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My November Life

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing my life in the month of November with you as well as celebrating my 4 year blogging anniversary!

There’s a few things I can’t quite believe. One, how is it already the end of November??? Two, how has it been 4 years??? Time really does fly by, and I’m so happy I did dive into blogging.



ballet november 2019

So this month was the end of the fall ballet classes! I’m so sad that it’s over because I really, really enjoyed the class this fall. Not saying I didn’t enjoy my summer classes but this fall one was great! The new instructor worked on a little dance with us throughout the eight weeks, she gave me a ton of great corrections, and she also did a lot of strength work with us too. I really enjoyed her teaching and I’m already looking forward to signing up for the next two sessions which is a “winter” one and then a “spring” one.

I really felt that this session I got stronger physically and my balance was a ton better. I also feel like I improved a ton on my turns, mostly because we were able to work on spotting. I really felt that my dancing posture was more natural and that as a whole I was more graceful as well. That was probably because we really worked on lengthening the neck, keeping a straight back, shoulders down, and hips still so that is great! I really hope that I can continue to improve in the next sessions too.

Library – Class & DIY Nights

november DIY

This month I did quite a few things at the library! First up was a class to learn how to make a vinyl sign. That was actually at the end of October but my life post went up before that. So we learned how to make a design for the vinyl printer at my library as part of a class then we printed it out and put it on the sign we were provided! I went with a Christmas theme for it since I liked those images the best out of the ones we were given to work with for this class.

After that was DIY night! First, we made a yarn wreath. We were given the frame for the wreath and then we wove the yarn around it to make it patterned. I really enjoyed this one although it is a little plain, but it just looks so soft and cozy!

The last DIY night of the month was making holiday cards! We had stacks of cards and a ton of things to work with so we were able to make a ton of cards. I really enjoyed the project and I did look up a few ideas on Pinterest during it because I was running out of my own actually! Still, it was a great stress relief and I love how they turned out!


Per usual, I’ve been playing Hogwarts Mystery! Ava Samwise Quagmire got to meet Remus Lupin in one of the timed side quests. Now she’s at top friendship with Chiara as well as Jae, so the only ones she’s working on for friendship is Fred and Liz, with George and Cedric still locked. She does have a new Comet 260 broom as well from another quest too but that’s mostly all that’s new with her. I have noticed the story as a whole is slowing down quite a bit again.

On Netflix I watched the Great British Baking Show. Now, I just want to try baking! I really enjoyed the show and I need to go back and watch the older seasons too. I enjoyed the format a ton even if I didn’t know exactly what they were baking most of the time!

I also continued Designated Survivor on Netflix. I’m part way through the second season and it’s still really interesting, plus I love how the characters are portrayed.

I started watching the third season of The Crown on Netflix this month when it released and got up to episode 7 I believe. I really like the new actors brought on and, since I don’t know all that much about the royals, it’s so interesting to see what they get up to.

I’m happy to say that I found the Christmas station on the radio and programmed it into my car! I don’t listen to it all the time but I like to see what’s playing and enjoy a song or too. My sister once pointed out to me that although I like Christmas songs a lot, I don’t know a ton of the words and she’s right!

I loved the music video to Gabbie Hanna’s song Broken Girls. It was so pretty and I really liked how it was done! The song is really catchy too!

Of course, I watched the finale of the Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star collab, The Beautiful World of Shane Dawson. I have really enjoyed that entire series and I’m so sad it’s over but grateful that it happened at all. I remember watching the original collab they did last year and Shane just casually asking “what if” with Jeffree immediately getting excited about the idea. The editing was just amazing and it was easy to feel the tension in the room, although I did feel that they were trying to restrain themselves for the cameras in a way. Still, it was great seeing Jeffree’s team and how involved they were through the entire process, seeing Shane’s family and friends get excited at the launch, and even Shane and Jeffree’s friendship really shine in the series. I thought it was a great way to end the series although I wish they’d continue it honestly!

A new-to-me channel is Bon Appetit, which is a channel solely dedicated to cooking and baking. My favorite formats are Making Perfect and Gourmet Makes. I recently watched all the Thanksgiving Making Perfect videos where each episode focuses on a part of the Thanksgiving dinner to make the “perfect meal”. The Gourmet Makes oreo episode was great too where one of the Bon Appetit staff tries to make a common item into a gourmet item. I really enjoy the videos even though I really don’t bake often or cook at all!

The last item I’ll mention is the YouTube channel Evan And Katelyn. They are a couple who make things! They’ll test a lot of different materials or work with different mediums to design art pieces, furniture, and more. They’re really fun to watch and their videos are so creative and light.


I don’t have many favorites but I’ll start with the one beauty favorite I have. It’s the Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in Family Jewels. I got a Halloween Mystery Box from Jeffree Star Cosmetics last month and I got the lipstick in the box. I found that the color did end up on my teeth more than any other lipstick I’ve tried but it wasn’t a ton and only while it dried down. I really liked the formula once it dried down though. I completely forgot I had it on because it was really a comfortable formula. Plus the color is just so rich and beautiful!

I do have a new favorite Instagram account called adventure_dogs_on_an_adventure! This account features two of my favorite dogs ever. One, my new little puppy nice, Arya! The other, the sweet Raven who is my sister’s roommates’ dog. My sister and her roommates share photos of their pups on the account, starting with photos telling Raven’s story and then eventually introducing Arya and starting her story. The pictures are so cute and you should check them out!


So not much has really been going on this month. Work is rough right now as I continue to deal with people attacking me, so that sucks. But otherwise my personal life is amazing and I got to see one of my best friends when she visited Illinois from Arizona (Erin!) earlier this month. That was really great and we had a wonderful time hanging out when she was in town.

Chicago Day

So the biggest item of my life this month has been a day in the city! I went downtown to meet up with a friend and since I had to give my sister something that came in the mail to the house I took that with me and we all met up at the Shedd Aquarium! My friend and I went through the exhibits, then met up with my sister who took us through the Underwater Beauty exhibit before we went to the aquatic show. The show was fun and we saw a red-tailed hawk, a sea lion, and lots of dolphins! We then waited for my sister to get us and then she gave us a “behind the scenes” tour in her area where she volunteers right now, which was super cool! After that I finally got to see the new baby beluga, Annik, as he was out and about in the beluga pool.

After the Shedd, my friend and I walked up along the waterfront back towards Millennium Park and then cut across to go to the Chicago Cultural Center. I like to go check out what they have. I actually didn’t find this time around as exciting as I have past ones but it was still really good and there was a section about urban planning that was featuring Barcelona. I studied abroad in Barcelona in college so I was super fascinated by that one. There was overall a theme of showing police violence and gun violence, both of which are unfortunately very well known in Chicago, so that was interesting to see too. I really liked that the building was almost entirely open as there weren’t any big events this time so we got to see the beautiful Tiffany glass ceilings. Sometimes they’re blocked off so you can still see them but can’t get under them and take good photos and such but this was great!

After that I headed home, and it was a great time!


And… it is my 4 year blog anniversary this month! I started my blog and set it up four years ago and kept up with it ever since. I’ve really enjoyed these past four years.

Also… I reached 2,000 followers on my blog this month! I haven’t had the fastest growth but honestly, I don’t care! I just can’t believe I made it to that number and I’m so thankful for everyone who had chosen to follow me.

My Top Commenters are:

  • Hunida – the sweetest, most supportive blogger and friend ever! She blogs all about her life and does so with such a great outlook on life. I love to read her posts and chat with her through our comments sections.
  • Mackenzie – another sweet and fun blogger friend! She is incredibly inspiring with her posts on her lifestyle, she’s shared her adventures including moving from CA to TX, and her pictures always make the food she shares look amazing.
  • Shannon – continuing with the sweet and amazing blogger friend trend! Shannon’s posts always make me so happy with all her great photos, loving family, and her great adventures that she shares.
  • Amelia – I know I should find another word to describe my blogger friend Amelia but she’s also incredibly sweet and super cool! Amelia shares her town of Hull and the culture deeply rooted all around her. I love to read about her experiences and I think she’s pretty much a celebrity around Hull now!
  • Jam – no less sweet than anyone else, Jam is so, so creative! I honestly can’t believe some of the amazing things she’s come up with for her posts, for things she makes, how she shares her life, and her bonus YouTube videos are so fun to watch! She’s honestly just hilarious and I love reading her posts and getting inspired by her.
  • Chanelle – an incredible supporter and sweet friend perfectly describes Chanelle! Her posts are all about her life and beauty, and she just describes everything perfectly it’s like I’m experiencing it myself.

These ladies are all amazing and if you don’t follow them already, please do and show them some love!

As for posts, this is my 696th post! Some of my more popular posts include:

I feel like most of these are filtered to be the posts that were most viewed in 2019, but this is the list! It always surprises me how popular my 1982 world atlas is. The others aren’t as surprising, especially because they are newer.

That’s really all I find interesting from my stats! I literally can’t believe my blog is 4 now and I really hope I continue my blog much longer. It’s just so fun!

And that’s my November! If you’ve been here for four years, are brand new to my blog, or anywhere in between, thank you! I’m so happy and grateful for everyone who has spent any time on my blog.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Aw, you are TOO cute in that ballet photo. So happy you enjoyed your fall class. 🙂 I always love seeing what you make at the library! The wreath does look so cozy & cute! ❤ The Great British Baking Show is so fun, once you watch enough seasons you will start to know what they are baking lol. I've never watched the Bon Appetit channel but, BuzzFeed has a segment called "Make It Fancy" or something close to that that sounds similar to Gourmet Makes! I'll have to check it out & compare! Jealous that you got JSC Mystery Box. I never know when they're available until they're sold out lol. Good to know your experience with the lippie!

    I'm so sorry to hear work has been rough. 😦 I wish they'd get that girl sorted out/away from you. Yay about your bestie, Erin, visiting & getting to see the new beluga though!! ❤

    I got so excited to see my name, haha. Happy to be your top commenter & oh my gosh, do I agree about what you said about Jamie. She really is so creative & funny!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m so happy I was able to grab the picture. Haha, some of the stuff they were making I literally was like I have never heard of that before??? Haha I’ll have to check on that Make it Fancy though, since it does sound similar! And the JSC Mystery Boxes go so fast! I can’t believe how quickly they sell out. It’s so crazy!

      Work unfortunately does not seem to be changing, I really think they’re making steps in the wrong direction if anything. But seeing Erin was so fun and the baby beluga was soooooo cute!

      Haha you are the best top commenter I could ever wish for!!! I honestly can’t imagine blogging now without you since I always look forward to reading your comments on my posts and then reading your posts too! And isn’t Jamie just amazing? I love her content so much!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • When I first started watching it, I was like “what the heck?! I wonder what that tastes like, what’s that supposed to look like?” all the time but then I watched so many episodes I would be like, “oh nope that’s not good enough” at judging time, even though I still never tried any of the desserts in real life hahaha.

        Let me know what you think of Make It Fancy if you watch it! Still jealous I’ll never get a JSC mystery box lol. I am always late to the party & all of his stuff is always sold out. 😦

        Ugh, again, so sorry that work hasn’t changed for you.

        ❤ ❤ aw yay, that makes me so happy!! I am gonna try to catch up on some more of your posts tonight. I love chatting with you in our comments, too!!

        Liked by 1 person

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