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Podcasts I Listen To (Updated for 2019)

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share with you my favorite podcasts at the moment.

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I haven’t done a post updating you on my favorite podcasts since 2017 so I figured now was a great time to do so! I did do a list of podcasts I enjoyed in 2016 and 2017 so you can go back and read those if you want. Here’s my current list!

Podcasts I Still Listen To

There’s some podcasts I still listen to now, even if I don’t listen to them as frequently anymore. Since I already described them in previous posts I won’t go into too much detail here! I do want to add, some podcasts that I don’t listen to anymore are partly because I used to have an iPhone back in 2016, so when I switched to a Google Pixel 2 not all of the podcasts, particularly the smaller ones, weren’t available for me so I simply forgot about them and never remembered to check for them again. I did see a few that I got curious about again so I might have to check for those. As for now, here’s a list of the ones I still listen to:

  • Stuff You Should Know – I still listen to this podcast although not every episode anymore. I just listen to the ones I’m interested in learning more about. Basically each one has a topic where the hosts, Josh and Chuck, explain as much as they can about it.
  • Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig – I still love this podcast and typically listen to every episode! This is more of a comedic interview podcast and I always laugh and find a ton of interesting people.
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class – It’s like SYSK but about history topics!
  • The History Chicks – For the most part I listen to all the episodes of this one. It’s like the History Class one but with only females in history.
  • How I Built This – I really enjoy this podcast still but I do wish it’d do episodes more often. This one talks to people who have started amazing businesses that really disrupted their market.
  • Up First – I actually have my alarm set to automatically play this podcast every morning. Unfortunately I sleep through it more often than not so I have to listen to each twice! It’s a ten minute podcast on the top news of the day and great to just get quick updates in the morning about what’s going on in the world.

New To Me Podcasts I Enjoy

These podcasts are not super new to me for the most part, since I’m covering two year’s worth of podcasts, but here’s what I’m enjoying! Now, you might have heard me mention them in Favorites or Lively posts over the years, and now my Life posts, but I wanted to still put them all in one place.

  • Planet Money – this podcast is done by NPR and focuses on segments of the economy that we either might not understand or might not even know exist.
  • Pod Save America – this podcast is hosted by some of President Obama’s former staff members and they talk about politics. They have great insights on current events and I really enjoy how smart I feel after I listen to them.
  • Hannahlyze This – This is another comedic interview podcast hosted by Hannah Hart and Hannah Gelb. Hannah Hart is the host of MyHarto on Youtube, which includes the fun series of My Drunk Kitchen that you might be familiar with. It’s also really interesting and I enjoy it a lot.
  • Jenna + Julien Podcast – This is hosted by YouTube’s amazing Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend Julien. I don’t listen to every episode as they’re quite long but it’s pretty funny as both hosts are hilarious. They’ll talk about their lives, funny topics, play games, and it’s just a great time!
  • Smoshcast – Can you tell the YouTube theme runs strong in my favorite podcasts? This one is hosted by the people on the YouTube channel Smosh. Smosh as a channel is pretty lighthearted and so this podcast is a way for them to showcase their more serious or grown up topics. It’s still funny as the cast finds a way to still provide laughs but they do talk about much deeper topics and it’s really cool to hear a different side of them.
  • This Might Get Weird – This podcast is hosted by YouTubers Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart. They are also comedians and their podcast is mostly used for them to catch up on their lives that week in a light hearted way. I don’t listen all the time but it’s a great background podcast to listen to.
  • 99% Invisible – This podcast is hosted by Roman Mars, and is a very cool podcast about design. Often, the way to know something is a good design is when you don’t notice it, because it doesn’t bother you and is very functional. Unfortunately I’m having trouble downloading episodes and I suspect it’s because of the “%” sign somehow messing it up (some cars with internet capabilities are also known to have that issue) so it’s quite sad and I really enjoy this podcast but I’ll keep trying to listen to it!
  • Dear Hank & John – This podcast is hosted by brothers John and Hank Green. You might know them from YouTube, as founders of VidCon, authors, or some of their other amazing endeavors. They use the podcast to give often dubious advice to their fans who email in their problems. It’s really funny to listen to and I enjoy hearing their advice. Fun story, I’ve met them both at VidCon when I was working there! They’d never recognize me but it’s still fun, isn’t it? (I know I said I wouldn’t say who I met at VidCon but I figured these two would be cool to reveal. The rest are still a secret!)
  • Ologies – This podcast is hosted by Alie Ward and she interviews experts in stuff that end in “ology”. It’s really fun to learn more about these really cool fields, often science related, and it’s another one that I feel smarter after listening!
  • Curious City – This is a podcast done by WBEZ, which is the Chicago NPR station. On this podcast, Chicagoans ask their questions about the city and WBEZ investigates to get answers. I love learning more about Chicago in such a cool and fun way!
  • The TryPod – Another YouTube podcast! This one is hosted by the Try Guys. This one is also pretty funny, also offers some strange advice to fans, and each Try Guy brings a topic for them to discuss so it can get pretty crazy. I really enjoy each of the guy’s personalities and they mix so well on the podcast too!
  • EventIcons – As someone in the event industry, I like to keep tabs on other parts of the industry. I listen to this podcast from time to time to hear about other perspectives, successes, and opportunities for improvement from event planners everywhere. It’s super interesting!
  • Passenger List – This is more of a “drama” podcasts I suppose. The story for the podcast is that there was a plane that went missing and now the sister of one of the missing passengers is trying to learn what happened, unconvinced that a flock of geese brought down the plane (per the “official” story). It’s really interesting and the actors are great, but I’m also having trouble listening to it on my phone and I think because all the episodes have a period in the title. The “.” much like the “%” I think is throwing it all off. I’ll keep trying to listen to it though!
  • Coffee Break French – This is a podcast that I’ve tried before but now I’m getting back into it. It’s a series of short podcasts that teach a quick French lesson. I’m still using Duolingo to learn French so this is helpful too!
  • Talks at Google – I really enjoy the YouTube version of Talks at Google but the podcast is nice as well, especially at work when I can’t watch videos! For this podcast, the guest(s) are interviewed at, unsurprisingly, Google offices about their crafts, experiences, and areas of knowledge. It’s super interesting and while I don’t listen to all the episodes I really enjoy them.
  • Felicitations! This podcast is hosted by actress/YouTuber/author/amazing person/etc. Felicia Day. I really enjoy Felicia’s work so I love listening to her podcast. She uses it to update fans on her life, both personal and professional, in a very interesting way. She’ll also answer questions and promote her new work so it’s really helpful to keep up with her.
  • The Marie Forleo Podcast – This podcast is newer to me, hosted by Marie Forleo. She’s quite the business woman and she covers a wide variety of topics to help people succeed. I am enjoying it quite a bit and I don’t listen to all the episodes but I feel like I should.

And those are the podcasts I’m currently listening to and enjoying! I know it sounds like a lot but I promise I don’t listen to every episode so it’s not as much as you would think. Let me know if we share any favorites, if you’re going to check any of them out, or if you have any suggestions for me!

Thanks for reading!


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