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My Spring 2020 Bucket List

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share some updates from my Winter bucket list and share my new Spring bucket list!

I always question myself about doing these because, to be honest, I never remember my bucket list so it’s kinda hard to cross off the items if I don’t remember they exist. I might do away with this post after this but for now, here’s the bucket list!

My Winter Bucket List

Let’s take a look at last season’s goals first!

  • Book a flight.
    • I did do this one! I ended up booking two, one for Houston for work, another for Mexico for vacation!
  • Start up my YouTube channel again.
    • I completely forgot this one! Although my mom and sister have encouraged me to buy a vlogging camera recently.
  • Finish redecorating my bathroom.
    • I did finish redecorating! I did post it for Blogmas too, double win!
  • Catch up on my Goodreads Goal.
    • I did not catch up after all.
  • Refocus on my blog.
    • I feel like I did this!
  • Work on positivity.
    • This is going to be a goal that is always ongoing but I feel like I did it!
  • Work on my goal: Balance.
    • This is going to be ongoing as well through the year but I love being able to cross it off as I make progress.

Only 5 out of 7!

My Spring Bucket List

So here’s the new bucket list!

  • Complete BirthMay
    I’m not sure what BirthMay will look like this year, as I was thinking of not blogging every day but only every weekday. I do have a lot of post ideas though so I might end up doing the entire month anyway.
  • See a musical
    I always try to see at least one musical each season so I’m hoping to make it to at least one again. I know a lot of musicals right now are either postponing or outright cancelling though so I know this might not happen just yet.
  • Plan my next trip
    I’m actually not 100% sure how well this one will go. Due to everything going on and everyone being ordered to stay home, all my usual work trips have been cancelled for the rest of 2020. I might start to plan a fun trip but I am going to take my time to plan. I will absolutely wait and see how everything unfolds.
  • Remain positive
    My eternal goal of positivity remains! There’s always room for improvement so this one is staying.
  • Work on my balance
    Not like physical balance, although actually as an adult ballet student that would certainly be helpful. I mean more like general life balance, which is great too!

So those are my spring goals! What are your spring goals? Hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and lovely season!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Good luck with all your goals. The travel thing is tough. We have to cancel or May trip and reschedule it. I just have to guess on when to go and may have to cancel again. We also have a trip in November, but I think that one will be fine. I am having fun planning things out. I am hoping we can do international travel again next year since there are so many countries we still want to see.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 5 out of 7 is awesome, Pamela!! I’m so sad that musicals have been cancelled/postponed. Our broadway center won’t even be opening until 2021. 😭 I hope you’re able to cross everything off your spring list! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

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