Frozen II Review – Blogmas Day 18

Hello everyone! Welcome to Blogmas day 18! Today I wanted to share with you a review of Frozen II.

Frozen II Movie Review

Somehow, I didn’t do a review of the original Frozen but I was a big fan of that film when it came out. I thought I’d do a little review of the new film and share some thoughts with you on it.

Frozen II – Spoiler Free Portion

So, I’ll start with a spoiler free version of Frozen II. A bit of backstory first, the film picked up three years after the original film, with Elsa and Anna living happily with the citizens of Arendelle. Pretty quickly, their peaceful lifestyle is shaken up and they go off on a new adventure to discover what is threatening their home and how Elsa got her powers.

I found the movie to be quite charming! I liked how it continued the story a lot, and seeing Elsa and Anna together again was so sweet! Each character was explored so much more deeply, and I loved how Olaf got another fun little joke similar to his obsession with summer in the first film.

Now, I have to mention the music of course. While I thought the music wasn’t quite as strong as the original (I mean, can anyone really beat “Let it Go”?), it was still really, really good music. It’s just that I wasn’t necessarily singing any of the songs after leaving but it was such a great story and the music was beautiful all the same. There are plenty of people who really did enjoy it a ton, and it’s just hard to be blown away as I was with “Let it Go”. I have to say, whatever Kristoff’s song was, I hated that one. The rest were great.

While I felt some of the story elements were very predictable, they were presented beautifully. The special effects in the animation was amazing and I loved seeing Elsa more comfortable with her powers. She was also so decisive and caring for Arendelle and her sister that it was so nice to see her character on screen again. Anna was as fierce as ever and her strength really shone for her character in this film all over again, bringing her to a whole new level. I thought this was a great new installment in the Frozen world.

Frozen II – Spoiler Section

Now onto a few spoilers! As I mentioned, there was a ton of things that were very predictable in the film. Everything from Elsa and Anna’s parents in the Enchanted Forest, their actual journey when they died, and even Elsa being the fifth spirit was easy to see coming. Even so, it all just looked beautiful and the journey was fun to follow.

The story with Kristoff trying to propose to Anna was kind of annoying after the second failed attempt or so, and honestly I lost track of how many times he wasn’t able to pop the question. It was also kind of annoying how he did end up proposing right at the end when the two sisters were celebrating saving Arendelle and the Enchanted Forest. Just couldn’t let them have their moment, could he?

Poor Olaf, he struggled so much this film too! After finally learning what summer was like, he know is wondering when he’s going to come to understand everything as he’s convinced grownups have all the answers. He’s such a great little character though and it was so sweet! I kind of felt like his melting in this film, while necessary, was not as powerful because he’d already started to melt in the first film for Anna. Of course, I don’t think the original story was necessarily written for a sequel so the writers couldn’t have left it out with an intention to share it in the second but it did take away from it for a bit.

I felt like a lot of the story felt familiar somehow, but I think that’s because it was so predictable. But I did get the feeling often that I’d already seen the movie or already had seen something similar. It was kind of strange, almost like deja vu in some parts. However, the story was still really charming and enjoyable all the same.

I have to say, even though I knew Elsa would end up staying in the Enchanted Forest, it was disappointing to me that she left her home and life behind. After everything she and Anna went through to be reunited??? However, it did fit both of them very well and I loved how the sisters ended up being a metaphorical “bridge”. Plus, the film did make it clear that the sisters remained very close and saw each other often, so that was very sweet. At the end of the day, I think that’s exactly what would happen with sisters anyway! I do still think that it would have made more sense in my mind for Anna to become a brave explorer of distant lands but taking over in Arendelle is good too! Also, since Elsa is technically a spirit, it made more sense for her to remain in the Enchanted Forest as that was clearly a better fit for her.

Oh! And the scene of little Anna and little Elsa before bed? Their playtime game was so adorable with Elsa making faces as Anna happily exclaimed everyone was getting married and making the dolls kiss. It was also nice to see them as little friends before they were separated and seeing them interact with their parents. (This was also another reason why I thought it was weird Elsa gave up her role as queen. She seemed to be really aware of her responsibility in the scene when her father was telling the story while Anna wasn’t taking it quite as seriously.) I loved that their mother sang them a little lullaby with Elsa listening and taking it in while Anna immediately fell asleep. And poor Anna, she’s always been quite an ungraceful sleeper!

End of Review!

So that’s my review of Frozen II! Let me know if you’ve seen the movie and what your thoughts were. I’m so curious!

Thanks for reading!


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    • I hope you do end up enjoying it too! And I just have to because I would get sooooo annoyed when I went to a review and accidentally read a spoiler. I get wanting to talk about spoilers though so that’s why I separate them out for anyone who does want to read it and anyone who doesn’t can avoid them!

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