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My 2019 Blog Goals Update – Blogmas Day 15

Hello everyone! Welcome to Blogmas day 15! Today I wanted to revisit my blog goals for 2019 and see how I did!

my 2019 blog goals featured image

I shared my goals last year in my Goodbye 2018 post but I wanted to share them as part of Blogmas this year for some reason! I do plan to put my 2020 goals in my first post of 2020 though.

My 2019 Blog Goals

2019 Goal #1: Reach 25,000 views. I didn’t reach this one! I made it to just over 9,000 so this one wasn’t even close. Oh well!

2019 Goal #2: Post 2x a week. Well I mostly made it! Except I didn’t in July and August when I only did one post per week (one week in August I took completely off). But overall I think I did rather well even if I didn’t make this one.

2019 Goal #3: Create a useful booklet or template to distribute. I did share my Chicago Bucket List! Not sure how useful it is but still!

2019 Goal #4: Collab with other bloggers. Darn! I really wanted to do this one but the year just got away from me! It would have been fun I’m sure.

2019 Goal #5: Reach 2,500 followers. I didn’t but I did reach 2,000! Still amazing and thank you all!

2019 Goal #6: Re-brand and focus on the content rather than the numbers.
I know at two previous goals are about the numbers but they’re not what I want to focus on! Silly how a bunch of other goals are about numbers but this one is to not worry about the numbers? What was I thinking! I think I did a good job at this one. I think I was too focused on doing one big re-brand but honestly I did a lot of smaller changes throughout the year and I’m really happy at that.

2019 Goal #7: Try new video formats.
Instead of focusing on the number of videos I want to post I really want to experiment with the types of videos I try to do. That means I want to try vlogging or something new! I’ve done Q&As and a low-key story time so I really need to branch out. Well, I didn’t do this one but maybe in 2020?

2019 Goal #8: Do some blog maintenance.
This means get rid of blog posts that don’t need to be up anymore (some of the older ones that I don’t care for) and get rid of photos that aren’t needed anymore so I can get some more space back. I also want to rename my photos so I can find any useful older photos more easily. I also want to rename some of my categories to make them more useful to me now! For example, I recently changed my “Baking” category to be “Food & Drink” which is much more useful as I do talk more about all types of food and drink more often than I bake treats, but don’t want to separate them out as I don’t bake nearly as much as I used to. This is something I mean to do randomly and just don’t get around to doing! I really do have a ton of photos and old posts I would like to delete though.

2019 Goal #9: Promote my blog more widely.
I have stopped promoting my blog recently as much as I used to. I keep forgetting to update my Insta stories all the time with blog related items and stopped pinning my posts because the Pinterest app won’t let me create pins on my phone anymore (computer is find though, but my images are on my phone so I got lazy). I’m going to revamp my marketing calendar for my blog to try to continue to grow. I think I started trying a few things such as doing insta stories to promote my blog posts weekly, doing a few actual insta posts, doing pinterest posts, but honestly I just didn’t keep up with it. I should revisit that!

2019 Goal #10: Reconsider going self hosted.
This is only for after I’m done with school and if my re-brand seems to be working, otherwise I’ll stick to the (dot)com version of WordPress. I don’t think I really did this one. I really don’t think I need to make that change, especially since my views aren’t so high so I’ll keep my blog as is a bit longer I think!

That’s how my goals went for 2019! How do you think I did? Anything you hope I’ll focus on in 2020? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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