my 2019 travel recap

My 2019 Travel Recap – Blogmas Day 5

Hello everyone! Welcome to Blogmas Day 5! Today I wanted to recap all the trips I took in 2019.

my 2019 travel recap

I figured it’d be fun to go back and look at all my trips again before the end of the year. I could use some travel inspo for the next trip, right?

Mexico 2019 Trip

First, was my trip to Mexico back in January! There was a Mexico Trip Part 1 and Mexico Trip Part 2 this year, along with an a “what I bought” post. Looking back at Part 1, I had nearly forgotten some of those events already. For example, I’d forgotten that we’d traveled during the government shutdown AND the gas shortages. I really only remembered the fun stuff like being at my grandfather’s house, buying so much candy the lady gave me a free gift at the store, and going to see his bit of land up on a mountain. I also really liked that we got to see Los Pinos so soon after it was opened to the public and it was so nice to look around it. Then there were a ton of fun museums I dragged everyone to and so it was nice to remember those days as well.

Looking back at part 2, Xochimilco was one of the coolest places I’ve been to. The boats were so fun! And Tolantongo was absolutely magical! It was so beautiful and the water was amazing so it was really cool that we were able to go. Apparently the place is turning more touristy so it was nice to go and experience it before it really gets busy in the future. It was also great that we were able to go during the week instead of the weekend so that we had a lot of the place to ourselves. I really enjoyed seeing it and the grutas were phenomenal. I feel so relaxed just thinking about it!

This trip was an amazing way to start the year and I was so glad I was able to enjoy it!

Houston Work Trip

I travelled to Houston for the third year in a row for the FIRST Championship competition! This trip started off badly when I was delayed for 6 hours, 3 of which were on the tarmac. However, when I arrived I had been upgraded to the most amazing suite at the hotel so that was amazing! Also, for this trip the plane was an older one because of the grounded planes issue so there’s always something when traveling. Oh, I also did an OOTDs post for Houston.

During this trip I made friends with one of the onsite team members which was really nice! She and I keep regular contact and I have seen her during an onsite she had in Chicago earlier this year. She has another coming up so we’re hoping to go to the Christmas market when she is here. My clients were lovely as always and it was just a great onsite! This event is fun because it’s a lot of children in a giant robotics competition. Although the hours are super long and rough to get through, seeing the kids enjoy it and our clients happy makes it totally worth it. I also met up with a blogger friend I made when I first went to Houston three years ago so that was really nice too! It started off rough but ended up being a great trip.

San Antonio Trip

Right after I was done in Houston for work I headed to San Antonio! This trip was all for fun. I had rented an AirBnB for the week, and then explored the city. I did most of the major touristy stuff such as the Riverwalk, the missions, the Alamo, The Pearl, and so many other cool spots! I also did an OOTDs post for this one.

I was there for their FIESTA week, which was a giant city-wide celebration. It was really cool but overall I thought the city was a little too low-key for me. I had actually been testing out the city to see if I’d like to live there. I think I’m too used to Chicago and all that goes on at any given point in time here so by comparison, San Antonio was a little too small and quiet. But it was beautiful and lots of fun. I only met really kind people when I was there and really enjoyed it!

Anaheim Work Trip

The next trip I took was to Anaheim, California! This was another onsite trip for VidCon. I had a great time at this event, the client team was amazing and I loved working with them. I also saw a ton of YouTubers as I was working in their check-in room where they pick-up their badges, had backstage access, and helped them with their hotel stuff as needed. It was really cool as I love YouTube and watch a ton of them (some of them I watch now because I met them) and honestly all the ones I interacted with were really cool and nice. I enjoyed this onsite a lot. I also managed to spend time with the other guys that were onsite with me, and they followed me to Downtown Disney which was super nice of them! They literally only went because I wanted to go so they were such good sports about it. On the last day I only had a few hours in the morning to myself so I went and enjoyed a bit of VidCon before heading back home.

New York City Trip

Last, but not least was my trip to New York City! My sister wanted to see a musical called Be More Chill and when they announced they were closing we made the trip happen! We saw that musical as well as The Phantom of the Opera and they were both amazing. (Review for both linked there.) We went with her roommate and her roommate’s mom, stayed in Times Square, and explored all over the city. We did a ton over the weekend (arrived Saturday and left late Monday). We really made the most of our time and did a ton of the big touristy things that we were interested in. I would love to go back to see more Broadway shows as we only saw those two but it was still amazing and super fun.

Five trips in a year isn’t bad! Now granted, two of them were for work so I didn’t pay for them as I pretty much only worked and didn’t see much of the cities but it was still really cool to be able to go. I really enjoyed my time in every single one of these wonderful places and I can’t wait to see where I go in 2020! Let me know what fun places you visited in 2019. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Oh my gosh this post is giving me major travel envy! SO many great trips! And your last one to New York made me feel so nostalgic! You’d definitely have to go back to see more shows. Moulin Rouge and Hadestown are phenomenal! (Slightly biased because I know the casts and worked for the theatre group, but still amazing!) I hope you are able to travel just as much if not more in 2020! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha I’m honestly so fortunate that I had such a great travel year! I loved New York, and I was honestly so surprised at how much I loved it. For some reason I just felt like I wouldn’t? It’s weird but I really did enjoy it and I’m so happy I was able to go and explore the city. I really need to see Hadestown and Moulin Rouge for sure! I need to go to New York again for another Broadway weekend, for sure! And thank you, I hope you have an amazing travel year in 2020 too!


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