so it would be a good match, don’t you think? *Original text has been left here because it’s still relevant.*

Compose a Song

I did mention earlier that I was composing portions of songs!

Learn Animation

I’ve had an idea for a short animation film for years, but I don’t know anyone who can animate it for me and it would probably be really expensive to get someone to do it so I would love to learn someday so I can make my little film! And it would mean I get to check off that directing goal too! *Leaving this original text too!*

2020 Goals

Become more fiscally responsible

I haven’t been terrible with money but I’ve definitely been more spendy than I needed to be. I’m really enjoying being more responsible in terms of saving more, I had a coworker give me some really good advice about saving and what he did to become more responsible with money when he was younger which was really eye opening for me. I’m also paying more towards my student loans than in previous years and after only one year after my MBA, I’m already a full year ahead of schedule in paying off my loan which will save me a ton in interest. I’m really feeling good about this one!

Continue to study ballet

I’ve really enjoyed ballet these past few years, even going so far as to find online classes on YouTube and practicing at home (especially during the stay at home orders). I really enjoy this hobby of mine and I want to continue to learn this beautiful form of dance.

Learn to build a robot

Ever since being introduced to the organization FIRST, which promotes STEM learning by turning it into a sport, I’ve really been intrigued by robotics. It seems so daunting but I really want to build a robot!

So those are my updates on my goals, and some new ones! Let me know what you think and if you have any tips for me. I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Happy Birthmonth! So cool that you keep a list of “actual” life goals and nice to see you crossing them off! I’m reading a few and some of them remind me of some of my wishes throughout the year – like sewing and opening my own business (even if it’s a side business)!

    Congratulations on being one year ahead of schedule in paying off your student loans! I only just finally started getting serious about savings and I found a lot of inspiration and motivation from The Budget Mom ( I don’t follow her methods step by step but I find her tricks useful and overall just a very motivating page to actually learn to take a look at your money and it’s cool that she shares other people’s success so you don’t feel too alone in your financial journey, however big or small it is 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! Honestly, starting your business as a side business first is a great idea, As it grows you can make the jump to full time if that’s what you want or you might find that having it as a side business is what you prefer and both are perfectly great options. And sewing is a great idea right now! I am about to try hand sewing as I can’t access the loaner sewing machines at the library until it opens up again haha but I do miss it.

      I’m going to check out the Budget Mom for sure! I do really feel there’s a ton of room for me to improve and honestly I do lack that close look at my finances so that’s going to be really helpful. Thank you so, so much for sharing that resource with me! I really appreciate it!


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