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Fall Book Unhaul

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share my Fall book unhaul with you.

fall book unhaul featured image

I previously did an unhaul in the spring and I’d meant to do one every season but I haven’t been going through my books as often as I’d like. However, I had a good amount recently and decided to share what I did get rid of.

The Books

fall book unhaul

Here’s the books I unhauled! (And a movie.) Some details below and why I unhauled them below:

  • The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka – I had this book from a high school reading assignment. I haven’t read it since because I remember I hated it so I knew there was no reason to keep it any longer.
  • Good and Evil: In Myth & Legend by Anthony Mercatante – I love reading stories about myths and legends so it was a fun book to read but I just didn’t need it on my shelf anymore.
  • The King’s Speech movie – I love this film but it is on Netflix and at the library so I don’t need my own, especially since I hadn’t even opened it to watch.
  • Fun Home by Alison Bechdel – I really liked the art in this book and the cover is gorgeous but I didn’t need it on my shelf and didn’t plan to reread. I do want to see the musical based on this book though! I haven’t yet!
  • Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy – I haven’t read this story yet but I did have two copies of it so I did want to unhaul one of them.
  • Fundamentals of Selling textbook – I loved my sales class but this book was awful. My professor only kept this text as the previous professor before him used it and he couldn’t find a better one. I couldn’t wait to get rid of it.
  • Global Business Today textbook – I actually had this book from undergraduate work. Like most textbooks, they rarely get used after the class is over so I wanted to unhaul it.
  • Essentials of Marketing textbook – I also had this book from undergraduate classes and never read it again so I did get rid of it.
  • Technology in Action textbook – I have to be honest, I never read this book. This was also from undergrad but the class was so basic that there was no point in reading the text. I couldn’t wait to get rid of it.

The Unhaul

I took my books to Half-Priced Books again. It’s a bookstore that sells new and used books, music, video games, movies, and more. It’s really fun to walk around and explore! They also buy used books that they think they can resell and accept any others as donations so they can either donate them themselves or recycle. Since I’m getting rid of them and don’t want them, I honestly don’t care either way!

So the one that I went to (I imagine most also do the same) has a separate desk at the back of the store where they review the books. I headed straight there although I did pause to acknowledge the nice cashier who asked if I was there to sell books. I kind of regretted my choice of heading in midday on a Saturday as there were tons of books everywhere! I imagine most people go in to sell them on weekends and last time I went on a weekday after work I was the only one selling. But even then they were very friendly and took my information with my books to start getting the offer ready.

I walked around the store and found a ton of books that were pretty interesting as well as a few CDs that I liked but decided not to buy any. I kept hearing a ton of notices that offers were ready and happened to be walking by the desk when they called me so I was ready to get my offer! I really only had the chance to look at about half the store because it was pretty quick, I’d say no more than 20 minutes.

At the end of it, I was offered $6.30! Not too bad! I couldn’t tell which books were the ones that contributed to the offer, but I was still happy to get something back. At that point I went to the cashier to get the money and then headed out. It was super easy! You can use the money towards a purchase or just get the cash.

I was really happy that I took the books there and I am already gathering more for next time! I still have way too many books as I got rid of my big bookshelf but I am trying to read through more before I unhaul them. Also, I think next time I might do this unhaul with more items than just books and maybe do a video format? Let me know what you think of that idea!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. That’s great you got rid of books you don’t like or use anymore & got some money out of it!
    When I moved to Denmark, my parents took my books I didn’t want anymore to Half Price Books & they were able to get some money too.

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  2. Love that you brought these to a store that would recycle anything they couldn’t sell. The King’s Speech is such a good film! & I’ve never read Anna Karenina but, I watched the short series ‘The Beautiful Lie’– it made me so upset! Not sure how closely it follows the original story though.


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