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Last Minute Gift Ideas – Blogmas Day 21

Hello everyone! Welcome to Blogmas day 21! Today, I wanted to share some ideas for last minute gifts in case you need them.

last minute gift ideas featured image

This time of year is always so stressful, particularly if you having finished shopping yet! Here’s some ideas to get you in and out of those hectic stores this weekend, so you can get to wrapping those last minute items!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

  • Themed Gift Set – you can put together a few items that go well together and call it a themed gift set! Bonus points if you include a basket. Here’s some ideas:
    • Self-Care Kit – fill it with items like candles, bath bombs, and anything else from my Self-Care Checklist!
    • Journaling Kit – colorful pens, stickers, and a beautiful new notebook would all go well together for this one.
    • Coffee/Tea gift set – pick up a few different types of coffee and/or tea, a new cute mug, and maybe even some hot cocoa mix for this gift set.
  • Prepackaged gift set – premade sets are fun too! Maybe a beauty one or a candy one would be super cute to receive.
  • Something for their pet – it’s always fun to have something for the furry friend! Maybe a new toy or bag of treats, or even a pet fashion item if you want!
  • PJ set – PJs can be those kind of things that we all want but don’t necessarily buy ourselves. Getting a cozy, matching set would be appreciated for sure!
  • Something for their hobby – sometimes you don’t buy something for a hobby you want because you’re busy buying for someone else. So why not buy them something you know they’ll love to use and remember you even more fondly with? For example, I do ballet so I’d appreciate a new leotard or ballet themed work out clothes, or even just work out clothes for when I go to class in general!
  • Something cute to display – maybe a new coffee table book or a simple sign with a cute saying to go with what themes they may already have!
  • Gift cards – honestly, who doesn’t appreciate a good gift card? Something general like Target or Amazon if you really don’t know what to get them is great, a gift card towards something you know they’ve been eyeing (in case you don’t have the budget for the entire thing it’s still super sweet!), or maybe to a specialty store you know they’ll like. You can also get an experience that you can plan together later like a voucher for a candle making class or a wine painting night perhaps?

And those are some fun last-minute ideas for gifts in case there’s anyone you’re still missing a gift for! I hope they’re helpful and if you have any please leave them in the comments section for anyone still struggling. We’re all in this together!

Thanks for reading!


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