my bathroom make over featured image blogmas

My Bathroom Make Over – Blogmas Day 9

Hello everyone! Welcome to Blogmas Day 9. Today, I’m sharing my bathroom make over with you.

my bathroom make over featured image blogmas

I mentioned a few times I was decorating my bathroom so this should come as no surprise to you that there’s a post for it now! I wasn’t originally going to share but I’m quite proud of how it turned out so I decided to anyway! (Thank goodness I took the “just in case” before photos!)


floral bathroom before

Now, I loved the decor for my bathroom before the redecoration too, it’s just that I’ve had it for so long that I wanted to try something new. As you can see, the bathroom was decorated very pink with bright pink bath mats, pink/yellow/orange floral print shower curtain, and pink/coral towels.

floral bathroom before
floral bathroom before

As you can see, I store quite a few things in the bathroom, including my skin care, which is a ton. I had all my “mostly everyday” items on my counter top and then I had all my other stuff in little frosty white storage bins. For me, the counter top was fine but just needed rearranging. For the shelves though, I really didn’t like it anymore. I felt that the bins were just too small so not only were they overflowing but also it was clear that they were overflowing. It was hard to look through them without messing up the bins and although they were organized it just didn’t look as nice as I wanted them to.

The Plan

So the plan, once I decided I was redecorating, was to go along with the general color scheme I’d picked of a dusty pink, white, and grey to keep it all cohesive. I wanted to replace not only the towels, shower curtain, and bath mats, but also the storage bins if possible.


dusty pink bathroom after

Here’s the after! It all started when I found the dusty pink towels that you see there. I found the set in Homegoods and instantly loved them so I bought them and then also picked up the shower curtain, a set of bathmats that I eventually returned for these ones, and a cute cup that I ended up not using for this but may use elsewhere in the house. I’ll include what I got and how much it was below in case you’re curious. The towels are the dusty pink with white details, so I looked for a white curtain which had grey details and led to the metal hooks. I originally had pink and white bathmats which were cute but just not what I really wanted. In my next visit to Homegoods I picked up the pink bathmat closer to the camera but only found one. On my third visit to Homegoods I found the light pink one on the far end! Originally I had them switched but the door didn’t close with the light pink one and this works fine I think! I like that the light pink is a perfect transition between the white and the dusty pink.

I already had the little flower pot so I put it in the bathroom to bring back some floral in the bathroom. I think it fits in well!

dusty pink bathroom after

The sink counter still looks pretty cluttered but I did organize it as best as I could in the clear acrylic organization item and a few trays. I think it’s fine since I need all those items such as my glasses and tooth brush and so on.

dusty pink bathroom after

And here’s the new storage! I already had the medium white bins from Target’s Room Essentials line which is meant for dorm rooms. I wanted to try to save some money here so I decided to look for more pink and white ones in order to reuse the two I already had. These were the most annoying to get though because they were all sold out online and there weren’t any in store! Eventually they did restock so I bought four medium pink ones, two large white bins, and one large pink bin. There was also a storage sale going on when I bought them so I believe I got 20% off the bins.

I like this much more than before. The bins are much larger so I could fit more items in across without stacking too much. I have two for skin care, one for hair items, one for travel items (yes I have enough of those for a whole bin), one for my sister’s things, and one for body/bath items like body wash or soap bars. I did end up keeping some of the old bins in here for things like oral care, wash cloths, and miscellaneous items. For the large bins I put extra towels in one, my sister’s towels in another, and will put the old decor items in the last one once they’re washed in case I want to switch it out again in the spring/summer.

The Cost

So, how much did I spend on this? Well I did some rough calculations and it ended up around $121.89. Maybe closer to $130 with taxes though I think. Here’s what it all cost!

  • 3 big storage bins at $7.99 each – but with a sale discount and a discount for using my Target Red Card
  • 4 medium bins at $5.99 each – but with the same discounts as the big ones
  • Towels that started it all – $19.99
  • Shower curtain – $19.99
  • Shower hooks – $5.99
  • Bathmats – $12.99 and $15.00

I am planning to get a few more items, more on that in a bit, but that’s what I spent! I got almost everything at Homegoods except for the bins which I got at Target. When I started out buying stuff I thought I would spend less but then after I was done I totally thought I’d spent way more! It was nice that the total ended up being in the middle although I wish I’d been able to do it under $100 for the challenge of it. However, I don’t think I would have been able to get the bins for that and I really like how they looked.

The New Plan

So, as I said, I don’t think I’m quite done! I thought I was but after putting it all together I thought of a few things I want to change still. I think that I want to buy small bins, two white small bins and one pink small bin to use instead of the old ones so that it all matches. I might also get maybe one more big pink one to put my own towels in so they’re not loose on that other shelf. I think I’ll wait for another sale, which should be coming up soon for the end of the year anyway I think.

I want to get matching laundry baskets as well and take out the bottom shelf so I can push the baskets under the shelves eventually but honestly I’m not too worried about them right now. The red one is falling apart though so I’ll have to replace it eventually and then I think I’ll just buy two of the same for dark/light clothes and then see if I can find a smaller one for things like socks and underwear since I wash those separate too. I think I’ll try to get white baskets so they blend in better.

So, let me know what you think of the bathroom make over! I definitely thought it’d be more glam but it ended up being rather cozy, which I’m fine with. It does feel more grown up as a whole and I’m really happy with it.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I really loved how your bathroom looked before but, it’s always so nice to have a change. Your new color scheme is so grown up & chic. 🙂 Love the storage bins & that you waited patiently for the pink ones to come in stock, glad they eventually did! Can you come over & decorate mine now? LOL.

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