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From Me to Me: Mexico Edition

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share the things I bought in Mexico for myself.

from me to me mexico edition featured image

In case you missed it, I did a post recapping my trip to Mexico last week. I always come home with some fun goodies, but in the past few years I’ve started to move away from the usual souvenirs (or have tried to anyway) and so I love to share what I’ve found during my travels.

This is just a post of what I’ve bought for myself, but I’ve brought back plenty of gifts for my dad, sister, and puppy niece too! (Mostly candy and snacks for the humans, and a blanket for the doggie.) Here’s what I bought for myself!

from me to me mexico edition

As I mentioned, I brought back some candy! I mostly brought bigger bags to share with the family so those aren’t all pictured but I did buy some Obleas, which are wafers with goat’s milk caramel in the middle, and Morelianas, which I’m not sure what they are but they’re delicious.

Also, when I was traveling I realized that I did wish I had packed my small cross body bag, so I ended up finding a pink, floral bag from a brand called Kokkiri when shopping on Correo Mayor. I think it’s a well known brand in Mexico because I kept seeing them around. I love how it looks but the quality isn’t quite there. For one, the strap is really thin and so I kept worrying it would break if I pulled too hard on it or it got caught somewhere. Also, the hinge where the strap clips onto broke off the bag, so I had to clip it onto one of the zippers. Lastly, the front pocket zipper was tied onto a little bead embellishment on the bag, but the string was too short so I couldn’t fully open the pocket or fully close it. It was strange! I think the bag is meant to be more for a younger crowd because of the quality so I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet. I probably should have left it for one of my cousins but it’s too late now!

While I was in Mexico I kept seeing girls and women with the cutest headbands! They were usually knotted and had fake diamonds or pearls on them and looked beautiful. I kept trying to find one I liked but mostly failed until the last full day when I went to the market and ended up finding two I liked enough to buy. The first one is a pink fabric with light blue dots and diamonds along the outside of it, the fabric is knotted on top of the actual blue headband. When I first approached the stand where this one was, I was mostly looking at the earrings on the stand. There was the cutest little girl (likely the daughter of the man and woman who were at the stand too) who immediately started trying to sell to me. The moment she opened her mouth I knew I was going to buy something from her, she was quite the sales gal! Even my mom whispered to me “you better buy something from her” to which I replied that I was planning to! I didn’t really end up liking any of the earrings but I spotted this headband and bought it immediately. My mom and aunt ended up getting watches so the little girl must have made quite a profit from us! The other headband is a blue fabric with diamonds down the middle on top of the actual navy blue headband. I don’t have a fun story for this one except that I did initially stop for a pink velvet headband with pearls. It was beautiful but I have a small head so it kinda looked like it was a really extra headpiece from the Elizabethan era or something. Glad I went with this one instead! I wasn’t able to find brands for these on the headbands but they were quite common at the markets when I was walking around.

The next item is a beautiful, white table runner. It’s quite short as I wanted it for that cabinet that I use to take all my photos on top of. I think it could have still been a little longer but it does look cute. The vendor did say it was handmade and I couldn’t find a tag with a brand on it either so I’m guessing that is the case here. It really makes the cabinet look so fancy!

Similar to the headbands, I had been looking for a hat all week because I didn’t remember to pack one. Of course, at the end of the trip at the Mercado Merced I finally found one. I immediately loved a stand with a ton of bedazzled hats. At first I liked a black one with a diamond star, which would match my blog better, but it must have sold because the next time we passed the stand it was gone. I liked this one as well though so I bought it! I think it’s supposed to be a fake Chanel logo but I loved how shiny and bright it was so I went ahead and got it to bring home. It does have a tag with the brand Closho, but I’m not sure how well known it is as I tried to Google it and it didn’t come up.

My favorite purchase though is the brown bag that I bought on Correo Mayor. It does have a little handle but also it did come with a shoulder strap. What really blew me away the moment I saw it though was the glittery black background for the star, moon, and other gold embellishments on the front of the bag. It was beautiful! The tag says the brand is MoMoDa but I couldn’t find it on Google either. It also has two zippers for the bag, which I think is a bit overkill because it’s just one pocket in the middle, not two on either side but it does look cool with two so I’m guessing they’re for looks but still practical. I absolutely love this bag!

So that’s what I bought in Mexico this time around! As I mentioned, I don’t really buy souvenirs anymore and I try to only buy things I really like or are really unique. I also try to buy more from little stands at markets or from street vendors because to me, it seems that they’re the ones who need the business the most. Overall I think I did rather well of buying only things that either I really loved or really felt like I needed during the trip, so yay me!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Lol it’s so cute that you call her your “puppy niece” ♡ & the goat’s milk caramel wafers sound delish! The headbands are adorable but, I have the opposite problem: my head is too big for any of them lol! Love that the white table runner was homemade, it’s perfect for blog photos. 😁 That brown bag is def my fave purchase you made, too! I am so into the shape these days– I need a round one like that, for sure.

    Thanks for sharing, Pamela!! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha she is technically my niece but I have to add the puppy in there or people assume my sister had a human child. I’m like noooo she’s a puppy thank goodness haha! And I’m so glad you enjoyed these things! I was super happy with those purchases for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

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