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What’s in my Handbag? – Blogmas Day 8

Hello everyone! Welcome to Blogmas day 8! Today I wanted to share what is in my handbag.

what's in my handbag featured image

I haven’t shared one of these in awhile so I figured it was time to share what I carry around with me.

what's in my handbag

The Handbag

I am carrying this light colored Kate Spade handbag. My mom gave this to me as a gift for my graduation and I love the bag so much! It’s smaller than most of my other bags but that’s what I love about it since I do prefer smaller bags now, although it is rough when I can’t fit a water bottle in it. Such a first world problem though! The bag is amazing and I love it! Since I only carry the essentials now I think you likely will have seen most of these before but I wanted to share an update on this anyway!

The Items

I use this hot pink Coach wallet. I don’t think you’re supposed to mix brands like that but I honestly don’t care since I like the wallet so much. Sometimes I just take the wallet if I’m just going out really quickly for a Target run or I’d take the wallet and put it into my ballet bag for class and that’s it. It’s super useful!

I also keep my sunglasses from Target and they stay in a bright pink case that my mom gave me for my birthday earlier this year! I don’t spend too much on sunglasses although I should since I use them all the time! But these are really cute and I like them a lot so I don’t mind. I also really try to keep a snack in my bag too so right now I have an RXBar.

I keep earbuds with the adapter for my Google Pixel phone in there too. I tend to listen to podcasts at work so I just carry them back and forth as I only have one adaptor. I also try to have extra pairs of contacts with me, just in case.

Usually I’ll throw in my work badge too, as I tend to forget it if I don’t (I already put it in my bag at that point). I try to switch out the lipstick/lip balm combo that I have periodically. I do carry around my FIRST portable chargers with the charger cord and a car charger too since my phone is getting older and the battery doesn’t last as much as it did before. It is about two years old and I just started to notice the decrease in battery maybe a few months ago.

That’s about all that I carry as the bag is pretty small! Honestly, I could just carry my wallet and sunglasses along with the work badge and I’d probably be fine but I do prefer to have extras just in case!

Feel free to share what you carry in your bag! I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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    • I feel so much better about mixing brands now so thank you!!! You’re so fashionable that I feel so much relief honestly. I was going around thinking people would be judging me but now I have so much more confidence with all the brands!!!


  1. The bag is sooo lovely!! And no, it doesn’t matter what brands you’re using. Mix them all you want 🤣

    My constants in my bag are my wallet, powder, lipstick, perfume, and a mirror. 😁

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