my instagram top nine featured image

My Instagram Top Nine – Blogmas Day 17

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Blogmas Day 17! Today, I wanted to share my top nine photos from my Instagram.

my instagram top nine featured image

I’ve done this for a few years now and so I figured I’d keep it up this year too. This is pretty much just the nine photos with the most number of likes so here’s what I have for 2019.

my instagram top nine
  1. The top photo is one of myself with sweet beluga Kimalu! My sister gifted me a beluga encounter last Christmas that we did in February this year. I’m glad others enjoyed the photo as I loved the encounter and it brings a smile to my face when I see the photo pop up.
  2. Next was one of my graduation photos! I had a mini photo shoot around campus with my family and so one of them I sat at the fountain in the middle of campus. I linked my final MBA update there where I talked about graduation.
  3. I’m so happy a musical made it onto the grid! I saw Anastasia this year, and I loved the musical so much. Musicals in general bring me a ton of happiness so I’m glad one is represented here.
  4. Next is one of my photos from my trip to Mexico earlier this year, this one from my visit to Los Pinos, the former presidential residence in Mexico. I really liked visiting and seeing the buildings where the presidents of Mexico once lived.
  5. The next photo is a winter picture of my college campus! The campus is so pretty so I loved walking around a bit before classes and taking photos.
  6. For the sixth image it was another graduation photo! This one is the “professional” one that my parents made me buy but honestly I didn’t like them as much as I did the other photos we took on our own. Plus they were way overpriced. Still, it is pretty nice to have I guess!
  7. The next photo would be my all time favorite photo of me if I didn’t have my sunglasses on my head! I took that photo in the Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio on a solo trip there. I loved it and had such a peaceful and great time there. In the city in general but especially at the tea garden.
  8. Almost done! The next picture is some silk flowers I was gifted for review purposes! I really do like them although I need to get some vases for them as I borrowed one from my mom for the photo but want my own so I can display them nicely.
  9. Last is another photo from Los Pinos! When I went it had just been opened to the public so I think the “newness” of it all was a big hit with the photos of it.

I really like my top nine this year! Sometimes I think the top nine based on likes doesn’t match with my top nine but this was a pretty good representation I think! I was slightly sad none of my NYC photos made it in though and that there were two from Los Pinos that made it but none of other places in Mexico I visited. Ah well, the photos were still a great trip down memory lane!

Which of my top nine is your favorite? Also let me know if you did your top nine too!

Thanks for reading!


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