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Lover Album Review

Hello everyone! I wanted to share my thoughts on Taylor Swift’s new album Lover.

Taylor Swift Lover Album Featured Image

I did this back in the day for reputation when it came out as well. I really enjoyed writing that one and recently I enjoyed reading it again. Reading what I thought of the songs then and how my relationship to the music has changed is such a great journey. For example, “Call It What You Want” I said it was not very memorable and now it’s one of my favorites! So here’s my thoughts on the Lover album!

Lover Album

I loved the sound of reputation so I was surprised when Lover reminded me more of 1989 or Taylor’s older work. However, after hearing the songs and the album as a whole I’m a huge fan that she went this route! She’s stated that the album was like a love letter to love, which I didn’t think I’d connect with but I actually have in my own way. For me, I think I get more of a self-love vibe from it because that’s how I’m viewing it. Even though I think the true message of it is lost on me I do appreciate it as a beautiful and romantic album.

I’m sad that there doesn’t seem to be an upcoming tour for this album, as Taylor has said she doesn’t want an album-tour-repeat cycle for her entire career. I get it as it surely is exhausting! I’m glad she put out the album and then made the decision for herself. Personally, I would have loved a tour as I’ve only seen her rep tour and then seen recordings of the others, but I respect and admire her decision. Go Taylor!

Now, onto each song!

I Forgot That You Existed

I loved this song immediately, and I thought it was perfect to open the album! That’s why the album does work as a self-love album for me, because it’s really a song I needed and came to me at the perfect time. I loved it.

Favorite line: “It’s all just a blur”

Cruel Summer

This song is fun to listen to and for me, it’s unfortunate it’s suck between the first song and then Lover so sometimes I skip it just to get to Lover faster (sorry Cruel Summer). I do like it and it’s fun, so I need to stop skipping it!

Favorite line: “I don’t want to keep secrets just to keep you”


Oh wow, this song is amazing. When I first heard it my “ew love” thoughts took over and I wasn’t a huge fan but especially after the music video I really began to love it. Now it’s on repeat in my car! I really adore this song and it’s the kind of song I would aspire to write someday.

Favorite line: “Swear to be overdramatic and true to my lover” and “And at every table, I’ll save you a seat”

The Man

I’m so proud of Taylor for writing this and sharing it with everyone on her album. It’s so true and these thoughts have followed me my entire life too. It’s probably the most relatable of all because of it.

Favorite line: “I’d be a fearless leader”

The Archer

I really loved “The Archer” right away, even though it was a slower song. Usually slower songs aren’t my favorite so quickly but this was also a self-love song for me. I could see myself singing it to myself right away.

Favorite line: “And all of my heroes die all alone”

I Think He Knows

This one isn’t my favorite, but also I haven’t really listened to it that much yet. I did hear it again the other day and it was pretty fun to listen to so I think I’ll have to keep listening!

Favorite line: “I am an architect, I’m drawing up the plans”

Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

I really love the sound of this song and it’s fun to listen to but it’s not one of my top favorites from the album. I really like it’s message though and I love how Taylor wrote it.

Favorite line: “You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes”

Paper Rings

This one is pretty fun and quite the bop! I don’t go out of my way to play this one but it is one that I think I’ll enjoy more once I get more used to the album. I actually think that the look on the album cover is probably most closely to related to this song for some reason. And the message of it is so cute!

Favorite line: “I’m with you even if it makes me blue”

Cornelia Street

I didn’t start as a big fan of this one, and I’d actually written that here originally but then I listened to it again. It totally changed my perspective of it! I totally get the idea that if you really cherish something but it ends up not working out then you’re just not going to revisit that. See? I might not get Taylor’s intended message for the song but I do put my own spin on it and the music is so much more relatable to me that way.

Favorite line: “We were a fresh page on the desk, filling in the blanks as we go”

Death By A Thousand Cuts

I feel like this song is completely lost on me since it’s apparently about a relationship not really working out but there’s no big reason to break it off. Since I’ve never experienced that and it’s based on a movie that I haven’t seen then I don’t really get it! It’s cute enough I guess but I don’t think I’m the intended audience for this one and I haven’t quite found a way to relate to it yet.

Favorite line: “If the story’s over, why am I still writing pages?”

London Boy

At first I didn’t enjoy “London Boy” but when I watched the Lover live video on Taylor’s YouTube channel that she did with YouTube and saw her live performance of it I really ended up liking the song! I also remember how much everyone was freaking out about the itinerary making little to no sense but it’s just a really fun song and I wish I knew all the places she’s referring to! (I did get the West End one and that’s about it LOL.)

Favorite line: “He likes my American smile”

Soon You’ll Get Better ft. Dixie Chicks

This one is such a sweet, sad song. I usually skip it because it is sad but Taylor did write it for her mom who is battling cancer I believe it is. I can’t imagine being in that position and to be honest I don’t want to so I do tend to avoid this one and all it’s sadness.

Favorite line: “I know delusions when I see it in the mirror”

False God

This song starts off in a surprising manner but after that it’s pretty good. A little too religion based for my taste but it’s still a good song. I can’t see it becoming one of my favorite songs but it’s not one I dislike.

Favorite line: “Staring out of the window like I’m not your favorite town – I’m New York City”

You Need to Calm Down

This was such a great summer song to enjoy! I’m glad this one was released as a single as early as it was because it was great. I really love listening to YNTCD and the video was stunning. I really loved how inclusive it was and how great of a message it contained right away. This is one of the main reasons I loved the sound of the album.

Favorite line: “We all know now, We all got crowns”


I do like this one although it’s another one where I feel like I don’t really relate to it the way it was written. But it’s just a well written song and I do really enjoy the sound of it.

Favorite line: “Fighting with a true love is boxing with no gloves”

Me! Ft. Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco

It took a bit to warm up to but it was a lot of fun once I did get used to it! As I said, I had loved the sound of reputation so much and since this was the first single I had to take a minute to pivot to this sound. I really enjoyed it a ton though and I do really love how fun it is!

Favorite line: “And trouble’s going to follow where I go”

It’s Nice To Have A Friend

This one is a nice one to listen to but it’s just so simple. Not just the music, but the lyrics are kind of a let down too. Taylor is so good at writing lyrics and these just didn’t have the same complexity as usual.

Favorite line: “Light pink sky up on the roof”


It took me forever to realize this is the last song of the album because of the two voice memos that I’ll talk about next. But as the final song, I do like how it wraps everything up! It’s so sweet and uplifting. I actually love how it really brings an end to not just the album but also a definite end to the reputation era as well. Since reputation was such a dark, night themed album hearing Taylor sing about stepping “into the daylight” it’s really marking a new era for her.

Favorite line: “I once believed love would be burning red but it’s golden”

Taylor Swift Lover Album

I Forgot That You Existed & Lover Voice Memos

It was really cool hearing the “basics” of these songs and how they came together. I love the voice memos that are included in these. I got this one because I got the Deluxe Edition of the album from Target (I picked Version 4 because it was pink) and I do actually let these play. I really like that the one for Lover is Taylor playing it on piano, explaining she doesn’t view it as a piano song, and then even swearing when she messes up. It’s so fun!

Further on the deluxe album, I do like the booklet that came with it. Taylor added pages from her diaries into it and so it was really cool to read through them. In my version she included pages about getting her first kitten, career accomplishments, moving to New York, and even when she was keeping her relationship with her current boyfriend a secret while living in London with him. It was cute! I think all of the versions have the lyric pages of “All Too Well”. Then there’s blank journal pages at the end that Taylor intended people to write their own thoughts down. I’ve started many a journal but never really kept up with them over the years and always destroyed them once they were abandoned so it’s cool to see someone who did keep hers and even shared them. I love that she did that!

And that’s my thoughts on the Lover album by Taylor Swift! Let me know which was your top songs from the album. I’m really interested in knowing!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. So happy to see your review of the whole album. The more I listen to it the more I love it! My favourite songs are Cruel Summer and I Think He Knows. False God and Afterglow were underwhelming at first but they’re growing on me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the review! I agree, Afterglow and False God are growing on me and I have been listening more to other songs that I would skip before. It’s a great album! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts with me! πŸ™‚


  2. Love this! I wasn’t a huge fan of Reputation so I was skeptical of Lover but I’m a huge fan! I’ve listened to the whole album multiple times (I play it all day at work). I have to agree with you about the self-love feeling. I feel like Taylor really knocked it out of the park with girl power and self love mantras. Lover is such a powerful album!! Thanks for reviewing πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lover is amazing! It’s all I listen to during my commute now haha! I’m really glad she’s so vocal now and really creating such great music with amazing messages. It totally suits her and it’s just what we ladies need! Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts with me!

      Liked by 1 person

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