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My Winter 2019 Bucket List – Blogmas Day 2

Hello everyone! Welcome to Blogmas Day 2! Today, I wanted to share my Winter 2019 bucket list with you.

my winter bucket list featured image

I do bucket lists every season so I’ll be reviewing how I did on my fall bucket list as well as creating new items here.

Reviewing the Fall Bucket List

  • See at least one musical.
    • I did see a musical! I saw Something Rotten which I did review on my blog. I really enjoyed it so I am glad I did go see it.
  • Start up my YouTube channel again.
    • Unfortunately I did not do this although I have a few good ideas for video ideas!
  • Start seriously practicing guitar.
    • I’ve been practicing here and there, but not as much as I wanted to.
  • Set up a proper ofrenda for Dia de los Muertos.
    • I did set one up super last minute this year! I was going to share it on the blog but as I set it up late it didn’t really make sense to share it after the holiday was already over. If you want to see one next year let me know and I can be sure to set it up earlier to share it.
  • Finish planning Blogmas.
    • I would say I am mostly done with this one and that’ll count! I have a few days still open as I want to leave room for any inspiration later. I’m pre-writing this, which I’m doing with a lot of Blogmas posts so it’s not as difficult later on for me. I’ve learned that lesson year after year after year so maybe this one I’ll finally get it right!
  • Catch up on my Goodreads Goal.
    • Well I haven’t caught up but I did reach 10 books read! I did change my goal to 15 books for 2019 as I’m not going to make it to 20 but do want to try to squeeze a few more in before the end of the year. I’m not sure if I’ll make even that but I’ll try! I am now 3 books behind schedule and 67% of the way through.
  • Refocus on my blog.
    • Well I don’t think I was perfect with it as I did miss a few posts here and there but I did do at least one per week so I was happy with that.
  • Work on positivity.
    • I think I did rather well with this one!
  • Work on my goal: Balance.
    • I think I did well with this one as well! I feel that I really tried to pay attention to what I needed for my mental health and did a good job of listening to what that was. I’m happy with that!

My Winter Bucket List

  • Book a flight.
    • I want to put this one in as I need to book my flights for my next work trip and vacation! I think you guys will be able to guess where my vacation is going to be in the new year!
  • Start up my YouTube channel again.
    • I am going to leave this one here so I can work on it!
  • Finish redecorating my bathroom.
    • I started redecorating recently and I really want to finish this month as I’m still looking for a few more things before I’m done with it and ready to share it. I’m really hoping to share it for Blogmas though so we’ll see!
  • Catch up on my Goodreads Goal.
    • I have to read 5 more books so let’s hope I can make it through a few more!
  • Refocus on my blog.
    • I know I marked this one as “done” for fall but this one is about engaging more with you guys. I just feel like I haven’t done well at all at keeping up with the community’s posts or comments left on my blog and I want to turn that around and get back into it. Blogging is so incredible and I love all aspects of it, so I want to stop being so lazy about the social part of it!
  • Work on positivity.
    • This is going to be a goal that is always ongoing but I am going to leave it here as there’s always room for improvement!
  • Work on my goal: Balance.
    • This is going to be ongoing as well through the year but I love putting it on here so I can track my progress throughout the year so I can keep revisiting this goal.

So those are my goals! I did do less for winter because I just couldn’t think of more and I didn’t feel it was right to “force” them, you know? Let me know what your goals are for this winter!

Thanks for reading!


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